Do Xbox One Fans Even Care That The PS4 Is More Powerful?

If we accept that the PlayStation 4 is the more capable machine, do Xbox One owners care one way or the other? Does it really make a big difference?

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shallowpoint1554d ago

Some might but won't admit it.

johndoe112111554d ago

You're damn right they care. Most of them can't shut up about DX12 and "teh cloudz". Anyone who says they don't care is either blind or delusional.

Naga1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

The only people who care are those who are not satisfied with their purchase. There are millions of satisfied gamers on both sides of this "war" who don't give two sh*ts, because at the end of the day they are happy with the games they get to play.

AngelicIceDiamond1554d ago

@John Not all of us care.

It really comes down to exclusives. Exclusives that everyone loves as well as new exclusive Ip's that's only seen on that console from each of their own different 1st party muscle known for different genre's and tastes. As well as certain features and services that's not seen on the other console.

At the end of the day its better just to have both if you can afford it.

Xbot12141554d ago

haha sound like your getting trolled

sinspirit1554d ago


Of course, it comes down to the games themselves. But, obviously anyone would rather it have more power behind it as well.

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user14394141554d ago

People who play Xbox one should not worry about what the PS4 being more powerful. It's the PC users who care about not having the latest and greatest GFX card or CPU and constantly have to upgrade or forever know that their system is inferior to someone else's.

LightofDarkness1554d ago

Good Lord, if you're not bashing one you're bashing the other. I'm a PC user with a GPU from 2010 (GTX 580) and I have not been stricken with envy yet. I only worry about being able to play the latest and greatest at reasonably high settings in 1080p. From all the talk around here it's obvious which camp is more concerned about graphics and any perceived inferiority. The denial is strong.

otherZinc1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Drive Club is 1080p 30fps: on PS4.
Moto GP is 1080p 30fps: on PS4.

Forza Motorsport 5 is 1080p 60fps: on XBOX ONE.

Soon, the PS4 must stop Talking about Power; and display it on screen for the public to experience it.

FITgamer1554d ago

Resolution and frame-rate alone don't justify power. A dev could make a pong game at those specs and it doesn't mean jack s***. Forza 5 is only 1080p and 60 frames because it downgraded in multiple areas to achieve that.

shallowpoint1554d ago

Hahahaha!!! No really that was a joke. Right??

CernaML1554d ago

Soon? It already showed it when MGSV managed to run at 1080p60fps on the PS4 while it only managed 720p on the X1. If we're talking racing games, SlightlyMad already achieved 1080p60fps on the PS4 for Project Cars. Youd better hope they do the same on X1.

cellur1111554d ago

You do realize Forza has an audience made of pictures and no day/night cycle among other things. That's why it was able to achieve 1080p/60fps.

MasterCornholio1554d ago

Comments like these prove that some Xbox fans do care.


scotmacb1554d ago

Forza 5 is hands down the best driving game ever made it really is that good and it looks awesome

sic_chops1554d ago

@otherzinc have you seen the difference in graphics for those games? Forza had to down scale to achieve that. It loses hands down.

n4rc1554d ago

Lol.. Ya forza downscaled everything!

Except the cars, the tracks and the gameplay... But ya... When the sun doesn't move during a 5min race, that really pisses me off :/

And when I stop racing to go look at the crowds, boy what a let down..

Lol.. You guys are too much..

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HomerDog1554d ago

might be true but at least they don't troll every article known to man just to justify their purchase. I own both so no fanboyism here. everywhere I go theres always a Sony fan downplaying xbox even though the article has nothing to do with Sony.

creatchee1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

I see way more PS4 fans talking about the power difference than Xbox fans. And by talking, I mean repeatedly shoving it in Xbox fans' faces while still holding back tears of last generation when the evil Xbox fans made fun of them because of blades of grass being missing and some texture pop-in. Seriously, the victim card is so played out at this point, that you would think that Sony fans had hate crimes committed against them.

But as to caring - I'm sure that some wish that they had more power on paper, but the general consensus of owners is that they are happy with their purchases. You can enjoy a product on its own merit instead of continually comparing it to something similar - and that goes for whether yours is "better" or "worse".

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Silly gameAr1554d ago

Why would they if buying a PS4 doesn't even interest them?

Sevir1554d ago

Lol. Have you seen the threads on here regarding every supposed increase in XBO performance in hoping to somehow close the gap? They'd never admit it, but they care

Vystrel1554d ago

I get annoyed when people say "In the end it's all about the games"

That's true but doesn't mean that hardware should be completely ignored, it actually means the opposite.

PockyKing1554d ago

You're right it shouldn't be ignored, but when people say the hardware makes a game "better", the same game might I add, that's when the conversation just turns sour and nothing is discussed. Plus, you get people that blindly defend a piece of hardware and get pissy about it.

Bigpappy1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Why. The Neogeo was the most powerful console when it was released. Yet no body bought it. Why? High price and NOT ENOUGH GAMES.

The Wii outsold PS3 and 360. Both way more powerful. Why? Wii had a unique gaming experience.

Don't get annoyed because people aren't playing there console anymore when they find out yours has more power. X1 actually has a better offering of game at the moment. So while you love reading comments of your superior power, others are playing and enjoy their better selection of games (Which I think is ultimately the best reason to buy a gaming console).

I would have preferred that the X1 was closer to the PS4 in power right out the box though. But I still prefer X1 over PS4, because it gives me a sense of comfort, as the to others were well supported and M$ always comes up with new exciting things to do with the console. I gets me mad when they seem to sure of their direction, because that is what attracts me to Xbox. They keep it exciting.

ger23961554d ago

You forgot to say in your opinion. because everything you said is your opinion, not fact.

Sevir1554d ago

Great, now that we know this is really just your opinion.

GiggMan1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Interesting point of view. So let me get this straight. This gen the cheaper, more powerful, and easier to develop for system is also winning in sales... Weird.

Looks like we as gamers are starting to get smarter.

miyamoto1554d ago

They don't care about power that is why they bought the Xbox One over the PS4.

Hercules1891554d ago

ATM I'm more interested in the games on the xbox one, that's why im getting it first.