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Xbox One Vs. PS4: Why Resolution Doesn't Matter

By Eric Kain "Call it what you will: Resolution-gate; the Great Console War of 2013/2014; bloody nonsense.

Whatever you call it, I’ve decided that the entire fiasco over the disparate resolutions in cross-platform games on Xbox One and PS4 is pretty much entirely unimportant." (PS4, Xbox One)

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xHeavYx  +   635d ago
It does matter. Especially if the more expensive console is the weaker one. And let's be honest, if the One was the... one whose 3rd party games have the better resolution, MS fans would be all over the place. Also, most of the people that suddenly don't care about resolution are the ones who used to make fun of PS3 users saying that COD looked better on the 360
Kingthrash360  +   635d ago | Well said

if you are saying x1 vs ps4...then EVERYTHING matters, including res.
this is an old topic ps4 is supirior we all know this...but just because we know this doesn't mean it "doesn't matter". everything matters.
power (including the ability to hold res and frame rates)
hdd size and ability to be replaced
accessories and usables like external hdd
online services
if your on the fence and if you want the most powerful bang for your buck these things matter.
ask a pc guy who spends tons on upgradeing rigs
or the early days of 360 vs ps3...res was all the rage. now that its switched its "it doesn't matter"?
that said enjoy gaming no matter the console.
just dont get mad at comparisons. ignore them, you may be happier that way.
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darthv72  +   635d ago
Those who have been gaming for a long time know that resolution NEVER mattered. Fun is what mattered. Fun with other people and fun solo are the key ingredients of gameings greats past hits.

When it became all about one upping the next is when fun took a back seat. The view from the back seat isnt so good anymore. Upping the resolution or texture quality or shaders does absolutely nothing to the fun of the game. those are all just visual that have different appeal to different people.

Fun is something that is built in from the design stage all the way through development. Its something that cant be increased with patches or added on by DLC. It has to be there from the onset...from the conceptual phase.

Now Fun is a subjective term but we can all agree that when something is fun to play we generally recommend it to others who we feel are like minded individuals. then it is up to them to decide if its 'as fun' as we say it is.

Fun is not something that is seen....it is something that is played. It is not perfect nor is it meant to be. but thats what makes it...fun.

Its because of such petty debates like this that makes me appreciate where gaming came from. I like where its going with advancements to style but i just cant enjoy it with all the bickering over pixels that represent nothing more than an image for a few seconds on screen.

Having just recently picked up a colecovision, i will be turning more of my attention to the past. At least those games know what its all about.
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thekhurg  +   635d ago | Well said

The games are equally as fun on both consoles, the PS4 versions just look and perform better. It's not like resolution is sacrificing the fun factor. So yeah, it matters.
Why o why  +   635d ago | Well said
Another falacy...committed by darth. As the commenter before me has kindly mentioned, the fun factor is the same. I mean why not just stay with the ps3 and 360 if graphical fidelity didnt matter. Some people do damage control without even knowing it.

Listen, Gameplay, Story, Graphics. All important in varying ways to different people. If you can have them all then why wouldn't that be better than the other version that is lacking in one of the elements. Nobody is saying the lesser version is crap, just that the better version is better.

I grew uo on spectrum vs amstrad and atari vs amiga. This is nothing new. Graphics were contested then just like they are now. Anybody who speaks that nostalgic talk without acknowledging that must of been too young to remember or just had their head buried in the utopian sand

Coleco vision... had one of those..thing with the dial. Sorry, thats not my idea of fun in 2014 only hypster-esc hype. Grab an ipad and some emulators if you want retro for 400 quid.

As I grew, my gaming tastes grew just like my taste in music, food, clothes etc. I spent my money on an advace console to play advance gaming on top of indies and mid range games. Why on earth wouldn't I want better.
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PoodlePuncher  +   635d ago
@darth I don't get where people came up with resolution takes away from the fun factor.

And people who have been gaming a long time clearly think resolution does matter, or each console generation wouldn't push for higher resolutions. Original Xbox and PS2 were primarily 480p, ps3/360 mainly 720p, and xbox one/ps4 were supposed to be primarily 1080p.

Not to mention, resolution seemed to be a big deal when they were trying to sell 1080p tvs when they first released.

The whole idea that resolution doesn't matter is just absurd. Video games have always pushed for better graphical fidelity, now that your system of choice is a little behind the competition, suddenly it doesn't matter?

Then you also have the fact that 4K is already starting to come out.
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xHeavYx  +   635d ago
Oops, replied to the wrong person
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morganfell  +   635d ago
"Those who have been gaming for a long time know that resolution NEVER mattered."

Think long and hard about taking this stance.

Do you really want people browsing your history and looking at some of the comments you made in the past about resolution?

Do you remember making any? Do you remember talking about the necessity of HDTV last generation because resolution matters? Do you remember discussing any certain titles as regards resolution? Think very hard because it only took me two minutes to locate some things you stated in the past.

And that last remark comes off like sour grapes. There were good games in the past. I burned up countless hours in Privateer 2, Wing Commander, and the like. But acting as if this gen blows because the machine you tend to support most is taking a beatdown sounds like the loosing end of a tantrum.
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darthv72  +   635d ago
I think people confuse evolution with revolution. The evolution of games has taken a steady pace of improving the visual appeal with the control but only have there been a few revolution in that time frame.

Fun factor can be the same for titles on different platforms so then why must it be a debate or belittling ot those who choose to get one version over another? Why cant these people decide for themselves what other factors are being used to come to the conclusion they make?

When i say fun is key...it is key. Graphics have no influence on the fun factor (for me). I have no loyalties to a particular brand and if there is a want to buy and its available to multiple platforms then I buy the one that would provide me with the most entertainment.

that can be anything from comfort of the control to accessibility to price. I dont look at a game and say i have to have this version because it just looks better. I buy the games i want to play on the platforms i feel will provide the most fun experience. That isnt always the lesser platform, it depends on the type of game.

Now that may not be how others do things and i can respect that just as i would expect others to respect the choices i make. We dont have to agree but we can be respectful of each other and play the games we like because that is something we all are in this hobby for. Fun and entertaining games.

Just to close, if you are someone who plays GTA on one platform and i am someone who plays GTA on another platform we can at very least respect that we are both having fun playing GTA regardless of the platform they are on.

I come from a different time, one where it was cool to like video games and others who liked them as well. didnt matter what they were played on because it was a common bond among gamers that we were in the same hobby for the same reason.

@shin below...more like stop being mean to each other in general. It's okay to have a preference but when that preference becomes some sort of quest to devalue every other gamer who doesnt share the same preference then....that is just sad. My playing GTA on PS3 is not meant to hurt anyone who plays it on 360 or PC.

"Cant we all just...get along"
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ShinMaster  +   635d ago
@ darthv72

So in other words, "stop being mean to Xbox gamers".
amiga-man  +   635d ago
I hate people telling me what matters, people like Darth come out with Statements like fun matters which of course it does, but why does my fun have to be stuck at 720p?

Consoles are not cheap games are not cheap is it so much to ask for the best possible game running to best possible specs,

Give me fun yes but I want my fun at 1080p if given the choice, with the PS4 I have that choice.
VENOMACR1227  +   635d ago
I'll take better gameplay over better graphics anyday. Make TitanFall 1080p but suck to play, see how well the game sells. Borderlands, not a graphically heavy game but the gameplay is excellent and it's a big seller. Skyrim, those graphics are not good, but gameplay is great along with a solid story. I'm a fan of Saints Row games, graphically they are hideous but the game is just stupid fun to play.

1080p is great and more X1 games should be in 1080p, but the whole resolution thing is over blown. I look at BF on PS4 and X1 and the differences are minimal and really only noticeable if you stand still staring at a wall or tree, and lets be honest, no one does that.
Why o why  +   635d ago
'Think long and hard about taking this stance.

Do you really want people browsing your history and looking at some of the comments you made in the past about resolution?'


..some people forget their past words whilst others switch accounts. Funny thing is the fanboys ending up not looking as bad as the ones who kept their names just because their hypocrisies are there to be seen....

Ill agree with your sentiment darth....we can all get along as long as everyone stays in their lanes...;)
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AgentSmithPS4  +   635d ago
"Why Resolution Doesn't Matter" reminds me of "It's not how big it is it's what you do with it." The Xbone is big, but, you know the rest. Like the saying though, you can have fun with whatever system you chose but there will always be something better out there.

It matters to those it matters to, I don't think MS needs white knights to defend it :P. Some buy a fancy PC, audiophile headphones, etc because they want/need the best, for others consoles are good enough, some want the best bang for their buck and good for them.

In this case it's true that "great things come in small packages" ;).
Jdoki  +   635d ago

I dunno what time (or reality) you're from.
But since I started gaming there has always been the banter about which console is better or worse.

From arguments about how the Spectrum had only 8 colours compared to the Commodore 64 (but at least the Speccy had more and better games). To how the Amiga stomped all over the Atari ST (but at least the ST had a better soundchip).

People will always discuss, argue, trashtalk.

Graphics do matter, because they add to immersion in many cases. Same thing with audio, and in-game controls, responsiveness, frame rate and so on.

Does resolution matter? Up to a point no, but you keep bringing up fun being the key thing - but if all else is equal (such as fun factor) then why not discuss how the console that costs $100 more can't provide the same experience.

Also, you use GTA as an example of equivalent fun no mater the console. You were probably around N4G when GTAIV launched... So I guess you remember the absolute hammering the 'vaseline' PS3 version got from 360 fanboys. What's so different now?

This generation is really marking XB1 fanboys out as martyrs and whiners. It's pretty amusing.
morganfell  +   635d ago
"I'll take better gameplay over better graphics any day."

This from an individual that accused Sony supporters of having Move shoved up their backsides.


Your history is replete with attacks on PS+ and PlayStation in general. Lashing out at Sony fans for using the word Xbone - you termed it childish while your own attacks on those people are anything but mature.

You do not get to make nice now and expect your remarks be taken seriously. What was it you said in your failed sarcasm? PS+ is better because you get to enjoy an indie game someone made in their basement.

I guess if they tunneled sideways they would find you.

Then you went on to lambaste Netflix solely because the PS3 was the number one device for the service. Jealous much?

The one or the other argument regarding graphics and gameplay is absurd, and most certainly the last refuge of the defeated. The undeniable truth is in 2014 it is inexcusable not to have both. But then again Microsoft wasn't aiming for a powerhouse gaming machine. They put their core gamers second on the list in favor of the living room Wii casual crowd.


And to note, there is a vast chasm that lies between art style and graphical prowess. One does not exclude the other and in fact the latter enhances the former.

Fighting from the defensive position of your cave in a vain attempt to deny the truth only paints a clearer picture of the people who, having suddenly changed their minds today versus their post history, are wildly screaming with their fingers pushed so far into their ears they can scratch their brain that graphics do not matter.

The fact you cannot hear the truth does not void reality.

And when you are sniping at long distance resolution damn well matters.
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amiga-man  +   635d ago
@Jdoki: the Amiga stomped all over the Atari ST (but at least the ST had a better soundchip).

Actually your wrong the Amiga had a custom chip set designed by Jay Miner RIP one of those was a sound chip called Paula if I remember correctly and was far more capable than the one in the ST, the ST did have the advantage of a built in MIdi port which meant musicians used the ST more although you could buy external MIdi Ports for the Amiga, so even that was a non issue.

Great memories http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Give me great art concept over resolution any day.

Why can't we have both?
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Blachek  +   635d ago
There's a real big part of me that hopes that people who fawn restlessly over resolution are visiting their eye doctor weekly with a mindset of...

"My eyes need to be PERFECT for me to enjoy this!"

Show me the picture and I'll tell you if I think it looks nice. I won't stipulate a resolution number to assign it and look on in disgust. Give me great art concept over resolution any day.
Why o why  +   635d ago
Im not sure amiga, I remember people using the atari for music back in the day. I cant remember the programs but I distinctly remember that. I had both btw
amiga-man  +   635d ago
@Why o why

I am sure Why o why, while it is true the ST was the machine of choice for the musicians it had nothing to do with the sound chip but the built in Midi port which meant musicians could hook up their equipment out of the box,
the Amiga you had to buy external midi ports, which ironically added more flexibility but lacked the convenience.

The Amiga's chip set was truly amazing in it's day.
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darthv72  +   635d ago
@morgan, you know we have had out differences and we do not always see eye to eye which i can respect that. you do your thing and i do mine. And I am not ashamed of my comment history but i can learn from the mistakes i have said in the past.

Like the times before i became a Ps3 owner i would criticize the system (unjustly) like others did. Then after having one of my own there is a new sense of worth. One that still many do not experience because they still do not have a ps3 (just like those who still do not have a 360). i cant really describe it but you feel more balanced when you are able to enjoy the good things that each platform offers.

So while I may seem hypocritical at times, there are also times of genuine honesty. The difficult part about conveying anything via words on a website is the lack of the internets ability to properly put into some sort of verbal emphasis or context. Like reading something translates differently than when you actually hear it spoken with the proper emphasis on certain words to help make the point come through.

So out of respect to you, i apologize for my behavior in the past. I can be a better person than what i am sometimes. Its those moments of where you know someone is just spouting off untruths that just makes you want to respond, and not too kind. I do my best to refrain from entering into obvious articles that do not serve to better the gaming industry (the trollish ones). i would prefer if there were more articles about new upcoming titles for the systems than the current trend of 'resolutiongate' or price vs power.

Remove all of those triggers and bring it back to what should matter most. New fun and entertaining projects from the different studios. You hate to hear about the canceled projects but that is more newsworthy than most of the interesting yet selective topics that make it to the front page as of late.

@jdoki, there is a difference between the trash talk of then vs now. Then it was more isolated to the local groups of people we kept close to. You can razz each other and poke fun but it was still all in good fun.

The internet has given rise to that voice but in a much different way. One that is almost fueled by the rage of the inner nerd that is trying to be heard over everyone else. And yes growing up i was a 2600 kid but always wanted to get a colecovision because it was different. not because it had the same games but 'better' but because it was different. offered new experiences that the 2600 lacked. So after 30 years i have one (I know, late to the party) and because of having something that was once considered an adversary it now brings a sense of realization and understanding that yes this system is good to play on as well.

As with previous gens there are those who dont have the means to play them all. Yet at some point you can and then find a new appreciation for the games those previously scorned platforms provide and actually say to yourself...you know this system isnt as bad as i once thought.

On an unrelated side note, i had refrained from commenting here for a while because i had joined a few gaming groups on FB. No fanboyish behavior in these groups. just good common ground appreciation for video games and systems of all types. People commenting about how they liked this game or didnt like that game but done so in a respectful manner. We cant all agree on the same things but we can be respectful to each other.
Army_of_Darkness  +   635d ago
Forbes trying to defend Microsoft's Xbone.... why am I not surprised?? lol!
Boody-Bandit  +   635d ago
Edited: What I initially wrote was too long and boring. I will just leave it at this:

Resolution matters.

As kingdip90 pointed out below (#1.2). If resolution doesn't matter why are you getting an XBOX ONE when the mass majority of the games are on the XBOX 360 as well?
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classic19  +   635d ago
@kingthrash, i agree with everything you said, hell even devs would let you know who would hv the better multiplat games, in so on. yu right now that the ps4 right now is beatn the othere console it doesn't matter lol, the life we live bro..
kingdip90  +   635d ago | Well said
Mos at xbox one games are available on xbox 360.

Outside of kinect their is no other reason to buy an xbox one outside of better graphics.

Anyone arguing about resolution or graphics not being important need to stay away from xbox one since xbox 360 is cheaper, Has bigger library and plays the same games.

Except of course for the few true xbox one exclusives but are ryse and forza really worth paying over $500 to play?

Unless of course your willing to admit graphics matter then in that case enjoy your xbox one but games could look even better over on ps4 ;)
cell989  +   635d ago
great point of view
AgentSmithPS4  +   635d ago
Hail to the king. I miss my 360.

I have a PS4 but I'd be playing Batman Arkham City etc on my 360 if not for lightning giving it and me the shaft :(. I never got to finish the game because it cost over $100 to fix the 360 and I was saving up for other things. It even damaged my HDMI port on my gaming monitor so that I thought my new PS4 was one of the duds :|... At least the DVI port still worked with an adapter.
Blachek  +   635d ago
Totally, a new Xbox 360 has way more value at it's current ticket price than a new/used Xbox 1. The same could be said of a new PS3 to a new/used PS4.

Until XB1 get's the library of games that I think warrant the expenditure, I will stick with my 360.

From the perspective of system specs, there is enough advancement that I know games will look better and play smoother... but more exciting to me is the ability for devs to make 'bigger' games.
pyramidshead  +   635d ago
Was it just me or were die hard sony fans definitely considering an Xbox 720(as it was called) back in January of last year? I know I was. Purely down to how there was factual disparity between the consoles last gen and I genuinely thought 'bone was going to be a monster because of how well the 360 seemed to play games better than its competitors. This is going off no information at all of course as it was before both reveals or official announcements.

And look what happened...I can guarantee people were were miffed by the disparity in PS3 games so it's funny to see a maaaaajor down play of disparity this gen because I'm pretty sure there was an almost celebratory attitude towards it last gen, in the 360s favour.

The resolution wouldn't matter if PS4 and XB1 were both hitting same resolutions and frame rates consistently, but even when the PS4 does 900p against 720p, the difference is the drama. Then on top of that XB1 has the inferior specs to a higher price point.
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scott182  +   635d ago
For me it's not really the resolution, it's knowing that a $500 system has a gimped graphics card and strange ram setup. And a $400 console is well built with a better gpu and ram. If the X1 was $350 to $300 dollars it would make sense to me to buy a less powerful machine, but for it to cost more is ridiculous.

I am not saying people that bought it made a bad choice, they prefer the games possibly, they want the camera and other features. But from a pure hardware perspective it seems strange for it to be priced more, even including the camera.
Philoctetes  +   635d ago
Same here. I was seriously considering buying an xbone this time last year. But now that I have a PS4, there's basically no reason to buy one -- there aren't any MS exclusives that would justify buying a $500 console for, and I would buy every multiplatform game for the PS4 anyway.

Might still pick up a steambox though.
ThanatosDMC  +   635d ago
N4g has been very entertaining these past couple of months seeing xbox fanboys do a 180.
diehardmetallicafan  +   635d ago
Well said! and nice avatar!
No_Limit  +   635d ago
LOL, I love how the person posting the article "Why Resolution Doesn't Matter" is the same person to answer his own submission "It does matter. Especially if the more expensive console is the weaker one" on the very first post. You can't make this up. smh
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xHeavYx  +   635d ago
I'm not allowed to comment my opinion because I posted this? I better check the rules again
creatchee  +   635d ago

"Also, most of the people that suddenly don't care about resolution are the ones who used to make fun of PS3 users saying that COD looked better on the 360."

Okay. Then the people who said that EXCLUSIVES were the only thing that mattered last generation are now the same ones saying that higher resolution/framerate multiplatform games and a lower price point are the most important things this generation.

I can make bold statements about hypocrites too.
xHeavYx  +   635d ago
You seriously want to talk about exclusives? C'mon man, be realistic. Titanfall comes out and all of the sudden Xbox fans have the best and most exclusives.
No_Limit  +   635d ago
Wrong Heavyx,

The XB1 currently does have the better exclusives. Forza 5, Killer Insinct, Dead Rising 3, and the upcoming Titanfall.
xHeavYx  +   635d ago
Another dumb statement. You think that the One has the better exclusives, and that's your opinion only. I'd (again, personally) rather put my money on the company who has been consistent when it comes to big exclusives

Again, FOR YOU the One has the better exclusives, no matter how many times you repeat it, an opinion won't become a fact
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No_Limit  +   635d ago
@ xHeavyx,

LOL, you know what I simply don't care at this point as I have both a XB1 and PS4. I will get Titanfall on my XB1 and inFamous and the new metal gear on PS4 if the reviews are good. But for me, yea, I play my XB1 everyday and haven't touch m yPS4 in almost a month now until it has better games coming out. So, by that point alone, the Xb1 have the better exclusives thus far. See, it isn't that hard to figure it out.


Go ask anyone even the Sony bias site Neogaf, and most will tell you the XB1 has the better exclusives so far. Again, anything is an opinion but when the majority of the gaming public agrees, even a lot of the diehard Sony fans, then it must be be saying something.
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creatchee  +   635d ago

It doesn't matter whose exclusives are better or worse - exclusives were the only measuring stick that mattered last gen for Sony fanboys. Now multiplats are uberimportant to them too, as Sony's are better in general. That's some goalpost moving if I've ever seen it.
zeuanimals  +   635d ago

NeoGAF biased to Sony? Lol. Every site that's not owned or paid by MS is "biased" to Sony. Do you know why this is? Because the PS4 is the more popular platform.

The PS4 has about twice as many sales as the Xbox One and the sales gap is predicted to get much wider. If one console is more popular than the other in sales, doesn't that sort of mean that it's also going to be more popular on the internet?

I mean, if Guardians of the Galaxy does amazing at the box office and people everywhere loved it, aren't a ton of people going to be talking about it on all types of threads and forums? If Captain America 2 does significantly worse and it isn't as good, aren't there going to be less people talking about it in a good light or less talk about it in general?

The more popular console is obviously going to have the bigger mindshare. Like it or not, you're just gonna have to get used to it unless MS can cut into Sony's mindshare somehow.

As far as exclusives go, right now, the only worthwhile Xbox One games are Killer Instinct, Forza 5, and maybe DR3 (I cannot get into that game at all, really bland combat). Right now, the PS4 has all of the F2P titles and the PS+ games and maybe Killzone SF but it's MP is the only redeeming thing about it, and that's about it. Both libraries are really disappointing and having nothing but the exclusives and no multi-plats would be kind of hard for me.

Next month, we're gonna see Titanfall and Infamous SS drop, they're gonna be big games but that might be the first and last big game for the Xbox One for the entire year. Maybe Halo 2 Anniversary, too. The PS4 still has Deep Down, Drive Club, Planetside 2, and The Order 1886 to look forward to, as well as every month's PS+ game.
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scott182  +   635d ago
Well, metacritic doesn't agree, they have sony exclusive launch titles at a higher average score. metacritic was the only thing xbox fanboys fans went by... Now it is based on your opinion I see. Things change so quickly around here.
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ShwankyShpanky  +   635d ago
Saying "resolution doesn't matter" is a cop-out anyway. The resolution is just a symptom, a symptom of the base power of the console.

Let's just run with the argument for a moment... Fine, resolution doesn't matter. Let's say all games are 720p on both consoles. What that just means is that the PS4 can dedicate those resources elsewhere. So maybe they have resolution parity, but a PS4 version is displaying %50 more NPCs/enemies on the screen... does that matter? Maybe the PS4 has %50 less loading times or loading screens... does that matter? Maybe the PS4 version can have %50 more concurrent active quests... does that matter?

"Resolution doesn't matter" is just a veiled, denial-laden way of saying "in the world of computer-based entertainment, raw computing power doesn't matter." And I know it's become cliche, but really... if that's the case, why not stick with your 360/PS3? (unless you really think it's worth $500 to change channels with voice commands... in which case maybe you should look into the Comcast X1 product)

That aside, the idea that the quality of VIDEO is irrelevant to a VIDEO game system is just bizarre.
#1.7 (Edited 635d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
AngelicIceDiamond  +   635d ago
@Heavy Yeah, more expensive because of Kinect at the moment. We shouldn't leave out details on that.

From a grand scale who really honestly really cares about the res?

Allot of consumers don't. They only care about the price first then games, GOOD GAMES.

The internet's making a big deal out of something childish like res but forget that the games still need to be great.

1080p isn't the secret magic formuala to get 10/10 games and 1.5m sales of a game suddenly.

For example if Destiny gets a 9 out of 10 the reviewer might say "AS AN ADDED BONUS the PS4 version of Destiny supports 1080p while X1 does 900p." But both version feel and look great."

Both got 9's both are selling well. That's ALL people look for and care about is if the game lived up to the hype

Not some overblown internet trend that thinks its most important thing in gaming history.

And yes Res is important before anyone asks. But everyone needs to tone it down and quit hyping res like its the most important thing and the world.

When in REALITY It isn't. I'm a realist, I'm the voice of reason.

Res isn't do or die lol trust me.
-Foxtrot  +   635d ago
" They only care about the price first then games, GOOD GAMES "

But if there is a better version of a GOOD game out there on another system then that would be a BETTER version of a GOOD game. Thus becoming a GREATER game.

I really don't see how people are being childish for wanting their moneys worth. If one system can do something better then a more expensive system then you have a right to complain and criticize.

"1080p isn't the secret magic formuala to get 10/10 games and 1.5m sales of a game suddenly.

For example if Destiny gets a 9 out of 10 the reviewer might say "AS AN ADDED BONUS the PS4 version of Destiny supports 1080p while X1 does 900p." But both version feel and look great."

How the hell would a game deserve the SAME score on BOTH systems if one is inferior then the other. Even if it's smaller things like Frame rate or resolution it's still there making one version better and thats what review scores are for, to review what the game is like...pointing on the good/bad. If one thing has more good things about it big or small then it deserves a higher score, even it's only by a little.

"And yes Res is important before anyone asks"

Well judging by your comments, you don't seem to think that.

It's about principles at the end of the day, why should a company who has put out a more expensive system which has inferior specs in SOME areas be given the benefit of the doubt when their rivals which console is cheaper can have that same great game but is BETTER is certain areas.

"I'm a realist, I'm the voice of reason"

If thats the way you think then no...no your not, not even close.

"Res isn't do or die lol trust me"


But it DOES matter at the end of the day when you take in the whole situation into account.

We've started a new gen, these sort of things matter.
#1.8.1 (Edited 635d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report
AngelicIceDiamond  +   635d ago
@Fox I'm not talking about the politics of it I'm not even arguing it really.

But ok dissecting time I like this part.

Ok so like I stated before I'm not talking about politics of it because there's no argument PS4 hits the highest res right X1 doesn't fine.

But what I'm NOT talking about how important it is to the internet. I'm talking about how important it is in REAL life in the grand scheme of things in the REAL WORLD no I'm not talking about this internet fantasy here. I'm beyond internet trend

since we know the internet blows every single thing out of proportion and its to the most important thing this industry has.

"And yes Res is important before anyone asks"

"Well judging by your comments, you don't seem to think that."

Ok so like I said before up top and now it seems and for the 100th time I dunno I lost count the technical stuff is very important. But, BUT listen but its NOT the most important thing in the galaxy considering you factor in the exclusives and games a console has to offer.

The PS3 for a little while had worse versions of multiplats when compared to 360 did people care ULTIMATELY? No They still bought Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid 4, GoW 3 and Grand Turismo 5 in droves it seems. That didn't stop allot of people buying the console. Why? Because of the games not from slightly worse multiplat games.

And the exact same thing that can be said here. For now Titanfall, Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Fable Legends, Gears whatever.

The only difference the res argument can truly account to when comparing it to real life is PS4 versions being pushed more than X1 in which it already is no different than 360 moving more 3rd party games than PS3. Did it kill the PS3? Obviously not.

And please don't say people are buying PS4's because of resolution. The res is an added bonus sure if you care about that kind of thing. The price and the first party games is why PS4 is successful.

"How the hell would a game deserve the SAME score on BOTH systems if one is inferior then the other"

Reviewers didn't seem to care at all about thief 1080 900 they didn't care because the games frames apparently don't hold well. It got wildly mixed reviewers overall.

I'm pretty sure if the two next gen systems consoles look anything alike reviewers won't even bother to compare the two or barely touch up on it.

"I'm a realist, I'm the voice of reason"

If thats the way you think then no...no your not, not even close."

Interesting, please explain how I'm not. Hopefully you don't point some of the fanboys here for voice of reason.

"Res isn't do or die lol trust me"

"But it DOES matter at the end of the day when you take in the whole situation into account."

The whole situation in the console war yes its a big, big deal. But still not do or die because once again lets get out of fairy tale land that is the internet how does translate into the real world.

The PS4 is outselling X1 badly because of the price not because of res. The MAIN reason and realistic reason.

Like Many of you are making sounding that way.

Hopefully I'm clear.
Edsword  +   635d ago
If it doesn't master why are we still talking about it 5 months after launch?
T2  +   635d ago
It does matter and everyone knows it based off one simple fact. Price. Noone would purposely go out and buy a weaker laptop for more money . But yet people will do exactly that for a console. Understand that sure there are special games you want to play that may require you to buy both. But let's not sit here in denial.
maniacmayhem  +   635d ago

Resolution and framerate shouldn't matter or everyone would be gaming on a PC from the very beginning. Playing their games in 1080p with a steady 60fps. But that's not the case because we hear every excuse in the book from certain fans on why no one wants to game on PC.

It wasn't until recently that framerate and resolution mattered and lets be honest if the 4 whose third party games did not have the better resolution, Sony fans would be sticking to "its all about the games.", as they did the PS3/360 era.

Fans always compared graphics on consoles but rarely (if ever) did anyone ever bring up what the games resolution or framerate was. And it was never a huge topic like a lot of you make it out to be in every single thread on this site.

So far we have had close to all games released on the new systems being mediocre to down right horrible. CoD is the same as the others, BF4 was a buggy, glitch mess, KZ wasn't anything new or spectacular, Ryse was nothing but visual porn, Knack was terrible, and everything else has been ok.

So why does resolution and framerate still matter when we are getting more of the same mediocrity as before?

People are arguing about games that play and function the EXACT same way.
#1.10 (Edited 635d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Why o why  +   635d ago
Dude...you're a hypocrite.

Console launch windows are usually bereft of a huge amount of quality titles but guess what, they'll come like they have done every gen I've witnessed.

Can I play forza, uncharted, motorstorm, alan wake, tlou on pc. NO

Was you in the digital foundry or lens of truth articles telling the often victorious 360 fans that the minor differences were invalid and that they should get pcs if they cared about graphics. NO

So why you mr morality all of a sudden...... dont let morganfell check your history dude... he already exposed one long term member of n4g being a hypocrite now his console of choice is getting its ass handed to it and to that commenters credit, they acknowledged the wrongdoing and I respect that even though they were boxed into it.

Truth is its just banter. Nobody is losing any sleep and its been a part of gaming since spectrum vs commodore, amiga vs atari, sega vs nintendo.....fans will bicker and banter.. we all have the free will to just leave the banter or go somewhere where there isn't such behaviour if that place exists.
#1.10.1 (Edited 635d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report
maniacmayhem  +   635d ago
"Console launch windows are usually bereft of a huge amount of quality titles but guess what, they'll come like they have done every gen I've witnessed."

Exactly, so why the big huge hoopla over the resolutions and framerate now when it has been proven and established that the later games in any consoles life will be better.
It has already been stated from many devs that they will learn the X1 architecture and more multiplat games will be on parity. The same thing that happened with the PS3.

So now who is being a hypocrite?

"Can I play forza, uncharted, motorstorm, alan wake, tlou on pc. NO"

Can I play WoW, StarCraft II, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, Outlast, Arma III on consoles? NO.

Were you in the digital foundry or lens of truth telling the 360 fans that the PS3 won?
That the darks were darker, the clouds were puffier and the 360 version had jaggies and proclaimed the power of the Cell? I bet you were as most sony fanboys were saying the same thing.

"So why you mr morality all of a sudden..."

All of a sudden? I have always said gameplay over graphics and I have always mentioned the story of SNES's Earthbound being one of the best games I played and the graphics for it were crap. So please stop pretending you know me. And you really want Morgenfell, a well known sony fanboy to do your dirty work, and go through my whole history...lol, be my guest.

Yes, it is just banter, but it's annoying to see the story twist and turn like your responce and play out as if it's the ONLY thing that matters. graphics has always been a subject but with no way can there be a huge discussion or debate on graphics now as they were back in the NES/Master System, Coleco/Atari/Intellivsion days. You could instantly look at those games and visually tell the difference off top.

Today when you have two games side by side and people are struggling or commenting on the blades of grass or dust then you know they're reaching.

Maybe because I've grown up in the last few years and it takes more then a pretty, shiny piece of pixels to keep me invested in playing a game.
#1.10.2 (Edited 635d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report
SasukeX16  +   635d ago
It's competition between consoles. Pc, has no place in it. They debate over resolution because the cheaper console easily out performs the other in multiplats. And the comeback is that resolution doesn't change the gaming experience where I strongly disagree because I would much prefer 1080p 60fps unlocked than 1080p 30fps(900p in cutscenes) like on tomb raider.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   635d ago
"Resolution and framerate shouldn't matter or everyone would be gaming on a PC from the very beginning."
This is the stupidest argument ever, obviously there are a truck load of factors as to why a console gamer who cares about resolution would game on a console such as exclusives, price, convenience etc.
"It wasn't until recently that framerate and resolution mattered"
Do you suffer from a short memory span? Where were you during the 7th generation when games like Red dead Redemption was 720 on the 360 and 640 on the PS3 and arguments would be had over it. Or when games like Crysis 2 had a higher resolution on the 360 when compared to the ps3. Give it a damn rest already with your BS.
zeuanimals  +   635d ago

"It has already been stated from many devs that they will learn the X1 architecture and more multiplat games will be on parity. The same thing that happened with the PS3."

No, it will not be the same thing as on the PS3. The PS3 was much harder to work on than the 360 but it was able to make much better looking games than the 360 if you optimized it well because it was objectively, more powerful. The Xbox One is harder to work on but it won't reach complete parity because it's not more powerful, the PS4 is and it's also easier to work on. If devs learn how to code perfectly for the Xbox One, they're still coding for a weaker system.

Why do people act like the PS4's SKUs and devtools are just gonna stay where they are while the X1's catches up and finds parity. Both will evolve and devs working on both will find ways to draw out more power from both systems, not just the Xbox One. That means the Xbox One won't close the gap because it's still a weaker system in comparison.

"It wasn't until recently that framerate and resolution mattered and lets be honest if the 4 whose third party games did not have the better resolution, Sony fans would be sticking to "its all about the games.", as they did the PS3/360 era."

Umm... I remembered the 360's multi-plat sales were almost always higher than that of the PS3's, especially when it came to titles that were significantly better on the 360. I know a number of people who loved the PS3 and very much disliked what the 360 had to offer but they got games on the 360 because they ran or looked better. I remember Xbox fanboys everywhere claiming how superior versions on the 360 were worth buying the system over the PS3. I also bought almost all of the multi-plats on the 360 too, and I'm supposed to be a "Playstation fanboy" according to what people say.

And you saying graphics don't matter, why are you buying the Xbox One? Forza 4 is a much better game with a LOT more content than Forza 5, Forza 5 is just the prettier, severely gimped and shallow sequel. Titanfall should just be a bit prettier on the Xbox One than on the 360, or if you have a weak PC, seeing as you don't care about graphics and you wouldn't need a powerful PC to output crappy graphics, just turn the settings to low and you don't care about resolution either, so turn that to 720p and keep it at 60 frames. You didn't need to go out and buy an Xbox One to enjoy "great gameplay", but I'm pretty sure you did.
#1.10.5 (Edited 635d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
maniacmayhem  +   635d ago

Actually I didn't buy a Xbox One, I haven't even bought a PS4. I did buy a WiiU, how's that for a cinematic twist? Kind of knocks the wind right out that argument now does it.

See here's the problem with the lot of you, you speak to one another assuming that the person is a bigger fanboy than you are. Unfortunately I'm not, so the games truly do matter to me. And right now both systems have not provided anything that I need to have at the moment. Which is why resolutions and framerate doesn't matter to me.
So far I have seen nothing but shiny pieces of "been there", "done that". I can see this concept is very foreign to the lot of you.

The Xbox One will not reach parity, what are you talking about? We have already heard from devs that later games will. If a dev can hit 1080p and 60fps on both consoles then what else is there in terms of graphics and framerate? How much more of equal can it get? When both games have an equal footings then what will that supposed 50% power argument be used for?

"I remembered the 360's multi-plat sales were almost always higher than that of the PS3's,"

That's funny because I remember the Sony fanboys saying that it's all about the games and especially the exclusives. My what a tangle circle of fanboyism stories we have here. These guys said this was that back when, while the other guys said that was this at another time and just back and forth until everyone has their own convenient story on what took place years ago.

Who remembers a console called the PS2? Great console wasn't it? Did you know the first Xbox was way more powerful than the PS2? Yes it was.

How about the Dreamcast, did you know it had better hardware than the PS2? Yes it did!

But what made the PS2 the beast it was.....I'll give you a hint, GAMES!

Sure the graphics for PS2 were great but the Xbox and Dreamcast could run the games faster and prettier. Did that stop the ps2 from total dominance? NO.

The Wii dominated the PS3 and 360. I'm sure it wasn't because of the framerate and resolution for that system now was it.

So why is it such a focus and importance now for some of you?

@Why o Why

I did a little digging through my own history and even though I didn't check every page I was lucky enough to find these tidbits...enjoy




Why o why  +   635d ago
Nice ballance of comments you dug up but none were the kind I was asking for... the digital foundry ones....telling people to get pcs remember. Im not saying you're without morals..you're a nintendo fan so graphics isnt really going to be as important for you as it is for others.

Pcs have always been more powerful or capable than consoles so telling people who buy consoles to get pcs is a redundant point because its more than just graphics why people game on consoles....why do you think they sell so many and does buying a console automatically mean we forsake graphical prowess.... only the ignorant would think that.

If I wanted the games you were talking about I'd buy them for my pc but guess what....I didnt ask that.. I could have the best pc in the world but I still wouldn't be able to play half of last gens gotys or many of the contenders

Now I personally love great console graphics AS WELL AS gameplay and story. Those now downplaying the value of better graphics, be it res, fps or features are better off staying with last gens offerings because not MUCH improvements can be made to gameplay. Things like ai or player count, enemies on screen can improve gameplay but many of those are dependant on power, graphical power.

How some people from last gen who used to laud grass but now scream 'its the gameplay' look stupid. If the games are the same gameplaywise like 99 percent of multiplats why would having a higher framerate, resolution be a negative? How can having dynamic sky on metal gear detract from an experience? Tell them they look stupid maniac like you tell us and ill bother you no more init. If you prefess neutrality, call out all sides
#1.10.7 (Edited 635d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
FamilyGuy  +   635d ago
If the X1 versions were the higher quality version we'd hear nothing but "You get what you pay for" from all the X1 trolls as they've been pitching that same line in reference to Live Gold for years.

X1 owner are getting what they *were forced to* pay for. Enjoy your kinect, over-priced headset adapters, old as dirt Games with Gold, low number of games released, online-forced Garden Warfare and the online-forced trend that will start from there.

The X1 isn't a bad system, MS is just not a consumer friendly company. Drop Kinect and sell it for $369 and it would at least makes sense when compared to the PS4.
JeffGUNZ  +   635d ago
Who forced anyone to buy a Xbox one? I am pretty confident no one was holding a gun to consumers heads making them buy an Xbox one. Believe it or not a lot of people are interested in Xbox one, what's the harm?

It seems to upset a lot of people on this site.
ITPython  +   635d ago
If graphics, resolution, frame-rate etc, didn't matter, then we would still be playing on 8-bit consoles. But the thing is, all of us like a nice shiny new game that looks beautiful and performs well.

And lets face it, if the game looks really good we WILL get more enjoyment out of it. It is not the ONLY factor, but it is a factor. It's as simple as that.

I am currently playing Crysis 3 on my PS3, and let me tell you, the game looks horrible. Some areas are worse than others, but it really sucks visually for the most part. I notice when I am playing and it bugs me, but if I was playing on a high-end PC with max settings, my jaw would probably drop and I would be in awe every second I play the game. If that doesn't = more enjoyment, then I don't know what enjoyment really is. I still have fun in the game, but if it looked better, I would enjoy it more. Therefore it does matter.
rodiabloalmeida  +   635d ago
This resolution thing is getting tiresome. It's true that resolution matters, but there is at least 5 articles per day at N4G about it.
PockyKing  +   635d ago
The problem is news outlets, and there's a specific one on this site that does it on a daily basis almost, I'm sure you know who I'm talking about, twists it into something that becomes a big issue when it's really not.

It's important for the consumer to know, especially those with both systems, what they're buying and if the same game looks better than the other on a certain system, then it'll matter to me. But, the problem starts when resolution and texture quality becomes more of an issue than the game itself and its creativity.

Then there's all the fans fighting over one console or the other which is a whole other issue within itself.
Ccounts  +   635d ago
Honestly, I do not see a massive graphical difference between xbox one vs ps4 games.. Graphics will not make the gameplay any better. if one system graphics looks tiny bit better than the other one..thats great but really the gameplay will not change. So resolution does not matter.
xHeavYx  +   635d ago
You have one system that costs $400 that plays games at a better resolution, and you have a system that costs $500 that plays the same games at a lower resolution, which system is the obvious choice?
TrueJerseyDevil  +   635d ago
But what if the exclusives that interest you and the system that your friends play on are on the Xbox? Do graphics matter than?
Answer = No
xHeavYx  +   635d ago
If you talk about exclusives, then obviously you won't have 2 versions to compare from (unless you talk about "exclusives" that can be played on one console and PC only) So your comment doesn't make any sense.

#2.1.4 (Edited 635d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report
georgeenoob  +   635d ago

Let me fix that question for you:

One system has Titanfall, and one system doesn't have Titanfall. Which one is the obvious choice?


Dude, did you even read his post? He's saying that graphics don't matter, so what's to be compared of two different versions? Side by side comparisons of gameplay? Lol you're the one that doesn't make sense.

Like the guy said, it all comes down to exclusives. I will personally enjoy Titanfall, Halo 5, and Gears of War. Those games alone can justify a purchase don't you think?
#2.1.5 (Edited 635d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(18) | Report
scott182  +   635d ago
The one with the better resolution would be the obvious choice, there are three platforms to buy the game on. PC it is.
#2.1.6 (Edited 635d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(0) | Report
MysticStrummer  +   635d ago
@george - Three systems have Titanfall, they will all look very similar, and XB1's will be second best.

OT - The premise of this article will never make me think of anything else than what a big deal last gen's smaller differences seemed to be at the time.

Back then : Cheaper system shows small multi-plat advantages = Great for MS and terrible for Sony

Now : Cheaper system shows bigger multi-plat advantages = Ain't no thang cuz Titanfall is exclusive I swear.
Allsystemgamer  +   635d ago
So George. You do know Titanfall isn't an exclusive right? And the better version ISNT on the x1 right? It's on PC in full HD and 60fps with the cloud lol. It's also on 360 with cloud. Lol.

A laptop (my dads) from 2008 was playing the beta better than the x1 was.
Jilokle   635d ago | Trolling | show
BattleN  +   635d ago
Sad really, guess news is slow
stuna1  +   635d ago
The title should read! "Why Resolution doesn't matter now!", because now it has a damaging effect to the "Ego" of certain individuals, who know who they are, because right now their heads have taken on the shape of deflated balloons.

Last gen it was coupled with dropped frame rates the talk of the town! The life of the party! And the Butt of many a jokes for those who were deemed unfortunate enough to support/own the console that was repeatedly cursed with this unsightly malady! New this affliction has mutated beyond what its effect caused last gen, with more pronounced symptoms and extreme discomfort. My advice, perhaps it's time to see a specialist!
GamersHeaven  +   635d ago
Now it doesn't matter but last generation it was beaten to death PS3 VS 360 sorry it does matter PS4 is 100$ cheaper with superior hardware the sales speak for them self.
PockyKing  +   635d ago
There was no where NEAR the amount of articles about resolution than then you see today. There were some significant issues between the disparity of different games. Bethesda anyone?

But now, it's not even performance issues, it's literally resolutions that are all the talk.
stuna1  +   635d ago
Perhaps because it was only those sites like Lens of Truth and others that needed specialized equipment to point out those differences or, flaws as many used the term to describe them. This gen it's a whole different beast, because many without the aid of specialized equipment or, professional opinions, just a good eye can spot the differences. although are still of the delusional impressions that they can see no differences, yet see the differences.

Denial is a disease that can actually convince an individual to reject and dismiss what it has actually seen, heard or, felt! Proven, published, supported fact.
PockyKing  +   635d ago
I don't think it really has much to do with that, but more so the fact that it IS new hardware, so people are really looking for that big jump in graphical enhancement and such. That's to be expected.

The problem is it's being made a bigger deal than it needs to be and some sites are using it to stir up controversy with their pushy titles. These things become popular because people constantly pander each other of what console is better than the other, something you see here every day.
Neonridr  +   635d ago
Resolution is but one piece of the overall puzzle. Sure a better resolution helps, but I have played amazing games on previous generation hardware that still played and looked great, even if it was only 720p. There is no reason why a game that is running at say 720 or 900p can't still be a great game. I would rather have a slightly lower resolution with a rock solid framerate over a few extra thousand pixels.

So while it does help that the PS4 can do more with what they have, it's the exclusives that are going to convince a person to go one way or the other.
colonel179  +   635d ago
For me it doesn't matter because I never notice the difference. Unless it's something like how youtube videos look at 360p in comparison to 720p, I never notice it. So its meaningless for me.

The same goes for frames per second. Never notice it at all
Fishy Fingers  +   635d ago
People where happy to play at 720p last gen while PC gamers had access to 1080p versions. Didn't matter then, in fact it was regularly downplayed.

I know it's part of justifying your next gen consoles price tag, but visual fidelity is about a lot more than resolution. If a game looks good, plays good it doesn't matter how many pixels are on screen IMO.

You don't have to justify your console of choice. Just enjoy it and allow others to do the same.
#7 (Edited 635d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
webeblazing  +   635d ago
I pointed this out a lot. They still not gonna listen.
ExPresident  +   635d ago
This isn't about fanboyism. Its about getting a great product that is moving along with technology. Now, before PC guys get in here and lose their minds on this post, I understand consoles are always behind PC, but that doesn't mean, as the PS4 is showing, that we have to be WAY behind, rather then just a bit.

There is absolutely no reason Microsoft couldn't have bolstered the specs of the XBox in order to give CONSUMERS more for their money. Instead they chose to again milk the consumer with overpriced equipment, not readily capable of the advancement of technology, in our cases resolution, expanded memory, and higher detailed environments, that we would expect from a 'new' generation of consoles. When company A can give us higher specs for a cheaper price it makes you wonder what company B was thinking.

Again, not about fanboys. But I expect when I buy the newest generation of something that I'm getting MORE for my money, and moving forward in terms of capability ON ALL FRONTS, not just a social feature improvement.

Fanboys are going to exist no matter what. But consumers should be annoyed.
webeblazing  +   635d ago
I do get what you mean ms do half @as everything. The thing you is getting a better system than last gen. Move forward on all fronts I Dont even get that. Do console gamers even know how GPUs scale game just because a game is in 720p or something less than 1080p doesn't mean it the same as the xb360 . Overpriced because of the camera . And what these advancements in technology every new gfx effect and tech has been done years ago. Technology is already ahead and moving further.

Yes they made a mistake with trying to put a cam in every box
Yes ps4 is stronger

Can we get over it already its like 10 articles a day about this
kingduqc  +   635d ago
I dont see console gamers wanting smooth framerate and high resolution. If matters to them like it does for me they prob. Game on a pc anyway. The thing is that gamers dont care about kinect and ps4 has better hardware for cheaper,kinda a no brainer here. Ms need a 150$ price cut bundle without a damn camera if they ever want to have a chance this gen.
MasterCornholio  +   635d ago
"I dont see console gamers wanting smooth framerate and high resolution."

I dont see why we cant have both even if the developers have to tone down the details to achieve it. We know that PCs are more powerful but there's no reason why developers cant achieve a solid FPS and 1080P resolution with all games on consoles even though the graphics are not on par with the PC version. A great example of this is Assasins Creed 4 which runs at 1080P at a rocksolid 30FPS on the PS4.
ape007  +   635d ago
please developers focus on game design and gameplay, story and soundtrack

this resolution thing went too far
#10 (Edited 635d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
lonewolfjedi  +   635d ago
aww here we go again some journalist defending a certain console inability to achieve full hd on most of its games
Longshot28  +   635d ago
Another one of these articles?
RandomDude655  +   635d ago

thebudgetgamer  +   635d ago
For the last eight or so years it was all that mattered, now suddenly it does not? Wonder why.

"Hey that rock all the way in the background is fuzzy when you stop the game and zoom in 100x, superior multi-plat confirmed."
Zanzibar106  +   635d ago
My God, when are the Sony fanboys going to remember history? Remember when the multiplat games for the PS3 were clearly inferior to the X360 versions? Eventually the devs started understanding the PS3 better and the games got better looking and faster.

The same will be true for XB1. As the devs get better at squeezing every ounce of horsepower out of it, the games will run better. 1080p/60fps will be standard, if not this coming Christmas, the next.

Look, there's no question that the PS4's hardware specs gave the devs a boost at the beginning. You are welcome to claim that.

But when you say that the XB1 is 'incapable' of 1080p/60fps you really look unintelligent. It's COMPLETELY capable of it. Look at Forza at launch. And it will get better over time, just like the PS3 - and every OTHER console ever made.

If you think that the launch titles have 'capped out' the hardware specs of the XB1 THEN YOU ARE COMPLETELY DELUSIONAL. THAT HAS NEVER BEEN TRUE, NOT ONCE, NOT EVER, IN THE HISTORY OF THE CONSOLE MARKETS.
-EvoAnubis-  +   635d ago
The difference is that while the PS3 was harder to program for, it actually WAS more powerful. The reason that multiplats started becoming more equal is that third party developers got better at tapping into that.

In this case, the XB1 is clearly not as powerful on a hardware level as the PS4. Since you brought up Forza, why don't you take a closer look at it. Yes, it's running at 1080/60, but they had to MASSIVELY downgrade the graphics to do so. You're dreaming if you think that 1080/60 will be a standard on the XB1 (or even the PS4 for that matter). I agree that XB1 games will look better and better as developers get used to the hardware, but the same applies to the PS4.
Zanzibar106  +   635d ago
I'm not saying it's as powerful as the PS4, you're right, there are clearly drawbacks to some of the choices they made. But are you really saying that the XB1 is 'incapable' of 1080p/60fps? You are going to feel silly when Wolfenstein comes out - it looks damned good, and it will be 1080p/60fps on both XB1 and PS4.

Can you please just admit that launch games don't look as good/run as well as later games? You'll look less silly a year from now than proclaiming that the XB1 'can't' do 1080p/60fps and have the games look good.
#14.1.1 (Edited 635d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(6) | Report
-EvoAnubis-  +   635d ago
@Zanzibar106: I didn't say that the XB1 couldn't do 1080/60. I'm just saying that in order to hit it, games will have to make sacrifices that the same game on PS4 wouldn't have to make.

"Can you please just admit that launch games don't look as good/run as well as later games?"

Didn't I already do that? Read the last line of my previous comment slower. Just in case you need it spelled out, I'll do that: OF COURSE later games will look/run better than launch games. Which is obvious and no one would ever argue against that premiss. You keep talking about Wolfenstein, but the simple fact is that neither of us have seen the game running on the consoles yet. They may both be 1080/60, but if the XB1 version has inferior AA, effects, and texture resolution than the PS4 version and the framerate dips into the 40s, don't say you weren't warned.
zoks310  +   635d ago
It mattered all of last gen, it will matter all of this gen.
Funny how when the shoes on the other foot everybody wants to play all equal.
Not happening.
Resolution matters and MS will know not to do this next gen.
JeffGUNZ  +   635d ago
Really? I have been on this site for years and rarely did you see these resolution based articles. If we did it was one every big release but now its every game and about ten a day with the same people posting the same rhetoric over and over. Its tiresome at this point, Don't you think?
Zanzibar106  +   635d ago
What are we going to talk about next year, when Devs get better SDKs that make 1080p/60fps commonplace on both systems?
AKissFromDaddy  +   635d ago
Answer: It'll become about price, PS+ free monthly games, better exclusives, number of exclusives, console sales, etc. There's so much to fall back on.

My question, what happens if it doesn't get better? What do you think?
Hicken  +   635d ago
Why do all the people saying "It doesn't matter" want to simplify the argument down to JUST those target numbers?

Do particle effects no longer exist? Are dynamic lighting, reflections and weather unimportant now? Even when the numbers are the same, the EFFECTS will be different.

That matters.
JeffGUNZ  +   635d ago

It matters to tech junky gamers, which makes up a minority of gaming. Most gamers out there are not posting on websites and rarely checks sites like these. They simply won't care and simply wont take dynamic lighting and particle effects into consideration.

Yeah you and other tech guys will but the main stream gamer which make up the majority Wont.
Hicken  +   634d ago
BS. They may not care explicitly about those things, but working at GameStop during the last generation shows me they DO care about which version of the game looks best. They may even simplify it down to "Which one is more powerful?" though it seems that's pretty common knowledge, based on my visits in various stores over the past few months.

And I'm not a tech junky- though I do like technology. I just like to be informed. I've picked up considerable knowledge on a myriad subjects because I don't want to make the wrong decision when something involving said subject occurs. So whether it's cars, politics, or games, I like to know as much as possible.

Granted, not everybody out there is me. I'm just trying to say that techies aren't the only ones interested.
bednet  +   635d ago
1080p mattered for me on PS3, I don't know about you but I see a clear difference between PS3 1080p games like GT5 and most every other PS3 games. Even just switching between a 720p game to XMB, things just become so much sharper.

Why would it not matter now? This is just downplaying an obvious let-down in a next-gen system.
feraldrgn  +   635d ago
We should all just play Pong & Tetris.
MasterCornholio  +   635d ago
Depends if you have a 1080P screen or not.
No_Limit  +   635d ago
Hey it is all about the games. Currently, I'll take the 720P versions of Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct over Killzone: SF and Knack any day of the week. I see the same for the 792p-900p Titanfall on XB1 over the 1080p inFamous:SS.

My two favorite games this past generation is Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii and The Last of Us. One is 480P and the other is at full HD resolution and I simple didn't care.
Gamingskills  +   635d ago
The only ones saying it matters are the Sony Fanboys.
A. If resolution matters get a gaming pc.
Sony Fanboy: Pc's don't have the exclusives that Ps4 have.
My sentiment exactly that's why people get the XBOX One
B. Would Super Mario Galaxy be any better if it was in 1080p. Would Aliens Colonel Marines had been not as bad if it was in 1080p.
What good is having a game like Minecraft in 1080p if the graphics are still basic, yes the game will look sharper but the graphics will still suck.
Textures,lighting and all graphical effects matter way more than resolution. But hey trying to convince you guys about that is like talking to the deaf!
#21 (Edited 635d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Saito  +   635d ago
It's no fun when the rabbit got the gun.
Silly gameAr  +   635d ago
Wonder why we didn't have all of these articles about how resolution didn't matter last gen?
TheHardware  +   635d ago
Xbox One Vs. PS4: Why Resolution Doesn't Matter "to me"

The EDGE  +   635d ago
Back when the 360 and ps3 launched every little detail mattered, now that it's the other way around it doesn't? I remember when the ps3 launched fan boys would say its a blu ray player that plays inferior multi plats, and a lot of those same fan boys claiming that multi plats were superior to exclusives. I would even read that the ps3 had no games blah blah. Now its all about exclusives and gameplay? Knowing Sony's reputation we never need to worry about not having any games to play because they have always delivered the goods.
lemoncake  +   635d ago
Once 4k TVs takeoff big time everyone apart from the pc owners will be saying that resolution doesn't matter. You know it to be true, Circle of life.
Minute Man 721  +   635d ago
If res and specs don't matter we would still be playing NES
The_devils_chum  +   635d ago
I've read this guys articles before and is a total tool. If he wants to keep his job at "forbes" he better suck up to huge green pole. He also had written an article on how the DRM and used game, 24 hr check in wasn't a bad thing. Trust me you'll never get honest opinion from that author Erik Cain which means "tool" in greek.
Claudinho69  +   635d ago
hehhhhhh fail!
OneShotThrill  +   635d ago
Man o man I remember the kinda heat people took for owning a PS3 last gen. Xbox fans flamed it for having some lower res textures and framerate dips on multiplat games. Now the same guys don't like taking the backseat because now they're eating crow. Whatever...enjoy your console of choice and stop crying about comparisons.
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