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3 Weeks For Gran Turismo HD Demo

Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi explains the pressures on ensuring Gran Turismo made a PS3 appearance at E3'06...Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi has recently gone on the record to explain some of the reasons behind the decision to display Gran Turismo HD at E3'06. Assuring GT fans that what was shown is not indicative of how Gran Turismo will really shape up on the Playstation3, Yamauchi-san explained to Famitsu that he was asked for a personal meeting with Sony Computer Entertainment president, Ken Kutaragi.

Fearing what could happen, Yamauchi-san was asked whether he would be able to have a Gran Turismo demo ready for E3, three weeks prior to the event. Resigned to the fact that he would need to have SCE's premier series ready for E3 in some shape or form, the staff members at Polyphony Digital set to work on the High-Resolution car models that were used in the Gran Turismo 4 Photo Mode, and came up with the presentation in just three weeks of work. (PS3)

SjaakHaas  +   3270d ago
Most ugly trees ever. Period!
achira  +   3270d ago
no wrong the most ugly trees has pgr3 !!!
joemutt  +   3270d ago
You must not be playing on an HDTV achira
There is an article here about screenshots and the real life photos of places in the city. Most everyone guessed the PGR3 svreens to be real life, and the real photos to be in-game.

But really who has time to look at the scenery at 175mph?
clayton  +   3270d ago
PS3 doesn't even display trees!
BECAUSE NO ONE HAS ONE! Besides, PGR3 was a fun game even though it looked last gen, it has nothing to do with the power of the 360, it has to do with the game creators.
shotty  +   3270d ago
PGR3 looked really nice in HD, if you gave it a try you would know. Atleast download the demo and give it a shot
FamoAmo  +   3270d ago
looks good but nothing special
The screens look good. This will be like the PGR3 for the ps3 on launch. Why are the screens so dark? It looks like they shot the screens at night!! The ps3 screens have yet to look like what the 360 screens look like!! Forza 2 looks way better than this. The PS3 wasn't worth the wait I am glad I didn't wait!
USMChardcharger  +   3270d ago
too me
this article shows what kind of mind set sony is in.
they are scrambling to keep the sony fans amused until the release of the PS3.
they had plenty of stuff to show a E3, this was not really necessary. but it did help fill in time for their presentation.
Marriot VP  +   3270d ago
I saw an interview about e3 and Sony. And this guy said a lot of people were yawning and bored of this magnificent 1080p super extraordinary fantastic demo. There's your first look at 1080p, and the crowd yawns.
USMChardcharger  +   3270d ago
well it went on for hours did it not? i would be yawning too.
what where they thinking. i guess it was to take up time where they had nothing else to show.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3270d ago
Yeah I tried watching their conference but went and ate when this was on and came back, it was neat but lame
MoonDust  +   3270d ago
The game looks the same
Nothing special.
GamerMan  +   3270d ago
I don't know
From what I understand the new GT is supposed to be more than what this is showing. The screens are from earlier rendentions of GT in a higher rez is all. Its nice to see a larger field. I have followed the GT series for awhile and always been impressed with what has been added in for me to take advantage of.
I am willing to say this isn't what the final product will look like when it launches. I look forward to seeing if licensing gets approved to damage the cars in the first place. Also I would not be suprised if the AI is smarter this time around. What was shown at E3 was just a HD rendition of the previous GT that was it nothing special to me. It was very nice looking but I really wanted to hear more of what actually is going to be done. Show all the screens you want right now but until I get confirmed info on the Game details and that this is what really will be... I will have to take these screens as is with no guarantee this is what it will be. Just my opinions not fact and thats how I will state everything unless I know for a fact.
BLow  +   3270d ago
GT4 in high res. That's all this is. If people really believe that the next GT will only be a high res version of a PS2 game are nuts. Besides the weak A.I, GT has always been impressive visually. Always pushing the bar for both Playstations. I don't expect anything less for PS3.
PS360PCROCKS  +   3270d ago
yea that's about all, the gameplay sucks ONLY because they make you do like 50 lap races, it's too much...
Landa  +   3270d ago
Have you even played it?
BLow  +   3270d ago
My bad, I forgot anything playstation sucks.
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3269d ago
ummm no, blow, it just seems that anything playstation 3 sucks.
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3269d ago
the video i have seen makes this look like a clearer version of a PS2 game. no wonder nobody was impressed at E3 with this.

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