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Neonridr1593d ago

Who honestly found this news surprising? ;)

ZodTheRipper1593d ago

Me neither, I contributed to that success :D

micx1593d ago

No one, but it's nice to hear. :)
Angry Birds surprised me though.

Neonridr1593d ago

yeah, it's hard to justify paying for that game when you can get it for like $1 on smartphones. So I am very shocked to see it was the best selling Vita game over the month of March.


Infamous is set to take the number one spot of any next gen game released thus far. Im calling it.

candy_mafia1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Infamous SS is cheaper to buy on PSN than it is in retail stores by $10.

So I'm totally unsurprised it's doing so well :)

micx1593d ago

All Digital games should be cheaper.

Hicken1593d ago

I'll say it again: the PS4 is more geared toward digital. This means it's likely for big titles to see proportionately more digital sales than their Xbox counterparts.

micx1593d ago

That's true, PSN has a better digital support, especially if preloading is considered.

isa_scout1593d ago

Just got the plat trophy 5 minutes ago. Def deserves all the sales it gets. Not as good as the other 2 infamous games but def the best launch window game I've played yet.

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