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Possible Heavenly Sword Sequel, Surprising Movie Twist, and More Revealed in Blockade Ent. Interview

Junkie Monkeys: We recently spoke with Brad Foxhoven over at Blockade Entertainment about the Heavenly Sword movie. Brad has shared some exciting details on the prospect of another Heavenly Sword game, future movies, and a surprising twist! (Heavenly Sword, Heavenly Sword 2, PS3, PS4)

Crossbones  +   499d ago
"There has been some talk about another game, which we can only hope happens!"

Please Sony Make It Happen.
Treezy504  +   499d ago
Agreed, the game always deserved a sequel, hopefully this time it comes to fruition.
Crossbones  +   499d ago
I hope it's revealed sometime next year at the earliest.
dericb11  +   499d ago

Well we are getting a movie so I think Sony is going forward with the series.

Movie Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/t...
Treezy504  +   499d ago
@dericb Yes I know that's what this interview is about :)
Jepedillo  +   499d ago
Perhaps at VGA's/VGX this year.
hopefully she will be in less ridiculous clothing next time.
WillGuitarGuy  +   499d ago
Wut...It's not like she was flaunting her breasts throughout the entire game, damn.
GrandTheftZamboni  +   499d ago

Maybe this is what GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME meant by ridiculous clothing: not revealing enough.
Sayai jin  +   499d ago
I thouroughly enjoyed HS on my PS3! More I say!
ATiElite  +   499d ago
I told you guys A LONG time ago HEAVENLY SWORD 2 was coming to the PS4 GUARANTEED!

But Nooooo no one wanted to listen to the PC Guy!

you guys want the date?

Q1 2015
Parapraxis  +   499d ago
Blockade Ent.
Production Company - filmography

Ratchet and Clank (2015) ... Production Company
Heavenly Sword (2014) ... Production Company
MisfitsInc  +   499d ago
i would love to see a sequel where the real "Child of prophesy" is born and he has to learn about what he is and eventually take the sword back.
Inzo  +   499d ago
This has boggled my mind for some time, why has it taken so long to even talk of a HS sequel.
pyramidshead  +   499d ago
Nodoze  +   499d ago
Should have made a seq to this instead of the last God of War title. Let Kratos rest.
kratos_TheGoat  +   499d ago
Let sony best selling character/series rest kill your self
HammadTheBeast  +   499d ago


Then Kratos.
Inzo  +   499d ago
What is this blaspheme?
WeAreLegion  +   499d ago
I'd LOVE a sequel! This movie looks horrible though. :/
pyramidshead  +   499d ago
lol ya, using really old CG from the game looks kinda terrible.

A sequel however, yes please!
HammadTheBeast  +   499d ago
All I'm hoping is that it was a VERY early "build".
Parapraxis  +   499d ago
looks horrible?
Is there a trailer or footage?
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   498d ago


Looks really really bad.Like, circa 2003 game CGI bad.

High hopes for a possible game tho.
HmongAmerican  +   499d ago
This is it people. Please give your support so that we get another game.
quidybo  +   499d ago
Did I hear Naughty Dog is creating a third development team, Imagine Uncharted 4, The Last of us 2 and Heavenly Sword 2, at least it would guarantee that it would be good.
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BlakHavoc  +   499d ago
I'd rather ssm make a sequel to hs.
PaperClichePixel  +   499d ago
If they do, do a sequel, I'd like to SE some spiritual powers, or strengths like Super Princess Peach.
AntsPai  +   499d ago
How would they even do a sequel? Play as Kai? This is the thing that confuses me. They may as well do a remake because people will be expecting Nariko and it would be stupid if she just inexplicably came back to life.
thricetold  +   498d ago
That's the beauty of make believe, anything is possible and believable if the story is written well.

Countless characters have been killed off and brought back. Thanks for spoiling that though, I'm right at what I'm assuming is the second to last battle if not the last, cant beat it yet.yes I've owned the game for years but I have a huge backlog. Besides there shouldn't be an expiration on single player games, a good game from 3 yrs ago is still a good game today imo.
DigitalRaptor  +   499d ago
Do it Sony, do it.

Save us from what is going to an awful Heavenly Sword movie, and bring us a great game as well.
Walker00001  +   495d ago
When the Last Sword Is Drawn a Japanese movie directed by Yōjirō loosely based on real historical events. When the Last Sword Is Drawn won the Best Film award at the Japanese Academy Awards, as well as the prizes for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. It received a further eight nominations The Emperors' eunuchs have gained power and influence http://www.swordsswords.com...
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