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Aisha Tyler Ubisoft Interview - E3 2014

IGN sat down with Aisha Tyler to talk Ubisoft, Rainbow Six: Siege, Watch Dogs, and how Far Cry 4's villain will be like "that guy you knew in high school who was fun to be around, but if you hung around him too long he'd get you into TERRIBLE trouble.' (Aisha Tyler, E3, Far Cry 4, PC, PS4, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, Xbox One)

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-Foxtrot  +   317d ago
She's fantastic

There really needs to be an Archer game, with a talented studio behind it

I could imagine the multiplayer to be like Uncharted 2s, imagine the taunts in the game with all the characters best quotes.

I'm sure they would all do the mo cap for it
LAWSON72  +   317d ago
I don't know if she's fantastic because I have not seen her work in shows like Archer but I hate the writing for Ubi conference which she reads. The jokes are cringe worthy and it feels like they try way to hard to sound hip or something
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logan_izer10  +   317d ago
I know I will get disagrees like crazy, but that's fine. I just don't understand why people like her so much. Her lame jokes are cringe worthy and I find her incredibly annoying and a distraction during the UBI conferences. Just don't get it.
silvacrest  +   317d ago
i'll put it this way, better her then a soulless suit reading off autoque
Dee_91  +   317d ago
Yea man, I just don't understand why people like different stuff and have different styles and taste. I just don't understand why people are different in general. I am so with you..

Seriously tho some of those jokes were very cringeworthy and the excessive cursing was unnecessary, but it was still very entertaining to me :)
KonsoruMasuta  +   317d ago
I don't mind her. Maybe that's because I don't have that many requirements.

Doesn't make any weird noises while trying to imitate a time machine. Check! She is good to go.

Anything is better than this:

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SilentNegotiator  +   317d ago
I find her annoying and hilarious and fun all at the same time. I'm probably in love.
Gh05t  +   317d ago
I find it is better to not try to figure out why some people like something when you don't. Call it a difference of opinion and as long as it doesn't directly affect you move on.

I for one agree with you and didn't watch the conference just because they brought her back. I find it much better to just watch the trailers after without any of her bad jokes, blue collar swearing, and pretentious attitude.
AdmiralSnake  +   317d ago
She actually has a personality, now whether you like it or not, well up to you.

I love her personally and enjoyed her.
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BX81  +   317d ago
@ Logan
She's cute, fun and knows about gaming. She not a suit, she's a gamer.
Pozzle  +   317d ago
Her jokes might be lame, but I still find something about her really really likeable. I don't know, she just seems like a fun person who genuinely cares about games.
Izzy408  +   317d ago
To me, it seems like she tries way too hard to be funny. I can't recall the number of facepalms I did during the Ubi conference.
gamerfan0909  +   317d ago
She did a lot better job this year than last. It is interesting how she's became Ubi's celebrity poster child, though.
SolidGear3  +   317d ago
I thought she was funny and the best host out of all conferences. I do miss Jack though :(
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LAWSON72  +   317d ago
I personally liked Phil Spencer he was straight to the point and did not talk long and Reggie because well he is Reggie
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SolidGear3  +   317d ago
You got a point :3
Thundercats   317d ago | Spam
heisenberguk  +   317d ago
I'm sorry but the ign staff are extremely annoying!!!
LAWSON72  +   317d ago
I am not a big fan of Greg Miller, who I guess has a lot of fans. I do however enjoy the lead editors for all 3 consoles, they seem to know what they are talking about when it comes to the systems they cover. IMO they are better than any other game site when it comes to E3 coverage
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SolidGear3  +   317d ago
I've always liked Greg Miller, Daemon Hatfield and Colin Moriarity
Rute  +   317d ago
fap fap
Nes_Daze  +   317d ago
I don't know how you could possibly find her funny, but at least shes not like a robot up there.
Volkama  +   317d ago
I think I can hear DragonKnight grinding his teeth?
PaulKersey  +   317d ago
I've had a crush on her since she hosted The Fifth Wheel (kids, look it up).

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