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MGS5: Ground Zeroes Guide - How to speed run it in 10 minutes

VideoGamer managed to complete Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes in 10 minutes without a single kill or being spotted. Follow our walkthrough to learn how you can do the same. (Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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CrossingEden  +   182d ago
Usually speedruns require glitches...
dmitrijs88  +   182d ago
abzdine  +   182d ago
the real question is: how to slowrun it!
nevin1  +   182d ago
WeAreLegion  +   182d ago
I'm depressed that this is a possibility.
Dazel  +   182d ago
That makes it shorter than the MGS2 demo lol.
urwifeminder  +   182d ago
Fetch all the crap will add hours like most open world games , when I loose my keys I love looking around for them its like an RPG quest.
Shadow Flare  +   182d ago
I think you've just given Square-Enix the plot line for their next Final Fantasy
rhcpfan  +   182d ago
listenkids  +   182d ago
I finished mgs1 in 34 minutes. I recommend no one buys it because I did such a thing.
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NarooN  +   182d ago
Pics or it didn't happen.
listenkids  +   182d ago
It was about 10 years ago with stealth and bandana on easy. You can speed run Orcarina of Time in 2 hours, it means nothing.
InTheLab  +   182d ago
Could have beaten GZ 2 and half times...
Ron66  +   182d ago
Lmao $$$snake snake $$$$snake
feraldrgn  +   182d ago
Using the slow mo? Poor form.

Will probably get it once it lowers in price, looks good.
£19.99 will be reasonable enough for me.
listenkids  +   182d ago
It's already £20
feraldrgn  +   182d ago
Cheapest I've seen is Amazon £23.86, most expensive is £32.89 Argos (rip off). But the most common seems to be 24.99.

I mean the physical version.
SirDjss  +   182d ago
In sorry to say this, but this game is a joke. Its not a game its just a way to show off their new engine. A tech demo using the metal gear name ;/ they should have given us a real metal gear game :(
princejb134  +   182d ago
And that's why I'm not buying
TheMapleNerd  +   182d ago
"without a single kill" - Kills 3 people in the first 2-3mins :P
rhcpfan  +   182d ago
Those are KOs.
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TheMapleNerd  +   182d ago
Oh... So they are only sleeping? :P
RamboRabbi  +   182d ago
Have you ever played MGS?
foie  +   182d ago
I'm really confused. Is this actually the full campaign?
iistuii  +   182d ago
Pretty embarrassing really the way he sprints through the base. I will have a play through of it, if I can borrow it or rent it, I'm not paying for it that's for sure.
cyclindk  +   182d ago
Well he didn't mention playing it on hardest difficulty.

Games let you choose how to play, the game was "over" in ten minutes, but YOU can play as long as you like, which, if a title has a good amount to offer REPLAYABILITY and enjoyment-wise, can be a much LONGER and fulfilling experience.
Mvp-Machiavelli  +   182d ago
This video is poor as hell . What Skill level was it? Normal?? Plus thy use 'Slow Mo' and get seen by the enemy so many times!!!! This is NOT how to play stealth games,even on a speed run.... Shocking!!!!
NarooN  +   182d ago
Speed-runs aren't about "playing the game correctly." Most speed-runs utilize exploits, glitches, or outright abuse to get the fastest possible time.

If you wish to see the game played "correctly", then you shouldn't be watching a speed-run, unless it is specifically stated as being a no-kill, no-alert run.
Mvp-Machiavelli  +   181d ago
I've Platinum'd EVERY MGS game. This is not skill @ all -_-
NarooN  +   181d ago
You've platinumed every MGS game? Interesting, seeing as how I'm pretty sure MGS1 and Portable Ops don't have trophies, lol.

I dunno why you mentioned skill. I never said this video took a lot of skill to do, I said it was a speed-run, and that's what it is. Not every speed-run is ridiculously difficult to do.
Mvp-Machiavelli  +   181d ago
yeah MGS HD Collection (3 games -Peace Walker/MGS2/MGS3)/Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and MGS4 on PS3 ^_^ <--- gaming skill

what a NOOB YOU are lol !!!!!! Now move along Ha Ha :D
RamboRabbi  +   182d ago
Not that the length always determines the quality of a game but I'm not paying that much for a demo that would have been free in a magazine 10+ years ago.
psDrake  +   182d ago
With all due respect to to the hard-working people behind this game, no 1.5 hour game deserves $30-35. Should have been a free demo or priced reasonably at $10 digital only.
KillerPwned  +   182d ago
Guys just because someone can speed run a game really fast doesn't mean that's all their is to it. The person is just heading straight for the objective.
KrimsonKody  +   182d ago
That's a damn shame! Are you serious? 10 minutes?!
Sigh, I was so ready to go out & pick it up after work. Now I'm highly reconsidering. I may be better off getting Castlevania 2 now & do a MGSV rental. What kind of crap is that? An retail demo? That means that I could possibly finish it the 1st or 2nd day.9
iistuii  +   182d ago
When they took their time it was 3 hours, so rushing or stealth it can easy be finished it in one sitting. Rent or borrow for me, but I still wanna have a go.
KrimsonKody  +   182d ago
I agree, I am so desperate to experience the game no matter the time span. But we know that later in the year, they will release the 2nd half, then later on the total package. I don't really want to go through that "pinching" process where you pay for the game in pieces.
KillerPwned  +   182d ago
I'm telling you don't let a speed run decide for you. The campaign is no longer then what you see in a COD, BF ect anymore and we know thats only because this is a prologue. But its open world you can do what you want, when you want and how you want.

Watch the Gametrailers review I highly recommend it not even to go on the score just to see the game in action on PS4.
iistuii  +   182d ago
Yeah I've watched it. But I can't help feeling that it's a demo that in the good ol days would have been free. Ok you've got a couple of side missions, but I stick by what I say, I'll either rent it or get it later 2nd hand.
cfc78  +   182d ago
As great as the game looks it's just the 1st part cut of the main game to create hype for the phantom pain and of course £££££ , i'll get it when the main games out and play it as it was intended , i think £70.00 is just to much for 1 game.
NeoTribe  +   181d ago
Hey guys, heres a great way to ruin your metal gear experience!

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