Amazon Lists New Release Date for PlayStation TV

Amazon Lists New Release Date for PlayStation TV

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uth111641d ago

great! That post christmas date listed before made no sense

TerminalGamer1641d ago

I'm still thinking it will be changed to earlier in November. Probably mid month

Game4life1641d ago

I still wanna know the compadibility list for the playstation tv. I know we can play vita games but I want a specfic list so I know I can play all of the ones I wanna on the big screen. I'm hoping its a bit better than thecompadibility list for the japanese version

ftwrthtx1641d ago

Hopefully we'll get more info as the release date gets closer.

smt_Nocturne1641d ago

PS TV Compatibility List!

soul sacrifice, soul sacrifice delta, Toukiden, Persona 4 Golden and Final Fantasy X/X-2 all supported. check official list for more.

Game4life1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I don't want the jap compatibility list. I want the US or european one.

FamilyGuy1641d ago

They should create a controller with the Vitas touch inputs so we can play every Vita game on the PS Tv

ftwrthtx1641d ago

It would have to basically be a Vita, linked to the Vita TV.