Dark Souls 2 to implement a difficulty setting option?

GameZone writes, " Ever since the announcement of Dark Souls 2, there have been some speculation whether From Software would be making the game a bit more accessible to a broader audience, namely by scaling down the difficulty. However, From stated that wouldn't be the case.

During the latest Beta test which happened this weekend, the servers changed up the difficulty setting about 2/3 of the way in."

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Sly-Lupin1772d ago

Probably a good idea, as scaling damage/health would go a long way toward making the game appeal to a broader demographic while retaining the old one, and possibly disincentive cheating.

Irishguy951772d ago

Agree, I would play it on the intended difficulty but a lower difficulty level would be better for people who just can't handle the pain. Although I do wonder what Dark souls would be like without the actual need to be good at it. It's one of the appeals of the game. Having consequences and being hard are what makes the game so satisfying when you're good at it. You always have the worry on your mind not to mess up. Succeeding is great feeling

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1772d ago

If it is implemented, i hope players who play on a classic difficulty get more out of the game then people who play on easy. I'd hate to be beat in a PvP match by a guy who has maxed out a character on easy difficulty and has scooped up all of the most powerful weapons because he breezed through the game.

Although, like Irishguy95 above me said, the difficulty is one of the appeals of the game. Gives you a sense of satisfaction when you beat a boss. When you survive a horde by the skin of your teeth. It's a very rewarding game. Would lose a chunk of it's "soul" (LoL) if it added difficulty settings. I wouldn't mind harder difficulty settings though :P

Irishguy951772d ago

I'm sure they would limit the online to classic mode players. There's no reason to mix them I believe.

joab7771772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

I could only agree under 2 conditions...1. Achievement for hardest difficulty and 2. Use this as an opportunity to make an even harder difficulty (not simply ng+ but something unique). And how does ng+ work with an easy difficulty? Or online?

Roccetarius1772d ago

Hopefully this was only for testing purposes, and that the final game won't have a difficulty change.

brish1772d ago

I was in the beta.

"normal" mode in dark souls 2 is more difficult than dark souls. When I saw the message that it switched to hard mode i was shocked.

Prepare to die!

ZBlacktt1772d ago

If they want to sell games they would. We all understand those that want a extreme challenge. But Dev's need and want to sell their creations. Any kind of limitation prevents that. This is why other games have settings.

SlapHappyJesus1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Don't understand why people would be against this.
Broaden the range of gamers it would appeal to without negatively affecting those looking for the traditional experience.

Whether or not it goes against the soul, if you will, of the game is definitely a point to make. At the end of the day though, it's good for the developer and good for the supporting of the series.

Philoctetes1772d ago

One of the things I love about this franchise is the way the developers pretty much give gamers a choice to either play the game the way it was meant to be played, or don't play it at all. I'm staunchly opposed to a difficulty choice in this game for that reason. I don't want From to sell out casuals.

ZBlacktt1772d ago

Look what happen after Demon's Souls. It was a exclusive for the PS3. It was known for it's difficulty. The development company Atlus went bankrupt and was bought up by Sega Dream Corporation. So people can click disagree all they want here. Be the fact remains, you either get a game that appeals to the masses. Or you get nothing at all in many cases.

GrimWykydtron1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

its not meant for casuals, what makes that game so special is that it treats u as adult with skill and experience in games to back it up, no easy mode, no easy win, no tutorial to tell u how to look around thats what makes Demon Souls and Dark SOuls so special and so fun to play. Its one of a kind game and making it casual friendly will simply ruin that. Its like buying Ferrari and then asking them to cut car power in half and put on some electronic system that limits its top speed to 100 km/h, it simply means its not for you.

SlavisH21772d ago

either way i will play it on the hardest setting! I love a challenge

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