Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Atlas Gorge multiplayer map is a remake of COD 4's Pipeline

The bonus multiplayer map included with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's limited editions is a re-imagination of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's Pipeline map, Activision has revealed.

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ThatOneRiggaNob1452d ago

Oh god.... the wonderful memories are coming back to me... I'm really interested in this story but I doubt I'll buy it unless the multiplayer looks somewhat improved.

creatchee1452d ago

Oh man.... Pipeline with the G3 rifle with double tap... So many memories. .

CloudRap1452d ago

This game actually has my attention Ill keep an open mind to it.

The Meerkat1452d ago

Oh great.

In 2014 We can play a polished old map in COD
We can play polished old maps in Halo

And somehow I'm excited about BOTH.
Damn you marketing men!

Summons751452d ago

Remake...or their admitting they ran out of ideas for maps and they are just copy pasting.

Good map but old, new games need NEW maps then do remakes as dlc

execution171452d ago

didn't they do that on Ghosts with the re-skinned Dome map on one of the dlcs? don't remember what it was called tho...

Majin-vegeta1452d ago

Yup and this is the second time they reskin this map.

Brix901451d ago


Except in MW3 it was in the campaign not multiplayer..

Swiggins1451d ago

CoD games have been re-releasing maps for a few entries now. (MW2 straight up re-released Overgrown and Vacant, Black Ops re-released Castle, MW3 re-released Terminal, Black Ops 2 Re-Released Firing Range and Stadium, Ghosts re-released Dome and Favela) I really don't have a problem with it here, Pipeline was one of the best designed maps in any shooter, so getting a fresh coat of paint is welcome.

princejb1341452d ago

I'll rather have a good old map than a new boring map

King-u-mad1452d ago

How about we get a CoD4:Remastered Warfare? Because that's the only CoD I would purchase...

princejb1341452d ago

Mw2 remastered appeals to me

Salooh1451d ago

World at war too . And that's it. The rest suuuucks compared to these 3 ..

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