"As Gamers, More of Us Would Rather Get PS4 Than Xbox One Due to Games Line-up, Not RAM": QubicGames

Ravi: "We recently had a chance to speak to Qubic Games Public Relations Manager Mikael Bourget."

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GalacticEmpire1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

As much as people want to ignore it, the fact is that PS4 will have a much bigger choice of games at launch thanks to a plethora of Indie and fully fledged downloadable titles.

There's a very hateful stance taking shape that Indies somehow don't count and its a particularly disturbing byproduct of the console war hate.

A game is a game.

Gozer1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Most people couldn't care less about indie games, because 95% of them are garbage. Most people want AAA blockbusters. No need to pretend that indie games suddenly matter. The last thing I want to play on my new $400-$500 console is a game that could run on a NES.

@ parasite
Ive played plenty of indie games and I stand by my original post. With the ratio of good v/s bad indie games, Ill take my chances of an indie game actually being the best game I have ever played.

No my opinion doesn't matter any more than anyone elses. If someone wants to spend $400-$500 on a console to play indie games that's their choice. I don't care. But I know most people would rather be playing something that the hardware was actually built for.

Parasyte1801d ago

By taking that extremely closed-minded stance , you are shutting yourself off from what have the potential to be some of the best games you've ever played.

n4rc1801d ago

And what if you have played them and still feel that way?

So what if people don't like them? does your opinion matter more then others? Besides to you of course.

Idba1801d ago

Well then why did MS suddenly try to become so indie friendful?

And I'd choose Killzone, Knack, Driveclub and a ton of F2P games over Ryse, Forza and DR3. But i've gotta say DR3 looks awesome.

kneon1801d ago

But a lot of the supposed AAA blockbusters are also crap, and you pay $60 for them.

Great games and crappy games come in all shapes and sizes.

believeland61801d ago

I kind of agree with Gozer. First off I do really like Indie games. I think it is a great way to have different varieties on a system. However, most gamers, which are semi-casual now, want AAA games. I think indies are great to support, but launch titles should be your big guns to persuade people why your machine is worth the 400-500 dollars. With that being said, I'm still sticking with Sony. Do I wish ND and SM would have had launch titles? Yes, but I know they are coming and make great games, which is why I'm sticking with Sony still. I know Sony will get the AAA games out, but I do think it was smart for M$ to show the big games even though they probably had to to get rid of the PR disaster.

malokevi1801d ago

Blunt, but echoes my thoughts exactly. I've played plenty of indie games on my 360... and at the end of the day, regardless of how much critical acclaim they get, I can't help but think "well, that was a waste of 10 dollars".

With indie games I usually see no replay value, and often times I can't even get through a single playthrough. Unless something really shines, I'll be sticking with AAA offerings in the coming generation.

WeAreLegion1801d ago

To The Moon
Thomas Was Alone
Hotline Miami
Don't Starve
Castle Crashers
The Binding of Isaac
Gone Home
Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery
Faster Than Light
Papo & Yo
The Walking Dead
Sound Shapes
And Yet It Moves
Surgeon Simulator 2013
Dear Esther
Kentucky Route Zero
Roller Coaster Rampage

These are a few of my favorite things.

abusador1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Thank god!!!! i dont have to just expect indie games then! My number one game that im looking forward to next gen at launch is Killzone which to me is the best looking next gen game and most promising. After that comes Drive Club which i am very interested in and Knack and resogun l;ooks beastly. Ill also be diving into Planetside 2 and a few other FTP games. I am definitely looking forward to indie games like Rime and Transistor. And whats to come which is Infamous easily the best looking next gen game and looks to be an awesome exp., followed by Deep Down!!!! which is up there in my most anticipated and Witcher 3 which is multiplat.

Sorry man but im with the Ps4 because of the way they treated me as a gamer backing ps3 with awesome value and even better hardware and ips not found on other systems that always exceeded or broke the mold! And honestly i prefer Ps4 line up over Xbones any day. Ryse does nothing for me and Forza well its another Forza. Dead Rising 3 looks interesting but repetitive and lococycle lol wellllll The indie game Rime actually interests me more than most those games. Titan fall is maybe the only thing i would say interests me on xbone.

king_george1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )


No offense but if by "most people" you mean just yourself then fine but dont assume everyone else thinks like you. Speak for yourself thanks. And stop trashing indie games because alot of them are actually better than some of the supposed "AAA" games out there. Journey (game of the year from a few credible sources) says hi. And you're high on crack if you think it can run on NES

@johndoe11211 below

I agree 100%. Especially the part about supporting them and wtf was he talking about being able to run indie games on nes? Close minded people like this just piss me the hell off. Its one thing to not like indie games (which i would be ok with. Everyone has an opinion), but to go on and say that the majority dont even care for them.... well screw that. Dumb way of thinking

johndoe112111801d ago

Your close minded, uninformed, idiotic stance on indie games is a cancer on gaming. Please try to run Journey or flower or flow on a NES.

These are the games and companies that help drive the gaming industry. Weather it be on ps4, xbox one or wiiU, these deveopers need, no, deserve our support.

We as gamers should unite regardless of what platform we play on and support these developers. Their games are fun, cheap and provide many memorable gaming experiences. Some have even won awards.

This is the first time that I think I've ever said this but, you should probably keep your bloody opinion to your self because we don't care to hear it.

True_Samurai1801d ago

@Idba MS been indie friendly they were trying to weed out the wack ones that try to copy other successful Indies. Sony are just now becoming indie friendly how come they weren't friendly like they are now in the ps3 era?

DragonKnight1801d ago

The truth is that, when it comes to indie games, PS4 fans are rubbing it in the faces of Xbox One fans because PS4 has more of them and Xbox One fans are hating on them and dismissing them so it looks like the Xbox One has more games at launch than the PS4.

What I know for a fact is that Sony supports their consoles for the long haul, Microsoft does not.

AlexanderNevermind1801d ago

If this gen has taught us anything its that Sony will have the best exclusives. That coupled with the more powerful console gives Sony the edge imo. Indies are a great addition but do not factor nearly as much as the Sony exclusives.

GiggMan1801d ago

Sony could have taken the easy route like Microsoft did and save some of it's PS3 offerings for the PS4 (pulled a Ryse for example)

They could have saved The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, and Gran Turismo 6 for the PS4 launch and this would be a non issue PS4 grand slam. Lucky for MS they didn't and I'm glad they are sending the PS3 out with a bang and have content that is exclusive and built for PS4.

GalacticEmpire1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

@ Gozer, Was going to tear your ignorant viewpoint apart but like 10+ people beat me to it lol, thanks guys.

Pogmathoin1801d ago

Indies are a nice bonus Galactic, but I do not spend $400, $500 on a system to play indies, anyone saying they do are full of shlt. As I said, its a nice and sometimes surprising bonus. I want the big game, the Fallout, Skyrim, COD, Battlefield, GTA or whatever.... thats what its all about. You can launch with a 1000 indies, I will still maybe play a handful at best, so as far as I am concerned, they should not even count as a launch title. I have Ipad, surf the net, check out sport apps, game news apps and so on, and maybe, play a game from the 1,000's of games available. I am not knocking indies, they are nice, sometimes unearth something amazing, loved War of the worlds, old school die and learn a 1000 times game.... but I want the blockbuster....

Pogmathoin1801d ago

John Doe, you put up a good valid argument, and I agree with you as for supporting the indies, even if I do not buy many, but when you resort to saying keeping your idiotic opinion to yourself, that lets you down big time and does not validate yourself, making you look no more than a petty fanboy. Please do not act like the majority here. You make sense and construct a very good argument, which I appreciate. The future blockbusters come from todays indies, and I hope they keep pumping them out, but right now I fear a 1000 clones... Journey was amazing... and so different... we need more of those.... Minecraft... well... still playing away on 360... I hear you argument, but keep it above the others... Bubble up too...

monkeyDzoro1801d ago

You are stupid. You are the cancer of this gaming community.

AAA games need a lot of money, a lot of work and development, and they have strict deadlines, and your hunger for AAA is what lead to empty and shallow experiences in most AAA games this gen. AAA games need a rest to be good.
And this is where Indies have the lead. They arent narrowed to those limitations, they allow more creativity and fun.

PS4 has all of this. Ambitious titles who are trying to take new paths : KZSF trying to be more open; DC with new realtime mechanics; return of classic platformer Knack. A huge bunch of F2P and free Indie games through the huge valuable PS+.
Moreover, MS with X1 tried to f**k with us. "WE can't change policies with just a snap". Retailers claiming : 5 PS4 for 2 X1. The next day, MS : "180s incoming guys".

NO ! They'll learn it the hard way. There's no chance I'm buying an X1 (with Kinect), until it dropped around $300, which means near 2017.
SOny with its PS4 offers AGAIN a better value for your money than MS.

Pogmathoin1801d ago

^^And that is the ramblings of a demented fanboy ^^

Boody-Bandit1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Typical rhetorical don't have it so I don't want / need it / not important.

Sooner or later their side pick up the ball and add it than it's hunky dory / I never said I didn't want or need it but just that it wasn't that important / necessary.

I will take ALL the games I can get (big budget, small, independent, block buster, etc and so on) as long as they are fun to play.

scott1821801d ago

Good thing PS4 has AAA blockbusters coming out at launch too. I prefer indies in many ways though.... There is something about those games like Journey and Flower that are so simple yet almost life changing they are so good.

Mystogan1801d ago

Exactly. 95% of indie games are crap. Indie games are overrated by Sony fanboys because some vocal indies "hate" MS too.

reko1801d ago


typical bs comment.


I totally agree with this, even though some Indies are fun, I am NOT buying a next gen console for them. They can be easily ran on a cell phone, or tablet, and my 360, and ps3 have plenty of Indies.

It is time to see what the future brings, I have been gaming for a while and I can say that if I had to choose RIGHT NOW, I would go with the xb1 for is launch lineup of games.


Half of these people (on this site expecially) are all of a sudden in love with indies, because their system of choice will be full of them. Where was this LOVE for indies when the 360 adopted the concept and brought indies into the market for conosoles? You people are full of it. lol

The_Con-Sept1801d ago

@gozer: I can pull up the indie page on my ps3 to find titles in the top 10. Most of which I own. Many others on my list do the same. I own well over 30 indie titles which is one fifth of my entire library. Ignoring indies only prevents progress.

GribbleGrunger1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I'd just like to request that X1 fans keep up with the hate of the Indies. Don't stop, please. Tell your friends, your associates, your families and spread the hate online as often as you can. And if you could Tweet Indie devs to tell them you don't want any of their 'inferior' games on the X1, that would be even better!

I support you entirely in your campaign of Indie hate. Help make the PS4 the place to go for Indie titles. Thank you.

Gozer1801d ago

The 360 has all assortment of indie games. I guess sony didnt get the memo. If you are so in love with indie games, you can have the lot of them. This includes such award winning titles as Try Not to Fart, and The vibrating Controller for the ladies. Enjoy, if you think indies are so great, you can have them without any argument from me. Everyone knows that you dont buy a 400-500 dollar to play indie games. Just because the ps4 hasa weak launch line up and is depending on indies to fill the gap is no reason to result to slumming with garbage indie games. Take them all as far as Im concerned.

staticdash221801d ago

You are extremely close minded, and it disgusts me as a gamer.

DigitalRaptor1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Oh god. The things that Xbox fantardism is causing for this industry is beyond expressible.

The fact that you think most indie games are garbage is your opinion and your opinion alone. It has no impact of the fact that games we've seen from the indie scene are more original, creative and unique than 95% of AAA games at retail.

This whole indie hate is a recent development and I can see why.

johndoe112111801d ago

"The vibrating Controller for the ladies" Exactly what kind of BS DISRESPECT is this??? Are you freaking insane??? Keep your bu!!$h!t talk off of these forums buddy. Who do you think you are bringing disrespectful comments to women like that in these forums?? This site is about gaming, where the hell did that come from? Keep your perverted thoughts to yourself.

king_george1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Jesus everybody please bubble Gozer down. This guy is a clown and is so closed minded and hateful its just laughable. If ur gonna still sit there and call indies "garbage" when literally MILLIONS of people enjoy them then you arent fit to call yourself a true gamer. if you dont like them FINE but dont spit in the face of everyone that does. Im not a fan of certain games but i dont go around being a di*k to everyone that loves said games. GROW UP A LITTLE

Bubble down Gozer guys he's a joke

FamilyGuy1801d ago

Who are you to claim what "most people" think or want or care about?

nukeitall1801d ago

since when has indie games ever been a system seller.

The vast majority of them isn't something I would spend a dollar or heck 5 mins.

I take the console with the games I want to play on, and that is AAA games on Xbox One until I see a indie game I want.

I haven't found one yet, but if that is all you got to play then well....

DigitalRaptor1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

This is f***ing hilarious.

So now we're seeing the usual suspects negating the kind of games that they touted throughout the Xbox 360's lifespan. Most recent of which - State of Decay and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Both excellent (INDIE) games. Now that for some reason, Microsoft doesn't care any more, and Sony's care for games of all types has reached critical mass, "95% of indie games are garbage"? You can really see the motives behind this sudden lack of interest, and it won't last long once indie games drop for the Xbone at some point in 2014, and its gamers start picking them up and rating them.

I suppose the majority of these idiots spouting the "95% of indie games are crap" rhetoric have played 95% of indie games out there? Right? I mean if they'd ACTUALLY done that, statistically they'd have found a TON of games they probably would've liked.

They somehow think they know what every single indie game offers in terms of gameplay and style even though they've probably played not even 1% of all indie games and failed to realise that despite appearances, they're all unique, more creative and more innovative than most AAA retail games, because indie developers are not under the same strict rules and time constraints of AAA publisher demands. There is no sacrifice to a creative vision that would be butchered by a business conscious or audience sensitive company like EA.

@ nukeitall

Hahaha. you've seen Killzone: Shadow Fall, you've seen DriveClub, you've seen Knack, you've seen AC4, you've seen DC Universe Online, you've seen Blacklight Retribution, you've seen Warframe, you've seen War Thunder, you've seen Call of Duty Ghosts, you've seen Battlefield 4, you've seen Need for Speed Rivals.

Yet you actually went ahead and used the phrase "but if that is all you got to play then well...". Good god, you are desperate to make things looks bad for the console that is in the best position for the entire gamut of console gaming:

AAA, free-to-play, indie, MMOs. Whereas Xbox only has..... AAA and we all know where most of those games came from.

garos821800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

How the hell do you have so many bubbles.your "opinion"is blatantly wrong.try playing resogun on your nes and let me know how it goes

Syanara171800d ago

I agree with Galactic Empire, The indie games are going to make a difference when it comes to next gen. I don't think they should all be placed in the same teir as AAA titles however they do deserve their spot and with PS Plus we could see a lot of indie games show up in the instant game collection. This will become especially true after the PS4 has been out for a few months. No im not spending $400 on a PS4 for the indie games, but the indie games are a great bonus and addition to the PS4 library that will make a serious effect on the buying decision for many people when it comes to next-gen.

Indies games are not an insignificant part of the games industry, in many cases they make a lot more money than AAA games when it comes to profit ratio. They do matter and are a source of a great deal of creativity in the industry as a whole.

maniacmayhem1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

What I find funny is that Xbox 360 had the indie channel for a long time now and Sony fanboys dismissed it saying all the games were crap and they wanted their AAA games only.

Now that Sony has all of a sudden embraced indies for their PS4, now indies are the second coming.

It is truly amazing how this site operates and what bandwagon to hop on when a certain company deems it cool.

Nintendo has also opened their console up to all indie devs, but the perception here is that Sony has been doing it since day one.

I mean heck, here's a recent article of indies for this week on 360:

Looks like the indie games are still going strong for 360 and yet everyone is patiently waiting to play indie games for the PS4 when it's released?

And if indie games are all of a sudden so important why not game on a PC where more than half of that PS4 line up comes from?

mediate-this1800d ago

To be fair, most people gobble the fun addictive games regardless if they are snes graphics.

Eonjay1800d ago

With PS4 you get more AAA games and more Indie games. You just get more period. The thing that disturbs me about Xbox proponents is that they try to make the fact that the PS4 has more of everything seem like a bad thing.

VENOMACR12271800d ago

Thank you, someone with some brains. Just for fun I looked around on Xbox Live at the Indie game section and laughed at almost all of them. I wouldn't pay $1 for any of them. Even if they were free I wouldn't waste my time playing a game someone developed in their basement. Personally I'd rather pay $60 for a real game rather than play a game with a stick character jumping on platforms or something uglier then Atari games.

It's all personal preference. Some people love Indie games, some don't. But I could careless about Indie games.

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Infamous2981801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I hate when people say xbone have better launch lineup, ps4 alot of unmentioned games that i am excited for like war thunder and planetside2 etc., and we all know after microsoft get some sheeps on their party, they will stop making exclusive for the xbox one and rely on 1 or 2 games seqeual for sales and then they will make kinect games just like they did with 360.

Volkama1801d ago

Indeed, "best games" is subjective.

Similarly it's annoying when people state that the PS3 had better exclusives than the 360 as a fact. That's subjective too.

pyramidshead1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I absolutely laugh when people love to downplay PS4's launch line up. It shows great insecurity, not to mention the HUGE irony in the fact that having a supposed mediocre line up has not affected interest in the console or people's willingness to pre-order it.

Seems to me the launch line up is more than enough and if the XB1 launch line up is so amazing why isn't it doing it any favours?

Godmars2901801d ago

More like Sony has more, possibly far more, experience as a first party game developer than MS.

There's also the point that while MS have reversed their policies towards indies, they're still in the act of getting those polices together. Their console will be out before their indy policy is up and running. Meanwhile Sony's have been in place for some time.

mhunterjr1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Not many of these Indie games scream
"Buy this next gen console" to me. I've seen very few that wouldn't be equally impressive on ps3 or xbox 360.

I think the importance of indie support is being over stated at this point. The only indie title that really has my attention at this point is titanfall... and like most of the other indie titles folks are gloating over, it will also be available on pc.

This generation will play out just like the rest, multiplatform titles will be similar on ps4 and xb1. And the only differentiator will be a handful of exclusive AAA titles, and services.

Gridloc1801d ago

I guess I was unaware that titianfall was an indie game. Might want to tell that to EA.

malokevi1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

A game is certainly a game. But I'm not buying souped up next-gen hardware to play sidescrollers/platformers. I'm buying these consoles primarily for the AAA game offerings.

So, a game may be a game, but to suggest that all games are made equal is foolish.

It's a matter of preference. Maybe there are people out there who are primarily interested in Indie games, but I'm not one of them. So, by my standards, no... indie games don't count. Not as far as incentive for investing in next-gen hardware.

It's more than a matter of counting the number of games. It's a matter of counting the number of games that are interesting to you, and determining which are of the greatest interest. It's not like people don't consider indie games to be games... that's a ridiculous notion.

"bigger choice of games"? yes. Greater choice of AAA exclusives? Not so sure about that one...

I'll be getting PS4 at launch. But, apart from Killzone (and Driveclub, only because it's free) I can't think of anything that I'm particularly interested in.

However, I'm having a hell of a time deciding between Froza, KI, DR3, Ryse, and Crimson Dragon... with Zoo Tycoon as a "we'll see".

DeadManIV1801d ago

The future of playstation is always bright - take a look at what we got on ps3 - the future will hold loads of triple A games AND Indie games - there is something for everyone. Also what you said about indies is kinda offensive - speaking as an Indie Dev. Why would you judge my games because they are Indie? You should definitely count me

malokevi1801d ago

Offensive? OK there, bud. I'm entitled to my opinion, and I don't really care if that offends you.

Put up or shut up.

Xsilver1801d ago

u really have a hard time deciding between Crimson Dragon and the rest of games really crimson dragon this game smh are you serious.

malokevi1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )


While you pick out an image file taken from a single frame, I have actually put the time into reading about the game and what it offers in terms of GAMEPLAY! Which is the reason why I'm interested in it.

We aren't all graphics whores.

KwietStorm1801d ago

It's not about all games being made "equal." If you have fun with a game, what does it matter how big the team was that made it? Sidescrollers and platforms? Warframe, Blacklight, Outlast, Daylight, Everyone's Gone To The Rapture, Amnesia, War Thunder. Do these look like simple Sidescrollers to you? The keyword is variety.

Xsilver1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

@malokevi please get that BS out of my face gameplay of that game is just uninspiring i wasnt referring to the graphics BTW its a on rails game and xbox fans wanna insult indie games but praise this GTFO.

malokevi1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I could just as easily reverse that statement and throw it back at you.


Easy to be dismissive when your an Xbox detractor and a troll who doesn't care enough to learn about a game before dismissing it outright.

And calm down, already. Who are you trying so hard to convince?

"i wasnt referring to the graphics BTW"

so... what was the point in posting a single screen shot?

Xsilver1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

@malokevi that screenshot was to make sure i got the right game and i wasn't missing something that clearly you're seeing and i'm not we both know you're the troll on this site lol ,i've seen gameplay of that game and if you have a problem choosing the other X1 exclusives over that then i don't know what to say a on rails Kinect game especially since it looks like child of eden but with dragons i mean if thats your style go nuts. but ill take indie games over kinect games any day of the week thank you very much.

CanadianTurtle1801d ago

I agreed to everything in your comment except when you mentioned Ryse. That game is probably the worst demonstration of next gen gameplay most of us here has ever seen. Seems to me that you really have no interest in gameplay like you claim

GTgamer1801d ago

@malokevi cares about gameplay but wants Ryse and Crimson Dragon this guy is hilariously bro stop calling people trolls when your a troll.

LiViNgLeGaCY1800d ago

Crimson Dragon? Now I KNOW you're just biased. That game didn't just look bad graphically, it looked incredibly boring as well.

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DeadManIV1801d ago

Often on these comments purple acknowledge that ps4 is more powerful but then they say the xbone has a better launch lineup, well, the people have spoken

infectedaztec1801d ago

A game is a game....but if you had a choice of playing TLOU (imo the best AAA game on the PS3) or Journey (the best indie game imo) which would you chose?

For me AAA games are worth so much more than indie games. I hear you replying 'but you can have AAA and indie games on the PS4' which is true - for me though MS offer the best AAA experience whereas Sony offer the best indie experience. Theres nothing wrong with that and yes there are some good AAA and indie options on both.

For me though I want Titanfall over Octodad, I want the Order over Below. I will always go to where the best AAA games are. For me (and its fine if your opinion is different) its XB1

Taislin1801d ago

If you really go for best AAA titles, you should buy a PS4. The amount of AAA exclusives Sony had in PS3 is ridiculously higher ( and IMO more varied and generally better)than Xbox360.

dcj05241801d ago

I'd obviously choose Journey. I support ThatGameCompany to the end. Their games are absoloutly incredible. I enjoyed The Last of Us but Journey is something special.

Funantic11801d ago

Nothing but AAA here. I don't do indies.

DigitalRaptor1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

And you are exactly what is wrong with the industry and its reliance on bloated AAA budgets with rinse-repeat gameplay over fresh ideas and creativity. This is where Sony and the other companies like Valve who pioneered the way people bring their games to gamers, have it right.

I suppose you only listen to the musicians on the big corporate labels like Universal, Sony BMG and Warner? I suppose you only see the big budget explosive blockbusters, rather than the films with actual substance, over style and tremendous budget costs?

RadioActiveTwinky1801d ago

The funny part is some people dont even realize they are playing an Indie game. It is only when they are told that they are lol. Just like WeareLegion Posted. Those are all indie games.

TAURUS-5551801d ago

most ppl will get a PS4 no doubt about that