Romeo & Juliet With Vampires Game Gets PSP Sequel

Last year Siliconera pointed out Romeo vs. Juliet, an otome game that reimagines Shakespeare’s story that makes Juliet a vampire hunter and Romeo a vampire king.

Quinrose is making a sequel titled Romeo & Juliet which continues the story.

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GentlemenRUs1527d ago

PSP games still being made, Wow :P

In other news... Anyone else getting peed off with those FORCED adds up there?

CaptainYesterday1527d ago

It's pretty crazy PSP games are still being made!
And Yeah those ads are incredibly annoying I hate seeing "10 Things You Don’t Know About All-Inclusive Cruises" every time I look at the comments section -_-

GentlemenRUs1527d ago

Can't even adblock em... They should be made toggle'able or I'm going somewhere else for my gaming news...