Fighting Robots Soon On The Wii

Data Design Interactive today unveiled the box image and released some new screens from there forthcoming Nintendo Wii game Battle Rage: The Robot Wars a third-person PC shooter and has been developed by Destan Entertainment and produced by Teyon Games.

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PS360WII3871d ago

That's cool. I never was a fan of robot fighting games but there is a market for it. The robot in the screen is looking good

wow4u3871d ago

We need a UltraMan or Johnny Socko (Giant Robo) game for this generation.

Do you hear me Japanese Developers? Give us some old-school classics.

Slayer OP3871d ago

Still think wii isnt kiddy?

games4fun3871d ago

could possibly be good if they try. But will they?

djt233871d ago

nice if it have online play i am soo going to get it