Mastery is Earned, Not Given: Drive to Hell [Review] - Mash Those Buttons

MashThoseButtons: I thoroughly enjoyed Drive to Hell. The game tests your reflexes, aim, enemy management, and other skills simultaneously, does not let up or take it easy on the player. I can’t count the number of time I barely made it through a wave, and the sense of accomplishment I had afterward was always great. Those near-deaths only made me realize that there was room for me to grow here, and made me want to try harder to get better. That’s just the type of player I am.

Just to note, I played the game on Hard; which is the second difficulty. There are two other difficulties for me to conquer, and from what I have played, I have a ways to go before I master them. This game will have a ton of replay value, and if you are a player that enjoys taking on a challenge like I am, then I think you will have a great time with Drive to Hell.

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