EB Expo: Killzone Shadowfall Multiplayer Gameplay Hands On

Press Start Australia went hands on with a local multiplayer session of Killzone Shadowfall on PS4

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Muerte24941626d ago

I cannot wait to pick up my copy.

meatysausage1625d ago


At first I wasn't excited for this but now I am. Love the more weighted shooter killzone is

Chris121625d ago

Graphics are stunning. Played this at Eurogamer and enjoyed it bar one thing. When you shoot down the sites the muzzle flash almost blocks out the whole screen and it's incredibly difficult to see what you're shooting at. You can see this as well in the guys video.

Otherwise was super enjoyable.

Pancit_Canton1625d ago

That 60Fps. Smooth like butter.

0ut1awed1625d ago

Lol you don't even know. Youtube only outputs 30fps so just know you will actually have another 30 when playing.

It really makes a difference.

Majin-vegeta1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

After watching the gamersyde gameplay it's hard not to get excited about it :D.

Here's the video.

0ut1awed1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

^ Is that supposed to be a link?

Majin-vegeta1625d ago

Yes sadly for some reason it won't work :/

kratos_TheGoat1625d ago

kz sf is the reason I'm getting ps4 and bf4 in nov 15 sweet

Einhert1625d ago

Can't say it id s system seller for me and I was not fond of the direction KZ3 went in relation to 2, is there any better gameplay out there that shows off the gunplay and mechanics a bit better?

Majin-vegeta1625d ago

KZ3 MP dev was let go and they brought KZ2 lead MP dev back.

HighResHero1625d ago

Cool, I didn't know that.
This will probably be the first game I buy to go with my PS4, but since they are sold out everywhere I'll be playing Mercenary on the Vita until I can get my hands on the new Playstation.

KOOLWIIP1625d ago

i hope youre right. i dont want killzone to play like cod..

Einhert1625d ago

no need for disagrees but that is great to know, hated KZ3 MP when I played it.

Tempted to get a PS4 now

kratos_TheGoat1625d ago

kz3 is cod noob friendly, all the pro from kz2 didn't last long in kz3. once they left i bounce as well online was a joke. happy kz2 lead mp dev is back

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Thomaticus1625d ago

The question is how do you get someone who plays COD to pick up KZ instead?

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The story is too old to be commented.