Every single PS4 User Will Have Access to Final Fantasy XIV’s Beta on Day One: Square Enix Clarifies

Following a rather vague announcement made yesterday, DualShockers got word from Square Enix, bringing interesting info about the PS4 beta of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for those that haver a PS4

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OlgerO1117d ago


thekhurg1117d ago

Totally agree. I haven't had the chance to play this game but will absolutely jump on this beta to experience how it plays on the PS4.

All I need is hands on confirmation that the gameplay is fun and that the controls work and I'll be a subscriber when it launches.

raWfodog1117d ago

Now with news like this and more than enough advance notice, you would hope that Sony ensures that the servers, and PSN in general, will be able to handle a very significantly high number of "beta testers", as in ALL of them. We'll see...

NegativeCreepWA1117d ago

Sony will have nothing to do with the servers being stable.

Godmars2901117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

Question is how long will the beta last, and will it be more than just glorified advertising. A demo they wont use any real information from.

Abriael1117d ago

until the end of march. As what it will include, no info.

Eonjay1117d ago

Might as well give it a try.

NegativeCreepWA1117d ago

Doesn't really matter, all they really have to do is make sure the PS4 version is stable.

Jubez1871117d ago

Smart move SE. Although kinda dumb at the same time seeing as the beginning of the game moves sooooo slow.

Jubez1871117d ago

Abriael stop, I love this game too but you need to accept that there might be ONE flaw. This game starts off slow when you have to kill lady bugs with 2 skills, nobody can deny that with a straight face.

JAMurida1117d ago


What MMO doesn't have you killing some non-hostile creature at the start of the game using only a few skills? Not like they're going to just throw you straight into Titan EX fresh out the gates, lol.

HmongAmerican1117d ago

Hey, if you haven't watch AngryJoe recent release video about top 10 controversy of 2013. Than I recommend you to go watch him on youtube. In the video he mention about paying beta test game and it looks like Sqaure Enix is doing it with FFXV.

Abriael1117d ago

Umh no they aren't. No one has to pay anything to get in the beta.

edgeofsins1117d ago

The initial game wasn't a beta test, it was a failure. They gave every person that subscribed plenty more additional months free of charge for the re-release.

It does suck though for those that paid to realize everything's being wiped clean. I like the re-release though. I'm not going to pay a monthly fee though unless it goes down.

KratosSaveUs1117d ago

Now I can try to get into Final Fantasy.

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