Fatal Inertia EX improves upon the Xbox 360 version and gets a 3.7 out of 5 at CheatCC

CheatCC writes: "Claiming to be better than the X360 version, Fatal Inertia EX for the PS3 may just be worth the wait. It's not necessarily new as far as the gameplay is concerned, but it's been improved. Fatal Intertia EX has been a long time coming. After poor reviews on the X360, the developers returned to the drawing board to improve the game for the PS3. "

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kwicksandz3837d ago

Bad on both platforms.

give it a miss

muddygamesite3837d ago

serves them right. was supposed to be a ps3, exclusive then got released first on xbox360.

Omegasyde3837d ago

The demo was slow, and in comparison to the Wipeout Franchise... Hmm.