DayZ Standalone Devs working on a new Pathfinding System for Zombies

DayZ Standalone's creator Dean Hall discusses future plans about the title as well as the biggest issue plaguing the game right now, zombies.

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corvusmd1668d ago

Bring this game to consoles already!!!

majiebeast1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

The game is a damn mess on PC, if they announce it for consoles now, you will get a very angry PC crowd, plus the console versions will likely be broken too. The theft of the games source code has also set back development.

Ill just wait for H1Z1 at this point.

MelvinTheGreat1668d ago

Agreed. The game is not even playable for me most of the time on pc.

ZombieStalker1668d ago

You are so right. It is horrible on the PC and at this rate it is years away before it will be suitable for the PC. I just don't see consistent development to show that it will be ready for prime time any time soon.

The only thing keeping development alive is that people keep buying early access.

saber000051668d ago

Keep in mind that this game is still on Alpha... The mod of this game on Arma2 is almost flawless.

elhebbo161668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

plus H1Z1 is free, no need to drop 30 bucks for it. Hopefully they dont make it pay to win though.

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Codewow1668d ago

Trust me, as a continuous player of DayZ, you do NOT want this on console. I can't imagine them ever being able to port this without outsourcing it to another dev that does console ports. It's already unoptimized and riddled with game breaking bugs that make people angry. Think about Battlefield 4 times 3.

saber000051668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )


If they were able to transfer the game over, everything is going to be dubbed down, and the controllers will be crap.

elhebbo161668d ago

Come on now lets not keep that behavior inside of /r/pcmasterrace lol.

Coach_McGuirk1668d ago

too hardcore for the console crowd

SilentNegotiator1668d ago

Unintuitive UI, proudly unfinished, big idea with small results, the socially inept flock to it to intimidate people just trying to find their first weapon, large stretches of nothing....definitely better suited for the PC crowd. And I say that as a happy PC gamer; some of the games that become big on PC are ridiculous.

SilentNegotiator1668d ago

Just wait for a competent developer to make a ripoff that actually has some things to do and doesn't have unfinished basics like decent enemy pathfinding.

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Clown_Syndr0me1668d ago

I hear so much about this but whenever I watch streams its just some guy running about doing absolutely nothing. I don't even think I've ever seem a zombie...

hellzsupernova1668d ago

You need to play it. It has you constantly looking over your shoulder scared. Some crazy intense moments.

KillerPwned1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Yeah like getting jumped by bandits and slaughtered. I just got the game not long ago and the furthest I ever gotten, I end up getting again slaughtered by bandits with 10x better stuff then me. I did not even have a gun....

So far put in almost 9 hours and I am learning more and more stuff. But I feel I need a team at some point I can really trust to watch each others back.

Its very fun in the end I just have a feeling its gonna be time consuming before I really make big progress especially on my own.

Stapleface1668d ago

@KillerPwned Stick to the back roads. The groups of people usually stick to the towns because that's where people usually come for supplies. You can get well equipped just by sticking to the back roads and the rail road. Then once your better equiped make your way into some larger towns if you think you can defend yourself, and be quick about it. Shut doors behind you. Open doors are a sign someone has been there recently (usually). That can give you away. Find a can opener. If you see a group of people, run. There are no friendly groups, you might find friendly individuals, but not groups. Or shoot, if you have a weapon that's good at a decent range. It doesn't take much to take out a group of people. One shot will make some one unconscious. Then you can rob them and leave them naked. lol

hellzsupernova1667d ago

You need to be with other players. Just playing alone is way too hard!

Revvin1668d ago

Dean Hall just needs to go now, hand the project over to experienced developers who can push this forward. It launched 18 months late and is way behind DayZ Epoch in features. He made a great mod but I doubt his ability to get a product like this to market as he obsesses over small things like being able to change individual pieces of clothing when issues like this and the inability to make camps still remain.

Stapleface1668d ago

The zombies clipping through walls/ being in the floor is my biggest issue with this game. That and they are all track stars now. A zombie started chasing me yesterday from about 100 yard away (IDK how either) and it still caught up to me. That's some bs right there. Though that wouldn't even be an issue if their skulls were not made of steel. About 8-10 hits to the head from a crow bar is a bit much. Yet one body shot from any gun (IDK about the .22 haven't found one yet) will kill them.. So many things need to be worked on and some people think they could just bring it to consoles. People though BF was terrible, imagine if console players got a port of DayZ in it's current state. People would lose their minds.

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