A Game That Knows You Are Afraid

IGN: 'Nevermind' is a game that knows when you are afraid and will do its best to mess around with your brain. But it has your best interest at heart.

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JohnnyTower1457d ago

Ah, this harkens me back to the old Eternal Darkness for N64. The crazier your character got, then weird shit would happen. The TV volume would go up or down or shut off completely. I miss the innovations of yesteryear.

SpiralTear1457d ago

It was on the Gamecube but yes, Eternal Darkness was awesome. A very intelligent horror game that was criminally underrated.

Lucifun1457d ago

In theory, wouldn't this game work with kinect 2.0 since it reads your heart rate and all that? Well, this game looks amazing nonetheless.

WeAreLegion1457d ago

Yes. It could easily work on a phone, as well.

CalebZachary84111457d ago

That sounds awesome. Would love to try it.