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Submitted by Trackboss 709d ago | rumor

Rumor: More DOA 5 Characters, PS4 Port, Team Ninja To Become PS4 Exclusive

A rumor was started by a Japanese website, Dengeki Online, about Dead or Alive and Team Ninja. The rumor says that there will be more DOA 5 characters, a PS4 port, and Team Ninja PlayStation exclusivity. (Dead or Alive 5, PS4, Team Ninja)

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Sharius  +   709d ago
it's...... happening.....?
AsimLeonheart  +   709d ago
Probably. It would be really stupid for any developer to remain exclusive to Xbone because of the stellar PS4 sales unless MS pays for it. On the other hand, they would not lose much if they became exclusive to PS4 since majority of the next-gen gamers own a PS4.
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Blaze929  +   709d ago
lol I love how you all talk as if 4 months of a new console generation, is 10 years of dominance.
creatchee  +   709d ago
You think that 4+ million potential customers wouldn't be much to lose? Especially with how genre-oriented Team Ninja's games are?
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   709d ago
@Asim knowing MS they will pay. Just look at almost every single xbone exclusive they're all 3rd party. The only first party exclusive they have is Forza.

OT: I'm not a fan of DOA goes but it would be cool to have another exclusive even tho I won't play it. Maybe the can do a proper Ninja Gaiden or work alongside SSM to bring us Heavenly Sword 2 ?
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morganfell  +   709d ago
Those days of MS just paying are over. The only reason they got away with it to date is due to negotiations made prior to E3.

The division is under a massive amount of scrutiny and pressure. Kiss that moneyhatting goodbye because they do not have the upper hand in any area this gen.
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abzdine  +   709d ago
"More DOA 5 Characters, PS4 Port, Team Ninja To Become PS4 Exclusive"

ALL i wanted to hear!
I love this studio and too bad Itagaki tried to sink them by going MS exclusive back in the days. they always deliver!!!
adorie  +   709d ago
The moneyhatting has to be selective now, instead of buying up everything in a rush to keep PS from content.
BitbyDeath  +   709d ago
@creatchee, that's 3+ million not 4+.
3million eoy, 3.2 million end of jan, now maybe 3.4-3.5 million end of feb
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Akuma07  +   709d ago
A 3:1 sales ratio in the first 6 months is a very worrying sign.

Many PS4 buyers bought the console on the promise of the future, so why didn't people do that with the XB1?

XB1 need to pull out some REALLY big guns to close that gap.
PLASTICA-MAN  +   709d ago
Now they can make a game with the real potential of the PS4.
DCfan  +   709d ago
TN please do a next gen Ninja Gaiden game akin to the first Ninja Gaiden on Xbox.
Eyeco  +   709d ago
Ninja Gaiden Black is arguably the greatest action game ever made 10 years on and it hasn't aged one bit.
ABizzel1  +   709d ago
NG Black (XB) and Sigma (PS3) are still the best 3D Ninja Gaiden games IMO.

I want to see some new IP from these guys. All they make is Ninja Gaiden and DOA. It's time to move on. Make 1 DOA early on, possibly another late in the generation and be done. Make 1 amazing Ninja Gaiden like Black / Sigma mid generation and be done. Focus the rest of the generation on New IP.

The only other names they have are Toukiden (An action based Monster Hunter clone) which could be a huge for Japan if taken seriously (open world PS4 monster-hunter with team ninja gameplay; yes), and Metroid other M.

So they only have 3 IP's to their name, so focus on new IP. But if the PS4 exclusivity rumor is true then I wouldn't mind them making my Heavenly Sword 2, Demon's Souls 2, or Destrega 2.

And Kojima / Konami needs to make a new Bloody Roar as well.
MasterCornholio  +   709d ago
" and Team Ninja PlayStation exclusivity."

Does this have anything to do with the PS4s huge lead in sales? Sounds like the PS2 era all over again.
Volkama  +   709d ago
Not necessarily. If it were purely based on sales they'd surely stay multi-platform.

Itagaki was a 360 fan, the chap that followed him was a playstation fan. They seem to have quite some sway in what work they do (which isn't that common for a dev studio with a publisher).

The two were also quite hostile to each other. Itagaki openly laballed Ninja Gaiden Sigma "garbage", despite it being a pretty close port of his own game.

Now that Itagaki is out of the picture I can see this other chap going PS exclusive. He's yet to do anything good though, so in the end I'm not sure it's much of a victory.
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hkgamer  +   709d ago
true, itagaki was favoured towards the MS consoles and the other dude that did the sigma series were obviously more involved with playstation consoles. So his previous experiences with Sony will probably turn team ninja to a Sony Exlusive.
Godmars290  +   709d ago
And Ninja Gaiden still was still released as an Xbox exclusive. DOA also jumped ship. Despite the PS2's popularity over the first Xbox.

Not going to say such isn't impossible, Sony might be working out a deal and using their lead as example, but it sounds unlikely.
Akuma07  +   709d ago
New IP's are sometimes not related to a consoles popularity. It is about who can shell out the most cash to help that new IP develop.

Same thing happened with Titanfall, the ONLY reason why the first Titanfall is exclusive is because it was a new and unproven IP, so Activision NEEDED a guarantee that it would at least make it's money back. Microsoft's very large cheque guarantee's that.
WeAreLegion  +   709d ago
That would be incredibly surprising. I've never been a huge fan of Team Ninja, but many gamers love them. Itagaki had a huge ego, but I think they made better games under his direction.
Captain Qwark 9  +   709d ago
i didnt much care for the man either but since he has been gone, their game havent even been worth playing. even the updated NG3 was mediocre at best
DCfan  +   709d ago
DOA5 was damn good.
Volkama  +   709d ago
I quite liked DOA5, the DOA games are my kind of fighter. But 5 wasn't any real improvement over DOA4 imo.

None-the-less, if this team makes a DOA6 that is basically the same core game, but with a worthwhile visual + spectacle upgrade I'd probably buy it.

I will hope they don't try to moneygrab as hard as post-release DOA5 though.
Blaze929  +   709d ago
Eh, ninja gaiden 3 was garbage and DoA is running it's course. Need new IPs showing they're ok without Itigaki otherwise, meh.
DCfan  +   709d ago
NG3RE was ehh...
but cmon, DOA5 was pretty damn good.
Blaze929  +   709d ago
didn't say it wasn't? Just running it's course. 14 DoA series games since 1996, lol I mean damn. And this is coming from someone who absolutely LOVED DoA4.
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nunley33  +   709d ago
Capcom would say that isn't enough DOA and they should be doing more re-releases.
ZeV  +   709d ago
Great ! I love PS2 era...Ps4 is the best console with the best hardware,Sony have to win clearly this gen...It's a good thing !
Twiggy  +   709d ago
I can see the legendary PS2 era popping back, those were the days.. having a PS2 back then was all you'd ever want or need,it we even get a glimpse of that with the PS4, I'll be happy as can be.
Broburger  +   709d ago
They should release it on the PC.
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   709d ago

Absolutely not.
Broburger  +   709d ago
Why not?
Dante81  +   709d ago
Yes, they should. lol, at your disagrees--Console gamers are a selfish bunch.
OmegaShen  +   709d ago
DOA BV3, DOA6 and NG4 with the return of sixaixs.
HeartlessGamer  +   709d ago
If Team Ninja becomes exclusive to PlayStation I would be shocked
nyobzoo  +   709d ago
I can see them making exclusive for the ps4, considering that the Xbox has no appeal in Japan.
S2Killinit  +   709d ago
switching to the lead console. i guess we might see more of these
younglj01  +   709d ago
If PS4 continue to sell at its current rate then be prepare to see alot of developers go exclusive...

Would be cool to get some of the games that were on PS2 on PS4....
Blaze929  +   709d ago
please, explain to me the logic that would come in developers willingly, 'not' making Xbox One versions of games? Something that can be easily ported unlike Wii U.

They will all just willingly give up extra revenue and an audience base, JUST because PS4 is selling so awesome?

Then to not only have the developers convinced that is the way to go, but the publishers and investors who fund it too and have the final say? Yeah, ok.
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kane_1371  +   709d ago
You do realise that each port costs money and time and energy right?
So lets say that Xbox sells although unlikely slows down and the softwares sold rate hits real low, then it is most likely that they will do an exclusive contract instead of spending money and time and energy on something that doesn't make much or any prophit at all, a buy out is possible but i don't see it happening since NT is fine as is.
Anyway, I could care less for NT since I am not a fan but DOA and NG and HS fans would love that.
younglj01  +   709d ago
It is possible that an developer can create an multiplatform IP then have an exclusive IP.That will double their earnings.Hopefully this explains my comment...
isarai  +   709d ago
OH C'MON! i just bought doa5 ultimate!
XiSasukeUchiha  +   709d ago
DOA5 PS4 version bring it on!
cleric20  +   709d ago
DOA5 (or 6) on PS4? Oh man... dat HD jiggle...
Rhezin  +   709d ago
without Itagaki, sad to say Ninja Gaiden is nothing. All the iterations after Ninja Gaiden 2 on xbox 360, have been AWEFUL. Maybe they can turn it around though. Less QTE's TN!
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D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   709d ago
I believe this is happening 100%! PS2 era happening all over again!
blackblades  +   709d ago
I rather see a DOA6 then a port.
CrossingEden  +   709d ago
I'd much rather see street fighter become a ps4 exclusive, i'm not a big fan at all of DOA, and Ninja Gaiden 3 was pretty embarrassing..
Kingoftherodeo  +   709d ago
yea dude this move is just dumb on their part they should be multiplat is not like their last games were top notch
izumo_lee  +   709d ago
There f2p model for DOA is pretty successful for them on the PS3, a model that was not possible on the 360.

A big reason this could happen as well as with smaller to medium sized Japanese developers is that the Xbox brand is pretty non existent in Japan. With the overwhelming success of the PS4 right now these smaller to mid range developers may only go exclusive. Many of these games made by these developers only sell well in Japan so even if they are localized therest is less chance of losing money.
Nine_Thousaaandd  +   709d ago
DOA...Ninja Gaiden...anything new from these guys...I welcome it to, PS4!
_FantasmA_  +   709d ago
Dead or Alive is probably the only fighting franchise I like, even though I suck. Ninja Gaiden was good back in the day but 2 and 3 were bad. Still if Sony helped with the next game, it would be good. We dont need Kinect Gaiden.
Smashbro29  +   709d ago
Please no. Exclusivity sucks.
Obamanationn  +   709d ago
i only buy consoles because of team ninja games , id be 100 percent committed to buying a Sony system if this is true

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