Halo 5 Guardians Beta on Xbox One Will Include Spectator Mode for the First Time in the Series

During the livestream of Halofest, 343 industries confirmed that the Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta will include a spectator mode.

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DiRtY1345d ago

Great news! Can't wait for Twitchstreams when the Pros play.

caseh1345d ago

A little vague, I assume they mean people can spectate multiplayer matches?

Volkama1345d ago

Not sure what else they could mean?

caseh1345d ago

Article makes it a little clearer, does state multiplayer beta.

Wonder how that will work out, will spectators take up active slots or will there be spectator slots. Could be counter productive unless they use dedicated servers, sure some people still use 28.8k modems...

I'm all for the idea though, used to love dossing about in duel and TDM servers on Q2 watching some high level players. Learn quite a bit when you get to watch live with others.

Volkama1345d ago

It does use dedicated servers, and I doubt the spectators use active slots on the game session.

No idea on the details obviously, but I'd imagine spectators don't connect directly to the game session at all. The data is probably copied or streamed elsewhere for players to connect to (not a video stream, thinking more like the data that was saved to take replays in Halo... 2? 3?).