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New Saint's Row Game Is Under Development

Good news - or bad, depends on your perspective - everyone as a new Saints Row game is currently under development. (PC, PS3, PS4, Saints Row, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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HelpfulGamer  +   462d ago
I want GTAonline-like component in the next Saint's Rows, I would like them to built a digital copy of Earth, Where my Supersonic power can fly me to China, Europe and Back, Circling the Earth and into Space! :D
AceBlazer13  +   462d ago
Saints Row Online? The internet might explode from the insanity.Dildos and nut shots eveywhere.
thereapersson  +   462d ago
I'm excited for them to finally make the leap into destructible environments. It's the next logical step in what is essentially a giant sandbox with a story tacked on.
raresteak  +   462d ago
Despite the PS3 and X360 tags, I hope it's next-gen exclusive.

But hopes aren't exactly expectations, and this is a milked series.
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joab777  +   462d ago
Probably b both. Though if it were next gen only...imagine the possibilities b/c where do they go from here?

Saints Row: Masters of the Universe. They go frim solar system to solar system just wrecking shit and taking over the whole universe...hopping from planet to planet...carrying literal death star laser pistols that blow up moons like cars. Yep, I ccan't wait.
SlapHappyJesus  +   462d ago
Good to hear.
A lot of people hated on the game, but Saints Row IV was fantastic and easily one of my favorite games of the year.
One of my favorite games in general, really.

Honestly though, I have no idea where they can take the series at this point.
CrossingEden  +   462d ago
zRude  +   462d ago
Latest Saints Row was ( IMO ) a failure.

Sure the super powers were fairly fun to use and play with.
But when you got the gliding, super run speed and mega jumps,
it literally killed all purposes to use any car in the game.

Even tho in SR3. The car hunting tuning driving like maniac was just awesome. But when you got so much easier and faster way for transport. Who actually did use a car on most of the time ?

I REALLY hope they wont add super powers on the next one.
joab777  +   462d ago
How do they take them away? Something happens and they get grounded...back to driving cars and shooting guns. That would be boring...I'm just kidding...but seriously, they took it so far that the only thing they can do now is go planet hopping!
MrTrololo  +   462d ago
Go back to the old saint row roots ( saints row 1 & 2 ) and not this superhero shit and i might consider.
Ultr  +   462d ago
No thanks.
NarooN  +   462d ago
Yeah, some people like the batshit insanity of SR3 (and most notably 4), but I much preferred the style of the first two games. Unfortunately they're most likely just gonna go even further with the next one, whatever it is...
SlapHappyJesus  +   462d ago
I would rather them not.
I've thought they've gotten more and more fun with each release.
gamernova  +   462d ago
I thought I was going to hate IV but I absolutely loved it.
0pie  +   462d ago
i hope they will try to do something better thant St Row 4 which wasnt bad but wasnt good either
CaulkSlap  +   462d ago
It's fine that they're making another but I really hope it's not out next year or something. Need to stretch it out or this series will be burned out fast.
NarooN  +   462d ago
Just looked again, I think this is DLC, a new expansion or something, not a new game. I remember Volition even saying that SR4 would be the last game for quite some time, and that there's no guarantee there'd be another game.
NVIDIAGeek  +   462d ago
Hope they use a new engine for the next SR game. The old one's showing it's age very badly.
ColeMacGrath  +   462d ago
I hope they'll add TONS of new features in it, last one just didn't have that many added content in comparison to SR3.
ELpork  +   461d ago
Cool, although I hope they do what they are good at and don't listen to the fans about the dumb shit.

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