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Watch Dogs: Review - Consider This GTA on Steroids | T4Mag

From the review: "In an age where gaming is rapidly changing and the cost of making them skyrocketing, Ubisoft has come out with their own blockbuster title. Games keep evolving year after year, giving gamers their next big fix. Trying to accomplish this ever needed fix is Watch Dogs, a game that’s been shrouded in delays and push-backs over the last few months. But, now that it’s finally upon us, does it deliver?" (PC, PS4, Watch Dogs, Xbox One) 9.5/10

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Jughead3416  +   432d ago
Cool review. If reviews are fair, I expect a lot of similar scores. But you know someone is going to mention downgraded graphics. PC gamers are already complaining about framerate dips.
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Beastforlifenoob  +   432d ago
This game looks good but IDK... I thought AC4 looked amazing but the missions were all the same and the plot wasn't the greatest.
NewMonday  +   432d ago
just so everybody knows Ubisoft gave reviewers a free Nexus7.
aliengmr  +   432d ago

And you have evidence that this is one of those reviewers?

Please provide it if you do.
fallacious  +   432d ago

You can't say slanderous shit like that and not provide proof you maniac.
DoctorJones  +   432d ago
NewMonday is referring to this - http://www.escapistmagazine...

Which was a preview event. Maybe a bit of a home goal by Ubisoft, but not as sinister as NewMonday makes out. Going by what he said you would assume they gave them to everyone who was reviewing the game, but it was just at one event.

As usual NewMonday is distorting the truth, so pay no attention to him.
NewMonday  +   432d ago
blame Ubisoft for doing it

sinister stuff like this always happens in one form or another, if it isn't gifts it's add purchase, exclusive previews or Doritos and Mountain Due, sometimes publishers threaten to cut off some in the media.

scores these days are not just about quality, they are also about cash, even if a game is good in the end that doesn't make bribery OK.
Kinger8938  +   432d ago
Agreed, i am still not sold on this game for this reason and have had a feeling of it being really repetitive since the first gameplay they showed.
mpnothanks  +   431d ago
@fallacious That'd be libel, not slander lol
UltraNova  +   431d ago
I'll wait for IGN's review then where nobody bares any sinister thoughts about them. No really!

(Backs off in anticipation of imminent multiple attacks...)
Kingthrash360  +   432d ago
i have the ps4 version...well deserved review..i've been broadcasting..if you wanna sneak peak check it out.
my psn: kingthrash..i'll be broadcasting again in a hour
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TheUberAsian  +   432d ago
How'd you guys get it so early?
Ripsta7th  +   432d ago
Stole it from Walmart at midnight
Kingthrash360  +   432d ago
I got connections :-b
No not walmart snatchum type connections, real deal legit connections.
I could tell y'all, but then I'd have to kill ya -_-
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moomoo319  +   432d ago
thanks, it looked awesome just wish it were better stream quality
Kingthrash360  +   432d ago
..dat quality does the game no justice
ScottyHoss  +   432d ago
Dude I'm pretty sure I've played you on battlefield kingthrash
snipermk0  +   432d ago
I'll join you, kingthrash360. I got the PS4 version as well. Maybe we can try some multi.
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Kingthrash360  +   432d ago
fasho, im on in about 40. my wife had to pry me off it earlier smh
Muzikguy  +   432d ago
If I did a review I would mention downgraded graphics. People keep complaining that "graphics don't make the game" and while this is true Ubisoft are the ones that showed that reveal at E3 with amazing graphics. If the game wasn't about graphics then the review should've reflected it. I'm getting the game on PS4 either way, I'm just saying
Patrick_pk44  +   432d ago
Don't forget the driving, car physics and damage.
starchild  +   432d ago
But the downgrade is so minor as to be insignificant. The important thing is that it is a fantastic looking open world game.

I think it would be stupid to subtract points for any perceived downgrade when the final game looks so good anyway. It's still one of the better looking games available.
Kinger8938  +   432d ago
Reviewers mentioned it for dark souls 2, was just them being honest so no problem mentioning it. They also still highly rated dark souls and it was as if the graphics didnt affect what an amazong game it is ;)
beerzombie  +   431d ago
you might want to stop playing games for awhile. If you have become so caught up into graphics then you may be missing the point.

The game kind of looks the same as all of open world game a sand box derived of life and I have been playing them for a long time they have become formulaic in style.
Try "Child of light" it may be something more refreshing for you.
Games are art? then open world game are paint by numbers.
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   431d ago
Worst narrator ever!
TheSaint  +   432d ago
Isn't it only in pirated versions are they complaining?
seniorcitizen  +   431d ago
This review is from the pirated PC version. All the footage here is from the first few missions before you have to do an online only mission which doesn't work on pirated copies. That's why he doesn't show any multiplayer footage.
seniorcitizen  +   431d ago
I also doubt the game's campaign is 30 hours even with all the side content
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brich233  +   432d ago
the dips are real and annoying and i can confirm that, but the day 1 patch hasnt been released yet.
starchild  +   432d ago
It's true that it is a pretty demanding title, but it is an amazing looking game with the right settings (and has a lot of physics simulations) and most open world games are pretty demanding anyway.

Personally I just cap the framerate at 30fps and use a mix of ultra and high settings with 2x TXAA and a little downsampling from 2048×1152. It looks fantastic and while the 30fps isn't ideal at least it is solid and consistent.

MOST IMPORTANTLY it is a ton of fun. It is easily my favorite urban open world game (over games like Prototype, Saints Row, Grand Theft Auto, etc.) Considering how much I like it I'm glad to see most reviews so far have been extremely positive.
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Volkama  +   431d ago
When you say it has a lot of physics simulations, is this one of those PhysX titles that has a lot of physics going on for nVidia customers, or can an AMD owner enjoy them too?

I know it supports nVidia's TXAA and HBAO+, and I have heard people mention PhysX but I am hoping not on that :)
Magicite  +   432d ago
I started playing WD today on PC. Game is really great, considering PC didnt get GTA5, this is a great compensation for PC gamers.
I totally love cover system and controls are also nice. BTW You dont need powerful PC at all to run this on at least medium settings, although You'll have to turn off antialiasing.
NewMonday  +   432d ago
GTX 680 OK?
snipermk0  +   431d ago
yea 680 shud do ultra without problem. I'm on a 760 and I'm able to push ultra on 1920x1080
shaenoide  +   431d ago
I have a GTX 780 and I have huge framerate drops :/. The game seems to runs better with lowers cards -_-
3-4-5  +   431d ago
* Doesn't anybody else notice a bias FOR GTA "like" Open World games, when it comes to reviews.

* It seems Almost ALL reviewers overlook the small things or negative things in these types of games and get suckered into " OMG Open World".

* Same thing happened with GTA 5, saw a ton of GREAT reviews for it, and then I played it and like it a lot for day and then reality set in and I realized GTA 5 took like 6-7 steps BACK from GTA 4.

* I'm hoping that isn't the case with this. It seems to have good potential, but I hope it's not all hype and boring gameplay.
smashman98  +   431d ago
There is no doubt a bias but you are making it out to be way worse than it is gta v was easily the best in the franchise. Where it went wrong was that dysmal launch of gta online
Tornadobounce  +   432d ago
Meh. Over it already
SasukeX16  +   431d ago
Then why are you on an article about it?
snookiegamer  +   431d ago
mrmarx  +   432d ago
nice bone version one less point 792p
memots  +   432d ago
it probably wont get downscore, Journalist choose to ignore these thing for this Gen.
Chris12  +   432d ago
So how many points does the PS4 version lose in comparison to PC?

This attitude in gamers has to stop, pointless childish comparisons when the focus should be on the games.
smashman98  +   431d ago
lol if it were a drastuc difference like bayonetta ps3 / 360 then i could see it impacting the score however its not
DoctorJones  +   432d ago
By that logic the ps4 version should lose a point also because it can't do 1080p but the pc version can.

What a crappy way of thinking.
memots  +   432d ago
lol i am a PC gamer and yes the version that plays and looks the best should get the higher score.

Did they give higher score for Titanfall on 360? NO they didnt simple the game didnt play and look as good.
Rowco147  +   431d ago
I'm pretty sure that if this game was made for pc and ps4 only no xbox one or past gen then ps4 would have no problem matching 1080p
psplova  +   432d ago
Glacierus  +   432d ago
Looks like either a fake review, or a terribly written one.
Geekman  +   432d ago
Nice review. Though there's bound to be 6's and 7's because of graphics. It stupid things like this that make people go to some geek named Angry Joe instead of so called "Journalist."
starchild  +   432d ago
There should be no low scores due to graphics because the graphics are superb. At least on PC with the right settings, but I assume the PS4 and XB1 versions still look great from what I have seen of them.
snookiegamer  +   431d ago
PC version on Ultra looks super sharp and has super awesome lighting and shadows. PS4 version looks great. Xbox One version looks great.

The Xbox 360 version is okay, but GTA V performs and looks way better. 360 WD has frame rate drops, judders and screen tearing. But it's to be expected, it's like 9 years old now.

I've yet to see any clear footage of the PS3 version, all the videos are really low quality.
Swiggins  +   432d ago
Great score...weird review.
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   432d ago
Yup spot on Review. Watch Dogs is a great technical achievement for gaming and should be automatically getting 9-10 reviews by everyone simply because it has managed to push the envelope forward by a couple of years.
totallysane  +   432d ago
well considering the official review embargo is the day the game comes out, i'm going to assume these are all fake so. +twitch is shutting down livestreams before launch as well. I won't be reading reviews anyway, want to experience this myself
sander9702  +   432d ago
Only one day and a couple of hours to go!
cfc83  +   432d ago
9.5 with those trashy car mechanics ? Free tablets, lunches and hotels all round.
Unreal01  +   432d ago
Silly comment. The car machanics, while not perfect, are completely adequate. Even if they were a bit trashy, that wouldn't warrant more than a point shaved off.

Stop hating.
cfc83  +   432d ago
Have a tablet and some lunch
starchild  +   432d ago
Have some more haterade. It must be your favorite drink. The car mechanics felt fine. About the same as what I normally see in urban open world games. That is, they never feel very realistic, but it's a necessary trade-off for the gameplay. Real driving physics would result in a painfully annoying open world action game. You need to (unrealistically) swerve through traffic while pursuing targets or completing objectives and the driving mechanics as they are suit this kind of gameplay very well.
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shaenoide  +   431d ago
Driving is a core feature and it's nearly impossible not to kill any dumb civilians (bad AI) during a pursuit.
snipermk0  +   432d ago
Nothing wrong with car mechanics. Been driving around for over a good 10 hours. Running this game on ultra on a 760gtx.
cfc83  +   432d ago
The car bounces off other cars like dodgems. That will never be cool with many folk. My last comment on the issue. The general concensus is that the game is way over hyped.
snipermk0  +   431d ago
Not sure what you're talking about. I haven't faced what you just mentioned and if u look at the video, it doesn't look like it either.
DeadlyOreo  +   431d ago
I think the game is deservedly hyped. Car mechanics are fine.
killzone619  +   431d ago
The car mechanics cant be worse than GTA5

GTA5 cars slide all over the place. its horrible
stamps79  +   431d ago
Car mechanics are actually worse then GTA 4. Driving is the worse thing about the game.
LightDiego  +   432d ago
This review is not legit according to Ubisoft!
beerzombie  +   431d ago

"This review is not legit according to Ubisoft! "
All reviews are legit if the person has played the game. The entire gaming media has and is mostly fraudulent anyway.
look at Halo 2 with that shit ending it got a 10 that was the last time I listen to a professional reviewer.
seniorcitizen  +   431d ago
I think it's mission 4 you have to connect to Ubi's servers to hack another player online. It won't work on the pirated version which explains why all the footage in this review is from the first 3 missions. I wouldn't call reviewing a small portion of the game legit.
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   431d ago
Just because its before the embargo does not mean the review is not of the actual game. Rember reviewers still have the game they are just not allowed to release their review yet. Ffs many many people have had it delivered yesterday already (me included). I am in the 8-9 camp myself but only 2 hours in so not really fair to comment.
FayZ_  +   431d ago
nice paid review, i have played the game and i'd give it a 7. the graphics are so downgraded, the cars are boring, no radio stations just a few songs and missions are ok but nothing amazing
Grave  +   431d ago
Sounds like one of the developers family members giving a review, wtf.
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Tzuno  +   431d ago
short review from a guy that reached chapter 3......I'd give it a 8...the hype was in vain.
oO_bizkitz_Oo  +   431d ago
I have been looking forward to this game for a long time. To me I think the ps and xbox need a, game like this. And it will be a landmark for future games for both consoles. I'm so ps pro tho had the xbone really didn't care for it after being a ms fan boy for a long time.
JMyers  +   431d ago
The music in this review is good :)

Anyone know what it is?
markyboy2181  +   431d ago
@tzunoy , how do u know he only reached chapter 3?????
shaenoide  +   431d ago
I was playing WS since friday and it just disgust me to see how biased most reviews are.

- Bad optimisation on PC
- Driving a car is horrible.
- Hacking is fun at the begining but boring after a few hours.

- Overall a lack of depth hitted me really fast and I did not play WD today :/

Not a bad game but definitely not GOTY.
spike  +   431d ago
I also had this game since Friday on PS4. Good game I would give it an 8.5. I do agree driving a car is horrible. I do like the way you get away from the cops though, I like how you could hide inside your car.
Thomaticus  +   431d ago
Halfway through the "review" I thought it was a watch dogs commercial. The dramatic music, and the voice of the review was a little over the top. It was like a movie promo.
optimus  +   431d ago
I've put about 4 hrs on it on the 360 and so far i'm not that impressed with it... The spider tank mini game is fun, kind of wish it was part of the campaign... (maybe it will be in the future)...driving is a bit of a pain compared to other open world games...in car radio stations are boring and weak for the most part. Hopefully i've only scratched the surface and there is better gameplay ahead.... 7/10 so far.
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XxGOWxX  +   431d ago
I played for about 30-60 mins and wasnt impressed. Glad i havent played 4 hours worth then expecting it to get better.
Dan_scruggs  +   431d ago
Wasn't that same catch phrase used for Sleeping Dogs.
cyclindk  +   431d ago
Hope so, but just imagine new gen GTA... be like... GTA on steroids... cuz it's already GTA... and steroids... so GTA steroids = fun
Subaruwrx  +   431d ago
Just curious. How and where did all the above commenters who allegedly have played this game get their copy before the release date? I am skeptical, especially when it comes to the console versions, about their remarks. If you're playing Watch Dogs now, then post some pics or videos to prove it.
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optimus  +   431d ago
I got it from a store out here in L.A. Not gamestop but a similar mom and pop shop that breaks street dates all the time. (they have gotten other games up to 2 weeks in advance). They get by these embargos by not giving customers a receipt until the actual street date... Believe it or not, a lot of stores receive new games early. They just choose to hold them until the actual street date.
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beebap  +   431d ago
I got this game on ps4 saturday morning and have been playing it ever since. Car controls take while to get used but not terrible, done few online races and loved it. I think I had reasonable expectations for this game and so far it is brillant so much to do,fighting shooting and hacking are done well and you will surprised with content that is available.I love ac games and think ubisoft not not disappointed in this game. Highlight is the really smooth gameplay and low is bland music.
cityboy100  +   431d ago
I've had it since Wednesday and yes it's better than GTA if u ask me watch dogs blows it out the water. Yes every game has its flaws, but watch dogs has so many things u can do because it involves more thinking on your part as the player this not a run and gun and shoot em up like GTA . Trying to hack other players and people who jump into your game, controlling traffic lights and bridges, cars, boats, computers, and people's cell phone is just ...... Fun as hell!!!!!! And brings something fresh and new to the gaming world. Basically GTA on steroids but with a different twist.
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XxGOWxX  +   431d ago
Played the game for about half an hour or so last night. Not my type of game at all. Very Stealth based and quite boring. If you like a GTA kind of crossed with a boring version of splinter cell then this may be for you.

Graphics were good though. Played on high settings on PC, theres ultra above that so could be even better again.

Looks like a well made game, just not my type of thing. Could be more action the further you get into it of course but if a game doesnt grip me from the get go i lose interest.

Hacking is just pressing a button so im not sure how people find that fun. You see a device, ie a traffic light, you hit X for example and it just changes.. you "hack" a video camera.. Press X, you see through the camera lens. Driving and walking around is basically like GTA but not much you can do about that, pretty standard game play.
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optimus  +   431d ago
I partially agree with you as i was feeling the same way my 1st hour in. But the more i played it the more it began to grow on me. Hacking does seem simplistic but if it wasn't then it would take you minutes to hack into something which could prolong this game extensively. The concept would be the same as the lock picking in splinter cell, which is why later they give you the option to speed the process or just hit a button.
Can you imagine spending 2 hrs in watch dogs and you've only hacked 5 things?? That wouldn't be fun at all... What they did manage to do is turn some of the hacking into a bit of a puzzle by trying to find the cameras near you and jumping from camera to camera disabling things or enemies along the way....spend more time with it and you'll see it will get better... Right now i can say that it's potentially better than assassins creed 3 and that's saying A LOT cause that game just got more boring the more i played it. I have yet to finish it and have no desire to...at least watch dogs has my intrigue at the moment.
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XxGOWxX  +   431d ago
Yeh i can see it being a decent game for certain types of people. I dont think theyve advertised it like the game it really is. Its more of a stealth/puzzle game with a bit of action. People saying its GTA on steroids is silly. GTA is more action and violence then to say its on steroids implies even more on top.

The hacking isnt really hacking to start with seeing as someone else hacks into the things for you and you just access the system thats already hacked, hence why you can just press a button to hack instantly. There could be more to it later in the game but for me you need to start a game with some cool "hacking" puzzle that does take a minute to do to get me interested in the game from the start.

Like i said, just not my type of game. I dont have hours per day to play so new games need to engage me quickly if im going to keep playing them. This one didnt unfortunately. Not saying its a bad game, just wont be for everyone.

Visually looks good. Plays well. Typical revenge story line. 7/10 from me. (Action genre gamer score) :)
optimus  +   431d ago
There are some actual hacking puzzles later in the game that you will come across in the campaign. It looks like you're in some type of matrix where you have to connect a circuit in order to unlock. The puzzles get increasingly difficult as you go along...which is probably the type of hacking you'd like...

I find the flow of action on par with gta... You could very well go on a rampage if you'd like but aside from that the gangster hideout side missions provide some decent action if you want it...

One thing that will get your adrenaline going (and could get annoying) is when an actual person hacks into your game...you are given a time limit to find the person and prevent them from stealing from you...you don't know who or where they are outside of the purple area on your map...

I've had 2 people hack into my game so far (mexico, germany) and i worry that it will become very frequent once the game gets officially released....i haven't found a way to turn this off or simply reject the hacking yet hence why i think it could get annoying...it says your info is being stolen but i have yet to see what that info is when i check my inventory everything seems to be all there...ah well, i'm sure someone will figure it out later.
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