You Can Kiss Other Dudes and Earn a Trophy For it in PSVita/3DS JRPG Exstetra

Today Exstetra was finally released in Japan and the first screenshots taken by the users finally tore the veil of secrecy. The protagonist Ryoma can will indeed kiss the male members of this party just as well as the females.

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KonsoruMasuta929d ago

Well, that's one trophy I won't be getting.

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ABizzel1929d ago

Just think of it as a little mouth to mouth resuscitation (wink, wink) ;D

BldyShdw929d ago

Having your fake character kiss another fake character is too much to handle?

BX81929d ago

Some people don't find guys kissing guys fun on any level. I don't. I don't hate gays but I don't care to see it. Just because it's 2013 everyone should like it? I respect it but don't expect me to like watching it.

B-radical929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

To bx81.....It's a game...not real guys....and games arent even 100% fun all the way through anyway

To many guy's these days get turned on from female anmie and whatnot anyway its creepy if you do get turned on by any type of anmie/hentai/cartoon your a freak

forevercloud3000929d ago

Gay men and women watch straight couples kiss/makeout/have sex in virtuaully every form of entertainment on a regular basis. Do you hear about them cringing at every site? No, because just because its not their thing doesn't mean its gross.

If just "seeing" that sort of thing bothers you, you might not be homophobic but you do have some unresolved issues with the matter. Most likely social conditioning that for so long told you you should be disgusted by it.

-wub-929d ago

I used to make my character have sex with my brother's character in The Sims just to troll him. Funny times.

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Burrito26a929d ago

Gotta love those virtual homophobs.

JoelT929d ago

Really? C'mon it's 2013.

You know what, you're right. If you make videogame avatars of the same sex kiss, it will totally make you a homosexual. /s

rezzah929d ago

And soon it will be 2014.

dcj0524929d ago

And it'll be 2015 after 2014. What are you getting at?When I play rpgs I play the way I would if I was actually there. It keeps me immeresed. So me being all heterosexual I won't be kissing any males in the game. Play the way you want to.

Noctis929d ago

jfc kissing other men in a game doesn't make you any less heterosexual. are you really that insecure about your sexuality?

Hicken929d ago

Yes, Noctis. Yes, they are.

That's a HUGE part of the "disgust" on display right now: men uncomfortable with anything they don't view as masculine, which makes them have to reassert their own masculinity by going overboard with a display of dislike for something that has nothing to do with them whatsoever.

As I said before, it does nothing for me. And if I'm being honest, I'd rather not see it.

So what? It doesn't change anything about me. It doesn't hurt me to see it. It doesn't make me gay if OTHER men kiss each other. Hell, if the price is right, I'll get my lips in there, too(the bedroom is a different kettle of fish, though).

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BldyShdw929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

I played Mass Effect 2 twice, once as Male Shepard and once as Female Shepard and when I was romancing guys it wasn't as if I was doing it but the character because it fit her story and had no impact on mine in real life.

Killjoy3000929d ago

It's just like watching a movie with a fe-male protagonist that shags another man. So what? Lol.

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B-radical929d ago

ahhaha just do it you poonce

Axonometri929d ago

What's a Matt's u no kiss good?

Damn it! I just got a vita for my son Xmas present. Now I gotta screen gay crap in that too?! It's getting really hard to raise regular type kids any more.

B-radical929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

what happened to good old christain values?


Some of these comment's are ridiculous grow up fellas.....sure you may not be into but its for a trophy!..........btw everytime you kiss a girl just remember where her mouth may have been ;)

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Noctis929d ago

well, that's one trophy i'm definitely getting

Knushwood Butt929d ago

Original idea for a trophy. Beats, 'Start a new game and get a trophy for sitting through the opening demo', kind of stuff.

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