Short Pause: Our 10 Favorite Vita Games

In honor of the of the PlayStation Vita's upcoming 2 year anniversary, we list the 10 games every Vita owner must play!

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SharnOfTheDEAD1380d ago

It's just going to get better in months to come. I got a Vita for Christmas, fantastic device! Currently playing Terraria, MGS Hd, tearaway, DWNext and several more! Need a new 16gb card as it's full up with another 8 games waiting for download/install!

TheDude791380d ago

I feel your pain man, I completely maxed out my 32gb memory card. There are just so many games that fill so many needs! I love my launch Vita, but I'd be lying if I said that new Borderlands 2 Vita Slim Bundle hasn't been on my mind since its announcement!

One-Shot1380d ago

The list is missing Persona 4 Golden.

TheDude791380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Which is why we addressed that in the disclaimer at the beginning :) Thankfully this list can (will be) updated over time! There seems to be a whole lot of love for Persona 4 Golden, I may have to give it another try. Thanks for the comment!

One-Shot1380d ago

Oh yeah haha. That's what I get for reading the list and working at the same time. Yeah lately I have been obsessed with it so hopefully you guys enjoy it too.

Coolblueboy1380d ago

currently playing toukiden age of demons, and my 32gb is full, i have KZ, YS, DBZ, Uncharted, Soul sacrifice, UMVC3, Gravity Rush, Little Big Planet, Ninja Gaiden, PS All stars,Wipeout, and Dragons Crown.Need to download street fighter when it comes to plus.

TheDude791380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

What's your thoughts on Toukiden? I can easily make room, just want to get some gamers opinion of it!

Thehyph1380d ago

There's a demo on the psn is you didn't already know. It'll at least give you some idea.

Thehyph1380d ago

Good list.

I would only add two games if it were my list: Dragon's Crown and Super Stardust Delta.

TheDude791380d ago

Dragons Crown was another tough one to leave on the sideline! Love the co-op in that game!

cyphertech1380d ago

Some games not being on Vita make absolutely no sense. Puppeteer, Contrast, and Papers Please to name a few.

TheDude791380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

I just have to say that Puppeteer excels at 3D better than most of the games I've played that support that feature

captainexplosion1380d ago

Wow, could not disagree more. I thought the 3D was terrible.

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