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PSN Flash Sale Starts Now: PS4, PS3 and PS Vita Games Up to 50% Off

Pierre Gravereau // Director, Digital Distribution writes:

It’s time for more discounts on some top PS4, PS3 and PS Vita games. Get up to 50% off a great lineup of titles starting right now. If you think you might pick one (or two, or three, or four) of the games on sale, act fast, because this Flash Sale ends at 6:00PM Pacific on Friday, January 31st. From Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack on PS4, to Gran Turismo 6 and Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag on PS3, to Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition on PS Vita, the January Flash Sale is stocked with plenty of exciting games with some great discounts. (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Contrast, FIFA 14, Gran Turismo 6, Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, Madden NFL 25, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Super Motherload)

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KrisButtar  +   612d ago
They don't seem like the best deals
Becuzisaid  +   612d ago
No pretty disappointing. Though I'm used to getting spoiled by PS+ sales!
ZodTheRipper  +   612d ago
At least it's a step in the right direction. I don't remember so many PSN sales & promotions running in the last few years. Also don't forget the value of PS+.
guitarded77  +   612d ago
Yeah, nothing for me. I was thinking about Injustice (for PS4) since I don't have it, but I'll wait for it to hit $20 at retail, and there is a PS4 fight stick out.

Really wish HORI would make a Fighting Edge completely compatible with PS3 and PS4... I'd finally crack and buy one.
zeee  +   612d ago
I agree. This is the step in the right direction. Hopefully, they'll do more of those special PS Plus sales like they did around Christmas.

TOTALLY OFF-TOPIC but God knows I love my PS4 but God also knows how much frustrated I am no thanks to Sony not fulfilling their promise of bt/wireless headset support by January. I mean, I know January is not over yet (only 2 more days to go) but somehow I have this bad feeling that we won't see wireless headset support anytime soon. This should have been there from DAY 1 god damn it!
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Boody-Bandit  +   612d ago
Off topic: But I need to know. If you own the physical copy will your save files transfer over if you purchase the digital version or do you need to start over from scratch?

There are a couple games on this list my son borrowed from me to take back to college with him after Christmas break and I don't want to wait until Spring break to get them again.
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zeee  +   612d ago
^ Follow this link. It should help you.

kreate  +   612d ago
the overall has pretty good games on sale. the flash sale is only part of a overall bigger sale.

"If you own the physical copy will your save files transfer over if you purchase the digital version"

yes, as long as u have the save file.
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Rikuide_Furame  +   611d ago

Yes they will. The save files are independent files that are stored on your PS3/4's hard drive and can be read by any version of the game. Had the same thing with a physical copy of a game that I later lost and downloaded the digital version months later - previous saves were still there.

Just check the save files are all still there and you're good to go.
Christopher  +   612d ago
Yeah, nothing there that would draw me to buy anything I didn't already own. The "up to 50% off" title kinda lulls you in and then you're like... Oh... 50% on one game, like 20% on the others. That sucks.
ziggurcat  +   612d ago
i dunno, man... black flag gold edition for less than the cost of the full retail of the non-gold edition is pretty good.

and $42 for a $60 game is also a nice break.
cellur111  +   612d ago
I suppose, but they're cheaper than $42 at other places.
NobleTeam360  +   612d ago
Not really since I can get Black Flag for 30 bucks right now on Amazon.
MrDreadnought  +   612d ago
I have to disagree, from a PC Gamer perspective, terrible discounts, but hey, we are still yet to see those STEAM goody juicy prices on a console..

From a Console Gamer perspective, damn!! Look at that Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, Killzone Shadow Fall and Knack for 41,99$ I don't think it's awesome, but it's going towards the right path :P
Prime157  +   612d ago
Edit: console install base is still growing. Demand dictates it's a surprise to see a sale like this, imo. But definitely not like steam, yes.

Sorry, edited as I wrote a book-like agree with you that no one would read.
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RevXM  +   612d ago
42 bucks for a very recently released game such as killzone is a good price, though if I look araound Im sure Ill find it for the same price, perhaps better even somewhere else. Games on XBL marketplace and PS store are generally overpriced, Ps+ discounts are often very good though.

UP to 50% discount!!!
Err... Underwhelming. .__.
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cellur111  +   612d ago
$42 isn't awesome or in the least bit great, it's much cheaper at most other places, and even cheaper if you buy it used.
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dboyman  +   612d ago
I agree for the most part these discounts are not that great. Not like Steam level or 14 for 14(some of those Ps plus sales from that sale were near steam level) But considering some were released not too long ago its something..
Maxor  +   611d ago
Coming from the PC where 50-75% off Steam sales are the norm on a weekly basis, this KZ: SF "sale" sounds like an insult. The fact that Amazon had a buy 2 get 1 free Holiday sale on PS 4 titles further call into question if this is a sale or a joke.

This is the problem with being a console gamer in general, when it's on sale, they're still raping you. It's just slightly less rape.
Bobby Kotex  +   611d ago
Does anyone recommend Knack for $42? It has such awful reviews, but I still want to check it out. But I'm in no mood to waste my money.
GentlemenRUs  +   612d ago
*US Only
Christopher  +   612d ago
Usually that's how it goes on the "blog.us" site...

I wonder if other people go to the EU blog and say "*EU only"?
BattleTorn  +   612d ago
*North America only
harrisk954  +   612d ago
Super Motherload is half off at only $7.50... Has anyone played it? Is it worth it?
solidboss  +   612d ago
any one looking for assassins creed 4 go to amazon. the game is right now $30 both digitally and on disc. im not sure if the digital version comes with the $10 voucher upgrade for the ps4 version, but if you are inclined you can get the disc version, spend the $10 and for $40 you just got both versions while on the psn store the ps3 version is listed at $41.99....sony use your own advise and STEP YO GAME UP. especially with those digital prices
BattleTorn  +   612d ago
Bring us more discounts like the 14 for '14 !!!!
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jegheist2014  +   612d ago
speaking of this crappy flash sale lego marvel heroes ps4 vwersion 30 bucks on sale toys r us starting usnday 20 bucks ps3 version

im picking up ps4 verison if its online also not jusst in store

real flash sale was name hitters few weeks back 75 percent off tales of xillia and kz mercs thats flash sale sony lol
BABY-JEDI  +   612d ago
FLASH.... Aaaaa...aaaaa..... Saviour of the universe.....
Ozmoses  +   612d ago
My status for this update is Indifferent.

Meaning it's not that great of a sale, but I know people out there on PSN are going to jump on it.
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InTheZoneAC  +   612d ago
horrible sale

UK store actually gets legit price drops and the US store gets a few "flash" games that aren't really good. I already have GT6 and AC4, the rest of the games are bland...
GreatnessAwaits  +   612d ago
Sorry I don't do digital. Unless I have to.
psDrake  +   612d ago
I think it'd be better if physical copies stayed at $60 but digital copies were released at $40 because physical copy can be traded and re-sold on other hand the digital copy can't be re-utilized.

Of course there are great digital sales but that usually happens long after the games released.

There is a reason Steam works :)
Tru_Blu  +   611d ago
The Best Buys of the world would just stop ordering games from Sony if they were getting undercut like that. PC is a whole other world. Go check out the 1/8th of an isle they give PC games.
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WitWolfy  +   612d ago
Meh looks like its only exclusive to the US members.. Typical!
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Dynasty2021  +   612d ago
Quick look at these prices and it's still hardly decent.

Steam works for a reason, and these prices aren't the reason.
mrmarx  +   612d ago
Just got killzone for 42 bucks..
Maxor  +   611d ago
Got mine for free from Amazon. This sale sucks.
djplonker  +   611d ago
killzone north america: $39.99 / £24.22

killzone europe: £59.99 / $99

That sucks but I suppose we have a much higher average wage than the north americans but damn that is pricey!
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