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Interview With Gamebook Developer inkle on 80 Days

Grab It writer, Stephen Mitchell, recently caught up with Jon Ingold (creative director) and Meg Jayanth (writer) from gamebook developer inkle to chat about their recent title 80 Days and to shoot the breeze about gamebooks in general. (80 days, inkle, iPad, iPhone, Mobile)

Cookiebex  +   391d ago
I absolutely love this game. Played through a couple of times. Good replay value if you take a different route.
CoyoteHunter  +   391d ago
Not sure I agree with Jon about how gamebooks can't connect us to literary classics. I get his point, but I honestly think they can be an amazing vehicle to reconnect us with gems that we may never read or pick up on our own.
Cookiebex  +   391d ago
I agree coyote_hunter. To be honest, I have never read Jules Verne's 'Around The World In 80 Days'. However playing this game has made me want to grab the book and have a read now.
That can only be a good thing if a game can have that kind of an influence

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