Review: Child Of Light Is Equal Parts Poetry, Platformer And JRPG To Great Effect [EGMR]

From EGMR, "Child Of Light is an epic coming-of-age tale wrapped up in the dynamics of a JRPG and platformer. The game follows the fairy tale adventure of Princess Aurora as she attempts to find her way out of the dream-like world of Lemuria. With turn-based combat and a cast of colourful characters, what more can be said of Child Of Light. You'll have to read the review find out."

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lilbroRx1695d ago

I'll probably get hammered for this, but I still don't understand how this is labeled a JRPG when its not Japanese and nothing about it follows Japanese standards or story mechanics.

Its just a namesake label tacked onto the game used by a western company to garner sales off the popularity of Japanese gaming to me.