Rockstar Graphics Engineer is Working on the “Next Version of a Famous IP”

With Doron’s previous work including the now completed Grand Theft Auto V, this means that the “next version of a famous IP” could be anything from a Red Dead Redemption sequel, to a Bully sequel, some sort of DLC for GTA V, or maybe Rockstar decided to skip right over the first Agent and now they’re working on Agent 2. - PSLS

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GarrusVakarian1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

With the hype of next gen taking me over, now is not a good time to get me excited with R* news.

If this is next-gen Red Dead, then.......

AlexanderNevermind1710d ago

I'm thinking Red Dead as well.....We will see...

iGAM3R-VIII1710d ago

Agreed, I am also hoping for Agent since they have yet to say anything about it. But Red Dead or Agent

malokevi1709d ago

Red Dead, Agent... or BULLY!

Bigpappy1709d ago

Agent is not a "famous IP".


Yeah, Agent is a new IP, so I don't think it's it either (although it says "famous" not "old" or "sequel" or anything like that). Also, they were reportedly back to work with Agent since July or something like that (Sony is supposed to reintroduce the IP nest year, maybe in E3?), so it's probably being handled by a different team within R* than that of GTA.

But I would like to point that next "version" of famous IP could even mean this graphics engineer would be working on GTA V for PC and/or next gen hardware, so maybe it's not even a new game.

And as much as I would love a new Red Dead, I really hope they revisit Bully first, it was a really fun game.

Other possibility is Midnight Club, with all the "social" and "always multiplayer" racing frenzy going on early for next gen (Forza 5, Drive Club, The Crew, NFS Rivals... All racing games announced for next gen so far focus a lot more on social features), one might guess R* is anxious to get in, as Midnight Club, an open world racing game, would fit there nicely.

And coming to thing of it, I wonder if we'll ever see an L.A. Noire sequel.

PoSTedUP1709d ago

i still want to think San andreas stories. they said they want another "gtaV-like game" in terms of sales. and sanandreas stories will sell like hotcakes across every platform.
it fits the description of Famous IP
it fits their goal from what they said they wanted
itll sell 10M easy if its exclusive to the vita (new vita in the west @ $200+ vitaTV in the west @ $100)
and then they bring it to other platforms later to sell even more, jus like they did with LCS on the psp
or they just release it on all platforms at once... (kinda makes more sense)

OR a gtaIV stories with stuff to actually do in the city...

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BattleReach1710d ago

The Fanta came out of my nose when I saw that GIF, laughed hard.

GarrusVakarian1710d ago

Haha, glad i made you laugh. Gets me every time too.

StoutBEER1710d ago

God I hope another Red Dead. I STILL play that game.
And a side note, if the first DLC to grace GTA Online includes poker i would be extremely happy.

GarrusVakarian1710d ago

Yeah i played it again recently too, love the game to death.

Soc51709d ago

Love me some Red Dead also, never get tired of it.
Not sure if any of you guys are spanish but if you know spanish it's really funny what the people and prostitutes say in Mexico.

darkslayer2081710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

i think l.a noire 2 would be nice..we will see...

GarrusVakarian1710d ago

N.Y Noire would be amazing.

jivah1709d ago

Being from NY i doubt it.. I would much rather see a chicago noire.. Especially since all the activity that took place with the mob over there.. NY had it too with the gambino family. definitely but chicago had that on lock with murder inc

Jazz41081709d ago

This all but confirms they really dont care about making agent unless its multiplatform as they sure are in no hurry.

ZHZ901709d ago

Red Dead Redemption 2 for Next Gen Consoles would be amazing.

DOMination-1709d ago

These replies are hilarious. You guys really think LA Noire, Midnight Club, Bully etc are famous IPs? Not a single person has mentioned a game called Grand Theft Auto. You know, the most famous IP of all.

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Xsilver1710d ago

MidnightClub/Bully/RedDead could be any of them.

Tornado1710d ago

I hope it is Bully, I've been waiting for a new Bully for years...

Mr_cheese1709d ago

I really loved Bully, it was fantastic. Anticipating another! Surely it will come to us one day???

UnHoly_One1709d ago

I'm betting on Bully.

I REALLY hope that is what it is.

Venox20081710d ago

most awaited one is bully for me

blumatt1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Hahaha. Love that picture scythe Reminded me of peter on family guy. "Bully! Are you havin a bully day? Bully!" No clue the actual movie reference but it's funny nonetheless. Haha

soniqstylz1710d ago

Midnight Club team has been disbanded, I wouldn't expect a new one.


Xsilver1710d ago

how has midnight club been disbanded their still an online community literally hop on midnight online and you will see a lot of people racing around.

r3f1cul1709d ago

dude thank you i was hoping to see a lot of manhunts but no one has said anything, was always one of my fav games... everyone is worried about bully and a sequel to red dead when red dead ended sooooo nicely that i dont see a need other then greed to continue the series

soniqstylz1709d ago

xsilver - the dev team was disbanded after the MC:LA DLC came out. Huge shitstorm in the studio over delays of MC because of GTA4, meddling by R* New York, mismanagement at San Diego, and eventually the team was either let go or some were moved to the RDR team.

cyguration1710d ago

I wish it was the Warriors.

I would kill to play another (or updated) Warriors game.

jivah1709d ago

With an updated hd version of the first one included on the disc?

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Kingthrash3601710d ago

reddead or bully likly next gen