PS4 Weekly Deals: PS4 + Destiny $439, Watch Dogs Limited Edition $79.99, DualShock 4 $49.99 and more

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Tom871517d ago

Did you guys enjoy Destiny? It is better than BF4?

timothyckeegan1517d ago

I never got Destiny yet, but I think both games are different. Battlefield 4 seem to be more real life.

XBLSkull1517d ago

I just feel sorry for the poor bastards who bought the Ghost Edition of Destiny XD

Remy_Chaos1517d ago

It depends on the person and what they like. It also depends on whether you're a hater, a grudge holder, or one easily swayed by a (likely corrupt) game critic. Either way both games definitely have their share of flaws, just depends which you can tolerate more.

Baccra171517d ago

It's all right. Had I actually bought it I'd be pissed, but since I rented it I don't hate it as much as those that did buy it. With that said I would suggest you rent it and see for yourself since this game was hyped to the moon, and many people simply defend it because they were fooled or can't admit the game has problems that really need to be addressed/fixed.

If you like incessant grinding, practically no story, being trolled when it comes to gear, fighting wave after wave after wave after waves of enemies while your ghost hacks a computer/opens a door, doing repetitive crap, and can avoid the elephant in the room like there's no tomorrow- this game is definitely for you.

edgarohickman1517d ago

Walmart value bundle is great.

andrewsimons1517d ago

Any one preordered FIFA 15 on PSN? Is the game really 2.9 GB? I thought it was 14 GB !! Do preload cut it into parts so that download finishes on release date?

kurochi1517d ago

Still holding out on Black Friday - Xmas bundles deals..... C'mon Sony, don't disappoint daddy......

Blasphemy1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

yup, there really is no reason to pick up a ps4 now anyway.