20 mins of Bound By Flame gameplay footage, offscreen dev demo showcases combat

Dealspwn: "Here's the full 20 minute presentation [for Bound By Flame] given to us by producer Walid Miled at the recent Focus Home Interactive showcase.

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ShutUpDonny1636d ago

This looks like a generic action RPG from last gen. It's definitely not The Witcher 3.

Palitera1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Yup. Seems playable, at max.

The animations are average, but the combat seems very bad. Enemies simply don't feel the player's hits, which is one of the most common and worrying errors on action RPGs.

Odoylerules0001635d ago

Funny you should say that!
"We don't compare to The Witcher" They already know they can't hang with CD Projekt Red.

ShutUpDonny1635d ago

Cool, thanks. At least they are honest. I wish them luck and if the game gets good reviews, I might give it a try. I like small companies with balls.

NovasRevenge1635d ago

oh look the witcher and dragon age had a baby, a really ugly one