Infamous: Second Son - Paper Trail Part #1 Walkthrough Part #2

The Paper Trail Part #1 Walkthrough Part #2 of Infamous: Second Son.

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Blacksand11400d ago

I tried to get paper trail but it didn't work.

Blacksand11400d ago

I just did mine right now i went to the website and log on with my facebook and it register.

teedogg801400d ago (Edited 1400d ago )

Is anyone else having problems with the paper trail website? It won't let me register. Having trouble with the "enter birth date" section, it won't even work.

CJDUNCAN1400d ago

Yeah the website isn't functioning properly. I wonder if you actually get the paper powers.

Sevir1400d ago

It doesn't support Chrome, or Firefox, you should do the registering from Internet Explorer... The website is also under huge traffic... It's recommended that you attempt registering, linking your PSN and uploading data from the game to the website at night when traffic isn't so heavy

teedogg801400d ago

+bubs...thanks, that helped.

CrossingEden1400d ago

How do you get connected?!!!!

Zefros1400d ago

Ok guys this is messed up: i tried to recover the password on the brunberg site, the wuestion i got was:

Favorite uncle: Uncle morty

where do you park your car:Gruderman’s Parking

oldest daughters name: Jaylene

When i type in and submit, i get message that something wnet wrong...

What am i doing wrong?

ThePsychoGamer1400d ago

Try just typing in "Morty" for the uncle question.

Zefros1400d ago

Yeah but it's still not working, i think it's something to do with "where do you park you garage" question.

AlejandroCervantes1400d ago

I also have the Where you park your car, I put Gruderman´s Parking and a lot more but it´s wrong, so i guess thats the one wrong

Zefros1400d ago

I think it is something else, what other questions did you get? i got Favorite uncle, name of oldest daughter and the last one was where you park your car. I have all the answers but it says something went wrong....

ThePsychoGamer1400d ago

I got
"What's your favorite uncle's name?" A: "Morty"

"Where do you Park your Car?" A: "Gruderman's Parking"


"What's the strangest Halloween costume you've ever worn?" A: "Polar Bear"

AlejandroCervantes1400d ago

Anyone know the answer to: Where do you park?

DanteVFenris6661398d ago

Gruderman or gruderman's one of those no parking at the end

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