#Killallzombies is an arena shooter game with viewer interactions

Set in the distant future, #Killallzombies makes sport of survival pitting one player in an arena against hordes of zombies. The only catch is your game is broadcast over Live from Playstation or Twitch and the people watching your attempt at survival have the ability to change what happens in the game.

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ThatOneGuyThere1384d ago

i hope this becomes the norm. looks super fun!

creatchee1384d ago

Oh hell yeah. Audience participation for games is something I've been hoping for for a while.

Steve1billion1384d ago

The idea is great, here's to hoping it works well!

Utalkin2me1384d ago

I'm wondering if it is co op too. That would make it super sexy =).

Gezmoyassine1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Being at the mercy of the viewers sounds great!It will be bad for the person who is playing if he/she is disliked by a lot of people...NO MERCY MUAHAHA :P

snookiegamer1383d ago

Oh hell yeaah!!

This game has 2 of my favourite components, Zombies and Arena based gameplay.

Reminds me of the Running Man Movie. Freekin' Awesome!!