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Submitted by JoshBatman 812d ago | rumor

Amazon Suppresses PS4 Sales; DOA Consoles may be at fault

Amazon is prohibiting sellers from listing PS4 consoles on for sale, possibly as a result of the reports of dead-on-arrival consoles and customer complaints about Amazon-shipped systems. (PS4)

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ZodTheRipper  +   813d ago
How is it surprising that you can't sell a "Launch Edition" as launch has already passed? I'd guess that you still can sell it as a normal PS4, why wouldn't you?

Also, I'm not concerned about the PS4 yet. I'll be getting mine with the EU release and I don't expect these issues (at the moment) ...accoring to recent news more than 1 million PS4's have been sold so a few hundred or even thousand faulty consoles would be completely normal for a new device. And even if something goes wrong, there's still the warranty.
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HolyDuck  +   813d ago
Hasn't in the UK.

Can't see which Amazon site it is though.
ZodTheRipper  +   812d ago
ehh why would it be any other site than
HelpfulGamer  +   812d ago
My Japanese Launch PS4 console have no problem! February 22, 2014 please come sooner! :D
jb1276  +   812d ago
Got mine from Amazon - works like a champ :)
BigFnHooters  +   812d ago
"My Japanese Launch PS4 console have no problem!"

And that right there is the fatal flaw in Microsoft and its rapidly dwindling number of Xbox fans attempts to fabricate a Microsoft type Xbox 360 RRoD fiasco...
TomShoe  +   812d ago
Hopefully they're doing it to get rid of scalpers, Scalpers are the scum of the Earth.
4Sh0w  +   812d ago
"My Japanese Launch PS4 console have no problem!"

BigFnHooters, what are you talking about blaming xbox fans?????

HelpfulGamer is a sonyfanboy. Look at his post history, I can only assume he's from Japan and English being his second language although poorly worded he's trying to say when ps4 launches in Japan in Feb he won't have a problem.

You guys are so quick to defend instead of waiting to see whats going on you want to automatically blame xbox fans of making this all up.

OK disagree, but explain how I'm wrong???
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Mosiac77  +   812d ago
GameStop at my location are having a lot of customers bringing their PS4 back because same issue as state it on Amazon. And remember that this are PS4 fans that bought these systems. I got mine and is working fine so far but many haven't have that luck. People are voting down because they don't like the news but this is true and real.
UltimateMaster  +   812d ago
You can sell it as a PS4, but not Launch PS4.
Obviously because the PS4 is already out.
ABizzel1  +   812d ago

Mine too, that's why I think it's a shipping accident.
Freedomland  +   812d ago
These unknown sites really on fire.
MarkusMcNugen  +   812d ago

You are part of the problem. Instead of just calling out a troll as a troll, or a fanboy as a fanboy you start attacking Microsoft and people who may support their product. You are just as bad as HelpfulGamer. Next time try some constructive criticism and not stooping to their level, that is unless you are one of them.
hay  +   812d ago
If concerned with PS4, read this:
AbortMission  +   811d ago
Dude... fix your lineup
FamilyGuy  +   811d ago
I'm thinking this is more scalper related, those people that bought them just to turn a profit on the low availability with it being sold out. I highly doubt it's because Amazon thinks people are trying to sell faulty PS4s. Amazon is selling PS4 and scalpers would be direct competition making more money than them per sale while they (amazon) waits for their next shipment.
It could also be the titling, calling it a launch day console when launch passed already.
SITH  +   811d ago
Sure is a lot of alleged Xbox fanboys that are verified amazon purchasers of the PS4 with problems. Half the number of those reporting no issues.
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ChrisW  +   811d ago

I live in Japan, however English is most definitely my native language.

However, HelpfulGamer is very much a Sheep. So, I clicked agree.
Bigpappy  +   812d ago
This could be a serious issue. I am seeing it pop up on to many sites. Hopefully it is something that can be resolved quickly and Sony sets up a priority facility for quick turn arounds.
memots  +   812d ago
I have zero issue with Mine.

Killzone weird stutter at one point but that was it. Multiplayer is awesome.
Bigpappy  +   812d ago
This is not about you. It is about other people who were less fortunate. People who paid for their system just like you did and were just as excited to sit down and enjoy some next gen goodness. You have no idea how many people were truly affected by this.

I hope it is just a few, but it sure seems like more than is acceptable at this point.

This is not just an Amazon thing. It has been happening to people like IGN who had their systems before launch. But we should get a better idea on how severe this is by this coming week.
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Flipflopp  +   812d ago
So far no issues with mine, or my brothers PS4, or my 9 other friends that bought PS4s. Who knows what the reason behind the failures are.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   812d ago

So the guy alone is not a big enough sample, but somehow IGN alone matters... I don't care if you travel in time and have a PS4 for 10 years now, it's still anedoctal evidence, so don't try and use one case as argument to somehow imply it's a widespread problem.

You said it yourself ("You have no idea how many people were truly affected by this."), so please take your own advice and stop trying to spread panic over nothing (as of now) anormal.
MarkusMcNugen  +   812d ago

I dont think he was trying to spread panic as he had a valid point, he just lost his way when he got to that last paragraph. You are entirely correct in your statement about IGN though. Anecdotal is anecdotal.
THamm  +   812d ago
This is no issue, just Israeli press doing its dirt. Don't forget MS is in bed with them and can't back out. No Kinectless SKU
Bigpappy  +   812d ago
Dude what is wrong with you? You sound like you are ready to blow yourself up! This has nothing to do with politic or religious conflicts. Calm to heck down.
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THamm  +   812d ago
Not really, I got a PS4, life is good, I just don't like the media trying to expose mass hysteria just for people to hold off buying an excellent game system for an unexcellent one to sway the masses
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XboxFun  +   812d ago | Well said

MS is now in cahoots with the Israelis in a grand scheme to undermine the PS4!

You read it here first everyone. Just when I think sony fanboys can't top themselves.
THamm  +   812d ago
For you to put a Always Watching Kinect in your house, YES
NSA ring a bell
I was a 360 fan, but MS betrayed me at the reveal
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JasonKCK  +   812d ago | Well said
"This is no issue, just Israeli press doing its dirt. Don't forget MS is in bed with them and can't back out"

What??? I just... nevermind.
THamm  +   812d ago
No Picture? Hold your PS4 power button down until 2 beeps and see if a picture doesn't pop up.
Funantic1  +   812d ago
There are PS4s malfunctioning. Just accept it. My PS4 is ok but the fan is running loud like it's gonna explode. I'm hoping for the best for my PS4 and Sony. This also hurts MS in a way because it makes people scared to buy launch consoles. But people need to stop being in denial and realize that Sony is responsible not Amazon, a Foxconn factory worker, or a X1 fanboy. This is the next red ring of death. We accepted it with the 360 now it's the PS4. People stuck with the 360 regardless and if they like Sony they'll stick with them until this gets resolved. But good thing I got a gamestop 2 year extended warranty for only $39.99. I knew better.
tkato  +   811d ago
What the hell does the Israeli media has to do with this article?, I'm Israeli and I can assure you our media rarely presents any news about consoles but when they do they spotlight the PS4 as the better console.
Eddie20101  +   812d ago
I bought mine from Amazon and it was packaged just as the one person said (inside a box with bubble packaging on top of the console box) and it is working very very well, the only problems I have had is a game shipping late (haven't received yet) and the usual network problems that come from hundreds of thousands of people trying to access PSN at one time and it wasn't as bad as other console launches including Xbox 360.
ElementX  +   812d ago
It doesn't matter what release you get your system from. As of right now they are all being produced the same way. If Sony were to have issues with the production methods THEN they would correct the problem and production would change. EU units will be the same, built by the same factories and same people.
JustPlay4  +   812d ago
Read a lot of reviews and right now there are a total of 1165 rates of 5* - 481 rates of 1* out of total of 1,993 reviews

almost all of them are verified and most if not all of them are either having a hdmi problems or the blue light of death and the rest are have small problems as well
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   812d ago
Being an old git I know for a fact that DOAs are just part and parcel of launch systems. My launch PS2 lasted about three levels of SSX. It took Sony 8 weeks and about 8-9 attempts to replace it (They would agree a day to come and exchange it then never showed). My PS3 died within a few months. My 360 lasted about 2 1/2 years so that was a bonus lol.

When they ship a brand new console they expect a day one failure rate of anything from 1-4% traditionally. With manufacturing getting better you would hope they have improved that these days.

Keep in mind those that have been burned are the ones who are going to be shouting the loudest about it so that will always give the wrong impression on the web.
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cleft5  +   812d ago
Brought mine from Target and it works okay.
Gamer1982  +   812d ago
They restrict people selling things like PS4 where people buy a product to sell on for mega profit. The only way to sell is Ebay and other trading methods. I commend Amazon for methods like this. They shouldn't allow people to make mega profits through their website.
Razputin  +   812d ago
No its not normal.

Retards like you is why things like this happens.

Let me bring it back to the 90s, mind you I'm only 25.

Appliances, electronics, phones, w/e the fuck that had electricity running through it, LASTED more than 10 years. And had guarantees of years. Not these bullshit 1 year warranties things carry nowadays.

I knew something like this would happen, and I don't expect the Xbox One, to be any different. I'll wait till next year when more games come out for both consoles to get it. But, right now I'll stick with my PC.
cybervike  +   811d ago
Yeah I pre-ordered mine back in June from Amazon. It showed up Nov 15th as scheduled. Been playing since it arrived without issue.

I'm not worried if something goes wrong with it. I'll pack it up ship it back for a fix/replacement and play GTA V until it comes back. : )
Chuk5  +   813d ago
Is it just me, or does there seem to be a link between amazon and faulty ps4 consoles. Overwhelming, the unfortunate stories of faulty consoles seem to involve that they came from amazon. I'm not sure whether it is the ubiquity of amazon as preferred retailer by many people, their poor handling and packing processes, or bricking ps4 consoles inherently taking there course.
ylwzx3  +   812d ago
Just a guess but I am gonna assume Amazon received most of the bulk to ship out vs everyone else. Just a guess..
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ElementX  +   812d ago
Why does it have to be Amazon's fault? I got mine from Amazon and the inflated bubble packaging is more than sufficient. Could be UPS workers shaking them and playing catch.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   812d ago
The thing is Amazon just sold way more than 100k consoles on the first days. No retailer alone sold that many. Sure some chains could have sold just as much if not more, but there’s no single retailer alone where you can see that big sample at one place. So, while the usual retailer may see 1 PS4 returned (if at all), Amazon will see hundreds if not thousands of people complaining just because they sold many thousands times more. Which is obvious, isn't it? Well, apparently it's not on the internet: the #1 place to make mountains out of anthills.

Amazon review system right now states around 620 user reviews of 1 star accounting all PS4 console bundles and versions available. Let's assume each and every one of those reviews are a real purchase (they obviously aren't) and mean PS4 was either DOA or failed otherwise and needs to be replaced.

Now, let's play it safe and say it was a 1,000 PS4 needing replace from Amazon alone... Scratch that, let's play ULTRA SAFE! 2,000 PS4 DOA sounds good (well, not really) for 100,000 PS4 sold at Amazon. Those heavily exaggerated numbers would give us a 2% fail rate at Amazon alone. That's not only within industry standard and proves PS4 fail rate is nothing beyond common even when exaggerated (which have already been stated here a bazillion times), it also shows that this whole "Amazon messed my PS4" thing does not exist. If Amazon had a faulty batch, if their storage was ruining PS4 or if UPS was playing catch with each and every box from Amazon (!!!), I guess we would see it more prevalent than 2%... The raw number is actually much lower, 0.62%, anc can be even lower depend on how much more than 100k Amazon sold and how many complains are fake… This is not that far from Sony’s claimed expected fail rate of 0.4%, so it actually seems Amazon have nothing going especially wrong.

It's funny how Amazon got sucked into this. Proportionally, if a single Gamestop retailer which sold 100 PS4s sees even 1 dead PS4 coming back for a refund at this weekend, it actually is worse than all the 600+ complains on Amazon… It's all about the way internet propagates information: if each complain were to get mentioned on 5 different sites, that particular Gamestop would had 5 mentions, while Amazon would have initially 3,000+ mentions, but since it’s Amazon (internet stuff) and already have so many mentions, it will further multiply faster and higher.

Let's be realistic, retailers have nothing to do with it, nor have shipping. The heat IS on Sony, but this "heat" is more like a slightly unsettling warm feel right now... I can see the problem here is more of time frame than total numbers. Those consoles had been in household for less than a week, there shouldn't be concerns with consoles dying just yet. Even worse, we can't really rely on fail rate measures because we don't have enough of a time frame to calculate, it's bound to introduce distortion... But all things considered, the numbers everywhere point at it being well under the industry standard, both Sony and Amazon are off the hook, there’s no evidence on the contrary.

Now, please don't mistake “off the hook” as PS4 having no problems or that having a PS4 DOA is OK. It obviously isn't and people should be complaining at both Sony and wherever they bought the system... But we got to understand every electronic can fail. And by the looks of it there no reason to avoid Amazon’s PS4s more than there is to avoid any other electronic bought anywhere else.
inf3cted1  +   813d ago
0.04% failure rate. SUUURE
Chuk5  +   812d ago
You don't even know how much they shipped. I'm not sure you understand the ratio of .4% to likely millions of shipped PS4s. That said my PS4 saw no problems when I set it up. Hopefully it stays that way.
dudeOplenty  +   812d ago
I was one of the people affected by a DOA console. It seems more widespread on Amazon than anywhere else. I do think it's higher than .04% looking at all the verified buyers on amazon.

I managed to finally get a hold of Sony customer support after 3 hours on the phone and several attempts of live chat support. They told me to take it to the nearest Sony store to get it exchanged, "no questions asked."
SoundGamer  +   812d ago

I find that hard to believe. If you actually contacted PlayStation about a faulty system, they would send you a box for free in the mail and ask you to send it to them for repair, replacement, or a refund. In fact, PlayStation has asked all retailers to direct PS4 returns to them (unless of course you got a product warranty with the retailer).

That said, I got my system from Amazon too and it works great.

Amazon is no stranger to fake reviews.

Also: The system is officially sold out, it is now past launch, and people are trying to flip with ridiculous prices on Amazon. Those are the real reasons for the "suppression."
Kayant  +   812d ago
That number is out of their 5 million unit estimate to ship before March 2014. So it's still well within the range.

it's 0.4% = 20,000k units.

Gremdude  +   812d ago
You do know that 20,000k is 20 million right?
Chuk5  +   812d ago
To put it into perspective.
For every 100 PS4s, 2.5 ps4s will have problems, if they ship 5 million. But who knows how it will all shake out. and again, if .4% is there estimate, that's pretty amazing considering the 360s fail estimate was 35%+ and the PS4s was 10%+ in there early years.
Bigpappy  +   812d ago
You just defined what 2.5% is. 4 of each 1000 = .4%. 4 of each 10,000 = .04%

People are agreeing with you because you are attempting to calm fears. No need to do that. It will all be public very soon, whether bad or not so bad.
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Eddie20101  +   812d ago

Sony corrected there first statement of 0.04 to it being .4%(less than one percent) well bellow the normal acceptable 3% for the electronics industry.

The ones that have faulty consoles are the ones who are going to be vocal, especially gammers. the people that have no problems or don't have faulty consoles say nothing. A few hundred have said they have had problems, some of them probably not real, out of hundreds of thousands of people that purchased a PS4 console probably around 700,000 PS4's.

Do the math, not a huge problem at all.

Just the media and fanboys blowing it out of proportion.

Media reporting without hard facts feeding the trolls and fanboys. Getting really old.
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raptar   812d ago | Spam
ShwankyShpanky  +   812d ago
Odd that a threat of class action got them to extend the warranty for something that was just "blown way out of proportion."
joeorc  +   812d ago

"MS officially said that the 360 failure rate was "comparable" to the PS3's failure rate. Since people here believe Sony's .4% statement regarding their own product, there's no reason not to take MS's word as well."

Bull$hit: you know why im calling you out on this because Robbie Bach already stated the failure rate was the first 11.6 million xbox360's had a fault in the design, it was not a matter of if, only a matter of When!

July 12, 2007

DigitalxPiracy  +   812d ago
Got mine in yesterday and after a long night of partying I was excited to wake up this morning, hook everything up, and play some AC4. However!!! I was met with the dreaded pulsing blue light :( I tried a different TV, HDMI cable, unplugging and plugging the HDD back in, booting into safe mode (which it wouldn't do) to no avail. Got in touch with Sony and they are sending me a box. I swear I must have the WORST luck because the exact same thing happened to me with my very first 360...RROD from the very start. Hopefully my XB1 will work and can hold me over until my PS4 is returned or better yet replaced. Fuck.
Ps4Console  +   811d ago
The rumours say there is around 56,000 on the first day look I don't know but it is all over the net so don't all have a go at me I'am just saying what I read .
lastofgen  +   812d ago
Well, one thing to take away from this article:
"Amazon Customer Support reports that Sony has halted production on the system until they can address the issues arising with the sold units."
ZodTheRipper  +   812d ago
Well one thing I have for you (as I work for a big manufacturer of household appliances):

This is company internal information, a retailer like Amazon doesn't get information like this (at least not from us). If something goes wrong, we just put a new delivery date into their vendor portal, without any explanation why that delay happened. I don't think that any customer service clerk knows what is going on in the chinese factory of Sony.
TruthBTold  +   812d ago
Correct buddy, if there is an engineering issue a stop is placed on shipping a specified product until the issue is identified and corrected. Distributors like amazon would only receive a reschedule notification if the current shipdate cannot be met. If the issue is resolved before their current ship date and we can ship as schedule than no notification is sent. No manufacturer will alert customers unless there is some major issue that could require recalls which for us has never happened. But we have had to do several stop shipments while errors were corrected.
OrangePowerz  +   812d ago
Halting production because of a small amount of faulty devices?
Palaven  +   812d ago
If Sony has actually halted production then maybe it is not a small amount.
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OrangePowerz  +   812d ago
So why are there only small amounts of complaints if it is a major issue?

There is no general hardware fault, I can guarantee you that.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   812d ago

Not everybody will jump on social media to complaim about their huge investment they are frustrated with. Most people do not go on game forums and game site comment sections. People with the issue have more important things to worry about assuming their PS4's are not in a closet waiting to be put under a Xmas tree.

Also Sony and PlayStation do not have thousands of angry Xbox haters trolling for bad PS4 news to spread(or making it up) trying to find fault with PS. Xbox fans do not try to win the console war for MSFT as Sony fans do with Sony/PS. Xbox media will not write hundreds of articles, they can care less.

My fear is that Sony fans will make sh!t up about the XB1 to get even, as if Sony's issues are some how MSFT's fault(or use them! too! damage control. Some hoping for XB1 issues)



I think what Amazon said about PS4 production answers your question and backs what I said up.
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OrangePowerz  +   812d ago
It`s a console launch and 99% of the people buying a launch console are core gamers that frequent game forums and websites. We are not talking about the Wii here that consisted mainly of casual gamers who don`t go on gaming websites.

Your blind MS love is sickening Green, you are even calling by their stock handle that no normal person would do. I had hands on with for far longer than you might think and know a lot more about both devices than you.
#4.2.4 (Edited 812d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(9) | Report
Hicken  +   812d ago
Please explain how Amazon customer support would know this.

Edit: It's Saturday night. There's no way in hell Sony has halted production in China and made all retailers aware of that by now. Not to mention all the systems yet to be shipped out. If this was true, then it would have already popped up at stores you could walk into, like Target and GameStop.

Interestingly enough, those companies, among others, have not nearly the number of complaints being forwarded. In other words: this seems to be an Amazon-centric issue, and we all already know how reliable those user reviews can be.
#4.3 (Edited 812d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Palaven  +   812d ago

Sony have got to let company's that have sold the PS4 know what is going on, they are going to be the first people that know if production has halted. If this is true then reports of the same thing will most likely start to pop up from other websites & stores.
hollabox  +   812d ago
I got my console form Amazon, no problem so far besides Sony PSN problems.
ylwzx3  +   812d ago
Same here...

Does your unit make a click when you turn it on or off?
kydrice  +   812d ago
Mine clicks.
Lucreto  +   812d ago
It is just the plastic expanding as it warms up. The PS3 does it as well.
wsoutlaw87  +   812d ago
lol man i think youre being a little too worried
hollabox  +   808d ago
Yes, so did my PS3 and X360, nothing new there. My PS4 did crash on my twice, had to unplug the power, wait for a minute before the console is able to boot again.
Ramon3MR  +   812d ago
So far so good on mine..hope it stays that way.
polow got sol  +   812d ago
.4% my ass
Eddie20101  +   812d ago
Point 4 sharp objects at your ass.
idontcare  +   812d ago
so many people already switching sides ... sad day for ps gamers.
i feel with you!
Mr-Dude  +   812d ago
I read most of the comments... 70% of the comments are from five different people, who have an Xbox avatar and the rest are from people who are just multiplatform users and are worried about the ongoing issues..

I am very curious for the 21 and the 22nd, for the reviews of the X1, and what the Xbox fans are going to say when things aren't going the way they want or hope. And the youtube vids appear online of "broken" systems etc... because they will, it's launch hardware and software! Let's see how many people are "switching" then...

SO nice attempt at trolling
#8.1 (Edited 812d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
idontcare  +   812d ago
totally not true ... most of the people are really pissed because they can't play their system of choice. of course there are some trolls but you just have to look at amazon to realise that there's some truth behind it.

btw i'm not trolling. i really feel sorry for ps fans because i would turn mad if this would happen to me!
OrangePowerz  +   812d ago
Don`t worry if there are any complaints about the X1 it will just fake complaints made by Sony Fanboys and everything will be perfectly fine and it will be the first device that has a 0% failure rate and it`s made out of magic dust.

At least that will be the response from hardcore Xbox fans.


Look at Amazon and see what? 400 negative reviews. What is 400 out of the hundreds of thousands that have been sold?
#8.1.2 (Edited 812d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(3) | Report
4Sh0w  +   812d ago
Orangpowerz there is something going on here, I don't know how many this has affected and sure there will be reports of X1 failures just as there were reports of failures when ps3 launched but that is far different than what may be an actual underlying problem with ps4. We don't know that but I don't remember these many reports and claims on Amazon when ps3 launched, especially in the first 2 days. The point is not to speculate saying its definitely a big problem too soon and you also cannot just dismiss it altogether. Lets actually support gamers so that if they are having a problem they get taken care of.
2v1  +   812d ago
@show i bet bubbles that on the 22-23 there will be over 400 negative xbox1 comments on amazon.Why because that's what fanboys do>!
ZBlacktt  +   812d ago
and so much lies and bs. Welcome to the Internet world. We get to live all this over again next Friday.
Eddie20101  +   812d ago

Most people making comments and assumptions have not bought a PS4 and never intended to.
imt558  +   812d ago
This is the 1ST REPLY from AMAZON :

This is the reply AFTER from AMAZON

Fuc**** damage control.
maximus1985  +   812d ago
turn it in to sony so they can give you a good one.
kewlkat007  +   812d ago
Sony pays handsomely.... amazing the damage control. At lot of s! T was spewed about the most amazing console ever and greatness awaits motto doesn't help.

Remember the ps3 motto "it only does everything" but somehow they strip the ps4 of its media playing capabilities and no Sony fans questions that?
#9.2 (Edited 812d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
mixelon  +   811d ago
LOADS of Sony fans conplained about that. Myself included.

Level-headed people dont expect 100% functionality from day one though. Its not been "stripped" it's just not implemented yet. No big deal.

Id rather they concentrated on other issues first.
Gamer666  +   812d ago
Although it is concerning that Amazon has halted sales (and apparently Sony is looking into it and halted production)...

I don't think there is massive reason for alarm...

Mine has worked fine for the first day and a half...

If there is an issue and Sony wants my console back for repair I am fine with that... What would be an issue is if mine dies and Sony tells me too bad...
badkolo  +   812d ago
now you guys cant deny it any further but excuses will still be made
maximus1985  +   812d ago
mine well as all the ones of the people i play against online. i guess xbox will have zero issues right?
ziggurcat  +   812d ago
Mine works perfectly fine. Does yo... Wait, no... You don't actually have one, nor did you even have it pre-ordered (nice fake links you sent, btw).
Eddie20101  +   812d ago
PSN is booming with people playing there games without problem. twitch is loaded with people playing there games without problem. There is no way in hell that they have halted production over this.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   812d ago
Can't deny it anymore the proof is in the puddung.
joeorc  +   812d ago
Love people trying to imply the issues with the PS4 is like that of those of the xbox360

Verdict: All 11.6 million units of XBox 360 faulty

PS4 would have a hell of a lot of catching upto do if that was the case, but since SONY DECIDED TO "HALT PRODUCTION" THAT WILL NEVER BE THE CASE NOW WOULD IT?

You cannot have it both ways there sparky, if there is a problem, and Sony took a proactive stance, while Microsoft went ahead and still shipped 11.6 million which company is taking more accountability of the action's of their company? as a matter of fact Robbie Bach after 22 years at microsoft left!

and to boot another 10 key execs also left Microsoft with direct leadership roles over @ Microsoft that was direct to the xbox project!

It seem's to me out of the Two, Sony is the one looking out for the consumer in this case.
of production reliability in viability of their products.
#11.4.1 (Edited 812d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
ZBlacktt  +   812d ago
Isn't odd that's it's mostly 5 stars and 1 star. Nothing about this sounds fishy at all.... same thing happens to video games when you leave the rating system open to the general public. It gets raided with BS trolling replies looking to sabotage a companies reputation. I know at least 30 people who got theirs from Amazon. Not one problem stated on our forum at all. Not one.

Some of you are just trying to help the bs keep going. Again welcome to the Internet world. Where random screen names can post anything at anytime. Be true and false and others will either believes it and spread it like crazy. Or look at it and say how can I know this is all truth? Either way people love that drama and like to kick it up as much as possible.

I've got 20+ hours gaming in AC4 for myself. Loving every minute of it! I have around 55 friends all with no issues all online and all with PS Plus now.
#12 (Edited 812d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
The_Villager  +   812d ago
So are you telling me that trolls or haters bought a $400 console just so they could write a bad review on Amazon? Give me a break. The majority of the 1 star reviews are from verified customers.
Visiblemarc  +   812d ago
Amazon probably moved like 100,000 of the million or so sold. That means normal brick rates would dictate the moved at least 3000 bricks. A few hundred disappointed vocal customers on launch is well within normal, even if all 1 stars are legit...guessing many aren't, but it's irrelevant.
ZBlacktt  +   812d ago
Well now.... guess the whole operation is a sabotage now huh, lol. The world is a crazy place... We've got 5 stars and 1 stars. Guess the 1 stars came from China.

The_Villager  +   812d ago
How could sony do this to their fan base? Do they not test their products before they release them? I read on one of the 1 star reviews on Amazon that sony support told a customer on the phone that "the PS4's were probably not checked before they were sent off for delivery". You can be sure he was fired.
isa_scout  +   812d ago
How is it Sonys fault if it was not handled properly for delivery??? That is on Amazons end not Sonys.My PS4 hasn't been off since I got home from the midnight launch. It's running cool(about room temp) I have over 75 friends with PS4s on my friends list and none of them are having problems, except for PSN occasionaly crashing. Been playing the crap out of Warframe and Killzone Shadowfall and not a single hiccup.
I'd say this problem isn't widespread at all, but you know the internet, if one breaks then apparently they're all faulty right? Only thing I can't get to work right is freakin Blacklight...anyone else not able to get online in blacklight? It keeps saying, "wrong user name and password." or "timed out while searching for server." Startin to really annoy me.
ChipdiddyChip  +   812d ago
I guarantee you would not be saying that if it was your console that broke.
srd4484  +   812d ago
You can't blame Amazon for broken PS4s. All the stores had bricked ps4s. The issue is def. widespread. Look on neogaf and look at the Sony support forum thread.
joeorc  +   812d ago

"How could sony do this to their fan base? Do they not test their products before they release them? I read on one of the 1 star reviews on Amazon that sony support told a customer on the phone that "the PS4's were probably not checked before they were sent off for delivery". You can be sure he was fired."

Irony i guess is really lost on you than because one could ask you the same thing about Microsoft!

and since the claim about Sony goes right ahead and halt's PS4 "production" means How could Sony also take a proactive stance on a problem, but yet Microsoft goe's right ahead and ships 11.6 million xbox360's right?

Verdict: All 11.6 million units of XBox 360 faulty
Ashunderfire86  +   812d ago
Did Amazon really stop people from selling PS4s? Well they didn't stop this guy.
Visiblemarc  +   812d ago
Wow, the gaming "media" really loves milking ordinar-fail-rate-bricking.
it looks like the 1 star reviews are now more than half of the 5 star reviews
Ramon3MR  +   812d ago
Mine is working OK but it's still disappointing to hear of this issue. Really hoping the Xbox One doesn't suffer from a similar issue, though we all know sh*t happens. Let's just hope Sony gets this situation sorted out quickly as not to kill the momentum of the launch.
azshorty2003  +   812d ago
The problem is, today we have Twitter, Facebook, instant access to this social media and others. Even 7 years ago word didn't travel as fast as it does today.

Every generation has faulty hardware. this is nothing new. What is new is how fast, and especially how Loud the voices of those effected travels.
Jeedai Infidel  +   812d ago
I've been laughing at the way social media has exposed politician's corruption and lies over the last few years, watching them frantically trying to find new ways to cover their tracks is surreal. Hopefully they have to settle with the truth being the only way. Nah, who am I kidding.
fhizikz  +   812d ago
lol sonys support site is down i cant get on....
#19 (Edited 812d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ger2396  +   812d ago
This is unfortunate for all affected. Can we all wait until Sony comes out and acknowledges a wide spread problem?Until then, game on. Whats with all the xbox fans on all these Sony articles anyway?
ATiElite  +   812d ago
Yes many PS4's work great but there is a large number of Defective PS4's.

Been doing some research and this is NO isolated issue.

Simply use Google and read all the horror stories of Faulty PS4's

I tend to stay away from Gamer websites and have been reading LEGIT News media sites and Sony has issues with this launch.

Hopefully they get it together as the PS4 has Manufacturing issues, Software issues, and Idiots at AMAZON tossing them around.

Stay away from Amazon.COm they are breaking PS4's on purpose.

Seriously just say NO to a PS4!
#21 (Edited 812d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Jeedai Infidel  +   812d ago
I highly doubt it's on purpose, more likely that they have hired young part timers for the holidays and they aren't taking their jobs too seriously.
ATiElite  +   812d ago
Well said because that is true and they gotta stand for 12 hours.

I'm gonna go try to track down some Amazon employees and see what the deal is sometime next week.
Jeedai Infidel  +   812d ago
Track them down before next Friday and tell them to be more careful ;-)
pinocchio2600  +   812d ago
many ps4 suckie suckie long time.
tweet75  +   812d ago
its always wise not to be an early adopter of any electronic product there is always some risk. But sony has a history of low error rate. Amazon without question though is some of the best customer service ive ever had and continues to be.
#23 (Edited 812d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ironmonkey  +   812d ago
If the ps4 is experiencing minor problems imagine a rushed half assed xboxone is gonna be like. I'd be scared to even turn it on.
hellzsupernova  +   812d ago
so let me get this straight. Amazon packaged the ps4 poorly? and its getting knocked around as packages do (trust me i know this first hand use to work for a courier company) and they are turning up DOA?
srd4484  +   812d ago
Or maybe Sony packaged the PS4 poorly? Did you not notice when you opened the PS4 how poorly the PS4 was protected.
hellzsupernova  +   812d ago
I have not got a ps4
worldwidegaming  +   812d ago
As long as you can get a replacement its not a big deal!
ElementX  +   812d ago
I left a 5 star review:
pimp7997  +   812d ago
I left a 1 star review yesterday. I'm waiting on a coffin for my still born PS4. First time I've ever had a new product not work out of the box. My first X box 360 died on mme but I at least got to play it for 8 months. This is a real problem not some x box fanboys spreading lies. Sony needs to address the issue and get me and all the other people who paid $399 for what is right now a 9 lb doorstop some answers.
mixelon  +   811d ago
I dunno, 1 star review for a faulty product seems wrong to me. Id never give a product a 1* review for that reason unless it'd been working so i could rate it? 1* would mean terrible product or grossly misadvertised product to me. Neither of those seem true if a console is broken on arrival. 1* to me would be "this is terrible, i wouldnt have bought it if id thought it through" not "damnit now sony are going to take a few of days to replace it!"

Have the people rating 1* never bought tech before? Ive had hdds, gpus, cpus, ram, monitors from all sorts of manufacturer arrive DOA - they've been replaced by the retailer and have worked perfectly since. There wasn't a problem with the designs. Hell, my wife's Macbook burst into flames a few years ago and could've easily burned the house down - it still didn't mean Macbooks on the whole were defective. (Actually that was a famously recalled batch of batteries) - tech companies want to keep your business and you to be happy. I can imagine the disappointment after waiting for the ps4 but you're under warranty. They'll sort it for you. You can ask for a refund if you're that unhappy.

Different people have different ideas of how to use scoring systems. (Who'd have thought?)
jspillen  +   812d ago
I got one on launch night, and have been playing it almost non-stop. It's freakin awesome, and has a couple small surprises that you can't help but smile about. It feel very subtly futuristic... in just the right way.

The couple people complaining are just the unfortunate view who aren't able to be playing and enjoying the hell out of our PS4's.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   812d ago
This is really hurting financially wth ps4 being DOA they can't spend money on the psn network for services. amazon isn't the only retailer that have defective ps4 in North America.
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