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AKissFromDaddy1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

Dead Space vibes makes my spine twitch. So creepy.

Errefus1258d ago

I hope it has the first Dead Space creep feel.

starchild1258d ago

Amazing character models. The skin shaders make them look so lifelike.

SirDjss1258d ago

I cant wait for this game , i want it NOW :)

BABY-JEDI1258d ago

I hope it comes to project Morpheus. I will then have to buy man size diapers LoL

rivencleft1258d ago

That depends... get it? haha

rivencleft1258d ago

This game cannot come soon enough, it's probably the only horror game I've ever wanted so badly.

Inception1258d ago

The more i see the more i can't wait to play this!