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Ryse Polygon Count Comparison with Other AAA Titles - Star Citizen, Crysis 3 and More.

Ryse Polygon Count compared with Other AAA Titles. See how Ryse: Son of Rome fares against other titles such as Star Citizen, Crysis 3 and More. Comparison graphs included. (Crysis 3, PC, Ryse: Son of Rome, Star Citizen, Xbox One)

cococabana  +   669d ago
Mother of God..... Star Citizen Indeed :|
xharrypotterx  +   669d ago
Lol. Damn i need to upgrade my PC. >.>
4Sh0w  +   669d ago
"So we see that even after the latest cull in Polygons by Crytek, Ryse: Son Of Rome still has the highest polygon counts in a main character then any game before it. Infact the only game with a higher polygon count in main character is Star Citizen, which is not yet released."

"Ryse Polygon Count is at a pretty good standing even with the cull, the characters should look absolutely breathtaking in the game."

So its second only to a unrealeased PC game? Through all the hate its conveniently overlioked how next gen this game looks, now more importantly is lets hope it plays smooth and the story is as strong as the graphics.
Calvin_ISA  +   669d ago
These poly counts seem to be grabbed from nowhere.
We are comparing a yet-to-be released game's poly counts with already released games poly counts.
Here's one: In Uncharted 2, Nathan drake is 37k polys, and Chloe is 45k polys. Yet, Mass Effect is on the chart with its unarguably low poly models (focus was more on optimization). It's Hasty Generalization.
Naughty Dog has yet to reveil their PS4 game, which I'm sure will blow us away. :)
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dedicatedtogamers  +   669d ago
Curious where these Ryse graphic whores are going to disappear to once games like inFamous Second Son, Deep Down, etc come out and outclass anything on Xbox One.

Also curious why Ryse gets all this hype, yet God of War was mocked for being a "linear QTE fest", and Ryse looks to be even more linear and even more QTE-filled.

Oh, is this like the good ol' moving of the goalpost again? Like how HDMI didn't matter but now it does. Like how exclusives matter but now they don't. Like how Blu Ray didn't matter but now it does. Like how Metacritic score matters but now it doesn't.
maniacmayhem  +   669d ago

I'm convinced this isn't Dedicated. because you have serious devolved into a troll mess.

"Also curious why Ryse gets all this hype, yet God of War was mocked for being a "linear QTE fest","

Who has EVER said that about God of War? yes GoW had an enormous amount of QTE's but the game has been hailed as one of the best hack 'n slash games of all time. In fact every hack n slash game that comes out is either compared to GoW or DMC.

You have this serious agenda and you are spreading nothing but lies to meet it.

Ryse looks good no matter what you say and you are fooling yourself if you think otherwise.
JokesOnYou  +   669d ago
yeah dedicated because future X1 games wont improve on launch games so why not compare future ps4 games not even playable to launch X1 games.

Right because what we do know is:

DR3 is open world with tons of onscreen zombies, no load times but Knack is better because its 1080p

Ryse is a hack n slash action game focused on cinematic kills, 900p @30fps and 85k poly count means nothing so lets compare it to KZ SF which is better because again its a shooter with 1080p @30fps/60fps.

KI sucks even though there no other ridiculous comparison I can make withn ps4 AAA exclusive.

Finally lets see Forza5 compared directly with ps4 exclusive racer DriveClub, hmmmm so now we have Forza5 1080p @60fps long ago on the supposedly behind schedule and weaker X1 compared to Driveclub 1080p @?fps, now this is where I will hear that specs dont matter and DC is this super game with doing so much more than Forza5, hmmm would that be revelant for DR3 or Ryse, nahh you're right Driveclub is superior.
JokesOnYou  +   669d ago
Damm double post, comment below.
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JokesOnYou  +   669d ago
Yeah dedicated because future X1 games wont improve on launch games so why not compare future ps4 games not even playable to X1 launch games?

That makes sense because what we do know is:

DR3 is open world with tons of onscreen zombies, no load times but Knack is better because its 1080p

Ryse is a hack n slash action game focused on up close cinematic kills, 900p @30fps and 85k poly count means nothing so lets compare it to KZ SF which is better because again its a shooter with 1080p @30fps/60fps.

KI sucks even though there no other ridiculous comparison I can make with a ps4 AAA exclusive.

Finally lets see in our best case head to head non-scientific measure of both consoles potential we have a X1 racer Forza5 compared directly with ps4 exclusive racer DriveClub, hmmmm, so now we have Forza5 1080p @60fps long ago running on the supposedly behind schedule and weaker X1 compared to Driveclub 1080p @?fps. hmmmm, Now this is where I will hear that specs dont matter and DC is doing all these amazing things while Forza5 has been falsely praised for so many things other than graphics which dont exist, DC is doing so much more. hmmm I wonder if that thinking would be revelant for DR3 or Ryse, nahh you're right Driveclub is superior.
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joefrost00  +   669d ago
You sony dummies comparing deep down and infamous ss are so stupid cause for one neither title has that much going on even infamous its never that much going on
Ryse has been comfirmed to have 100 man battles you will have to play through all with individual AI
Its like the 2 infamous games were slow as hell and that is why I liked prototype more chaotic and fast paced
But back on topic the article wasn't really to compare poly count more so to show that even with the drop in poly count it is still more than most
Hell KZ only has 40k and its a linear first person shooter it still looks great
Matter of fact it looks better now than it did at first just not as shiny but without a doubt more realistic and that is fact
guitarded77  +   669d ago
Thing is... yes, Ryse will not be the same visually as what was shown at E3. It will still look good, so the argument of it "looking like crap" or that "_____ game looks better" is irrelevant. Now the argument of what MS has been showing, and what they are really releasing is a valid argument. Both the demos of Ryse and Forza from E3 are known to above what is actually being released for the XBOX One. I know both will still look good, but it's the smoke and mirrors that I find troubling. I know it's not exclusive to MS, but they are the ones most prominently doing it at this moment.
Kingthrash360  +   669d ago
im gunna wait till i see some acual footage before i judge anything....the downgrade is indeed a bad thing for the x1 titles and in fear of devs doctoring up pics or youtubes bad vids.....we all should wait to judge anything.
that said ms has been very deceptive about the x1 from policies to horse power to games running on x1 (mostly ran on higher powered pc's) paywalls and the cloud.
I'M NOT FANBOYING ANYTHING HERE but sony has proved to be less deceptive...they havent been straight forward but they havent been lying about nothing. they just keep their mouth shut unless its something that is fact...ms is fumbling this gen and if this keeps up and with steam machine comes out the may very well be the last xbox we see. hopefully not but ms will stand to lose alot after spending "billions" on x1 games devs and such. ms being by fay the richest company may cut a part of their company thats making them lose more than they gain.
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Redgehammer  +   669d ago
Sony just appears to be less dishonest, when viewed in the frame of this new generation, they have been arrogant and unresponsive, in my past dealings with Sony.
mhunterjr  +   669d ago
The problem is, there was no downgrade, just a shifting of graphical resources that resulted in a better looking game?

Why are folks upset about the decreased poly count on the main character (which is so absurdly high that the reduction won't be noticed), but not happy with the removal of LODs and the improved shaders. It's a graphical improvement!
starchild  +   668d ago
Remember how at the launch of the PS3 Sony tried to pass off all those pre-rendered videos as actual gameplay or at least indicative of what we should expect in the final game?

I think some of you suffer from selective blindness.
Magicite  +   669d ago
Ryse still looks lame.
I hope xbox doesn't hold back bungie's ps4 version of destiny.

Can't wait for AMD mantle.. PC is about to shut it down..
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come_bom  +   669d ago
This article just proves that fanboys are ignorant stupid fools. What else is new.
turgore  +   669d ago
It has many polygons but it doesn't look as impressive.
BallsEye  +   669d ago
polycount is good but...


How much difference you see on model that goes 10x down in polycount? None. Normal maps take care of that.

lighting is what needs to be improved in games. I can model a simple square on a plane. With good GI and Raytracing it will look amazing. eventho it's just a square
kingduqc  +   668d ago
yeah but this head got 6 times more polly then the whole character on ryze..
BallsEye  +   668d ago
I'm doing 3d modelling and trust me that doesn't matter. I can make a 30k model look like 200k model without a problem using normal maps. Why Crytek still goes for 85k if polys don't matter that much? They want to keep the realistic animations and all the joints they've put into the model. They need to keep the lowest possible to have the same fidelity with joints, so faces will animate just as good as before. The model they are using is just as high poly as those awesome CGI animation models you see in trailers and movies. Then it comes all down to the lighting, the essence of everything.
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Ps4Console  +   669d ago
One word "Shocking!"
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DamntaionEternal  +   669d ago
See, people the Ryse cull is not that bad :/
HammadTheBeast  +   669d ago
85 triangles. In engineering, triangles are polygons, but usually it's 3 triangles for a polygon. Idk what they're using.
Pancit_Canton  +   669d ago
LOL. It's not Engineering. It's Geometry.
Polygon consist of 2 or more angles.

Most common are:

It shows most of the poster around here don't know what the hell they are talking about.
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HammadTheBeast  +   669d ago
Auto correct. But thanks anyways.
Mystogan  +   668d ago
CrossingEden  +   668d ago
There is no way that a browser would autocorrect geometry, with engineering, in other words, maybe next time you should opt to just say nothing instead of talking about things that you know nothing about. Lemme guess, you can tell explain the difference between these two things
Izzy408  +   669d ago
Kind of makes people complaining over 85k polygons look silly now.
codelyoko  +   669d ago
ikr :P
karl  +   669d ago
we dont really mind the game has that amount of polygons..

but they showed the game running at 150k polygons? was it?

and it ran beautifully .. meaning there really was no problem with the game

and now suddenly the cant run it anymore

ppl is mad cuz they believe Ms was lying again and ryse never ran on an xbox one but on PC
Goku781  +   669d ago
That is my point exactly! I've already said forget the graphics it is what it is, downgrade, spin or not, will Crytek turn this into the God of War contender it is aimed to be, according to other articles.
4Sh0w  +   669d ago
No karl thats not true at San Diego Comic Con thousands of people saw it and played it running on X1 long before they tweaked the game to 85k poly but remember it was still a older build like at E3 and it still was getting criticism for being buggy with clunky animation here and there on this very site. Now Crytek has been tweaking things which is really called optimization and now alot of the same people critical of the early build now are looking for another excuse to hate on Ryse. I really don't understand why hardcore gamers wouldnt appreciate a dev taking away from a uneccessarily high poly count to deliver an overall game that has more background detail, better shaders, performs significantly better and still will be visually stunning.
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Hellbringer  +   669d ago
Not only that. Ryse: Son of Rome is one of the most technically advanced games that come out this year.

In Ryse: Son of Rome 30 characters can be seen on a screen (NPCs should have about 50 000 polygons). In the most other presented games we seen five to seven characters. Ryse Son of Rome has a 85 000 polygon character with is some of the best quality character model that you have ever seen in video games. There is Subsurface Scattering (SSS). It has also very good particles, which are not only many, but they also react with physics and cast shadows. The game also has tessellation and Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM) and Pixel Accurate Displacement Mapping (PADM). The clothing is the best simulation, which will have ever seen in video games. The water is very high quality FFT water. The motion blur has also a very high quality. It has realtime GI and HDR. For picture quality you will probably take SMAA T2x and 900p. The Mulitplayer looks not as good as the singleplayer (no high quality water)

Technically it beats on consoles pretty much every video game presented so far.

If someone disagrees, he should please point at which technology the competition is better than Ryse Son of Rome.

CryENGINE matters a lot.
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lifeisgamesok  +   669d ago
85,000 polygons and added next gen shaders


One beautiful top notch graphical masterpiece
elhebbo16  +   669d ago
running at 900p lol
Gozer  +   669d ago
At 900p and it still looks better than the entire ps4 line up I thought Mark "The Fart" Cerny said the ps4 was easy to develop for.
lifeisgamesok  +   669d ago
At 900p still the best looking next gen game
codelyoko  +   668d ago
It is :)
ZeroX9876  +   669d ago
With all those articles about "X1 games" running on PCs instead of the actual X1 hardware at E3 and such, why are fanboys still surprised with the downgrade?
cyguration  +   669d ago
I'm just shocked how fast the story changed with many fanboys:

During E3: "Xbox One games look just as good as PS4 games, their AAA titles look amazing"

Finds out XB1 games ran on PCs: "It was only one game!"

Finds out XB1 games were running on PCs and don't look as good as they did at E3: "Graphics don't matter anyway."
4Sh0w  +   669d ago
Links with Forza5, DR3, Ryse, Ki verified running on PC or it didn't happen.
mhunterjr  +   669d ago
Except the game looks better than it did at e3
Ron_Danger  +   669d ago
When are either Crytek or MS gonna release how many poly's or triangles are in the NPC's and enemies? Having a main character at 85k triangles is nice and all, but who cares if 80% of the game you're just looking at their back.

I only ask because whenever these articles come up, there are always people (from both fanboy camps) who bring up Ryse main character stats verses other game NPC stats.

It's nice that this article brought up other game main characters though for reference. I'm jealous of you PC gamers. I've never heard of Star Citizen, but it sounds like you guys have a graphical powerhouse on your hands.
codelyoko  +   669d ago
You never heard of Star Citizen? The Largest Crowd Funded Game Ever, The Dream Game that will unify SinglePlayer and MMO Experiance, the PC Crusher, the bring-backer of Space Sim Genre and The Flagship of PC Gaming. No wonder you are not a PC fan :P
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Ron_Danger  +   669d ago
Nope... Never heard of it. Don't care about crowd funded or kickstarter games. I only care about the end result, not the struggle to produce. Plus I'm a console gamer. I gave PC games a shot, and I just don't like the PC gaming community. I used to play Diablo 2 online like crazy, except map hacks and auto-loot gatherers ruined it. Aim-bots and clipping hacks ruined FPS'. I understand people still hack console games, it just seems like the number of cheaters in the games I play on consoles are a whole lot fewer. The main reason I stopped playing the CoD series was because Acti seemed to just look the other way when you reported a cheater (I also stopped playing CoD right after I got the Plat in MW2.)
Ashlen  +   669d ago
This article misses the point for me.

It's not important how many polygons or triangles. It's the fact that Microsoft keeps trying to mislead or even lie about everything. They keep showing there games on PC while claiming it's on console. And there doing the same thing for technical specs of the console itself
#7 (Edited 669d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(22) | Report | Reply
4Sh0w  +   669d ago
Link to X1 exclusives on PC? I'll wait.

huh, no proof other than speculation on what you want to believe, how convenient. Yet still spouting it as fact, congratulations thats called spreading misinformation you get the FUD award.

Now how is correcting something or being transparent about development changes 2 months prior to launch lying?
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dcj0524  +   669d ago
EXACTLY. Killzone shadow fall NPCs have 40, 000 polygons. So does Nathan Drake from uncharted. Difference is Nathan is a main character while the NPCs are just random people.
Ron_Danger  +   669d ago
Um... Are you responding to someone??
abusador  +   669d ago
Touting a protagonists polycount when everything else is suffering means crap. Npcs are mostly twins and backgrounds are lacking. Killzone not only looks better
But has huge draw distances, detailed backgrounds, Npc tht are highly detAiled and best believe overall killzone has higher polycount across the board due to Npc details.

Now it is a fact tht ps4 raw power advantage is evident and Microsoft was shwing their games on computers not similar to xbone inferior specs.
Ron_Danger  +   669d ago
Dude... I'm a Sony fanboy, but why bring up the PS4? The article tags are XBox One and PC. There's no reason to throw another log on the fire.
Gozer  +   669d ago
Ryse looks better than Killzone SF and it sports a higher poly count by double. You sir are a blind fanboy.
Pancit_Canton  +   669d ago

Killzone SF is a Semi-Open World with resolution of 1080P @ 30-60FPS game compare to a linear game Ryse with a resolution of 900P @ 30FPS. I think you are the mis informed blind fanboy.
abusador  +   669d ago
Blind, blind, blind Lol why do I bother. It wouldn't even be fair to put infamous into the equation which is also 1080p, open world and doing more technically. Ryse is super linear and do your h.w, the only thing double in polys is the main character but that's bcus NPCs suffer that lack of detail as opposed to kz having a level of polygon parity across the board and not floundering on NPCs,

You sir are a masdochist, delusional and probably defended Microsoft during rrod debacle Lol and said kinect worked awesome,

Hands down xbone has nothing touching killzone or infamous, no matter how many times u lie or repeat ur bs lol
#9.2.2 (Edited 669d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(10) | Report
Gozer  +   669d ago
You really shouldn't bother, because you are wrong. Ryse kicks the dogs*** out of both of those games. If Ryse were on the ps4, we would never hear the end of it from you sony fanatics. Guess what, Ryse is an X1 game that kicks the total s*** out of everything for the alleged 50% more powerful ps4. Do you sony fanatics realize how stupid you look when you say the ps4 is 50% more powerful, when a game with the visuals of Ryse exists on the X1? Pretty stupid to say the least.

Also how are those dedicated servers for COD Ghosts ps4 coming along? Also why is Killzone SF using P2P in its online MP? I thought sony has plenty of servers according to you sony fanatics.
Monolith12   669d ago | Spam
Izzy408  +   669d ago
Ryse still has 110% more polygons than Killzone SF (40k). Sure, Killzone will run at 1080p but it will cap at 30-40fps. Ryse will top at 900p, but will run at 60fps.
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Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   669d ago
Both sound like they're trying to do things that can't exactly be achieved so they need to downgrade a it on their respective hardware. LOL

Pretty sure killzone SF is suppose to be 50-60fps, that's what a developer said. He did also say it was purposefully done too.
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marcofdeath  +   668d ago
Killzone only runs at 60 frames per second 1080p in multiplayer mode, because multiplayer games typically has less detailed environments.
windblowsagain  +   669d ago
Ryse will be 30fps,lol.

Most games on xbox are struggling to reach 25fps.

GPU is a POS.
marcofdeath  +   668d ago
First let me just say you have no idea what you are talking about, in that so-called article about watchdogs the article stated that PS4 was locked at 30 frames per second but that Xbox one version was struggling at 60, so how is 30 frames per second grader than a box that is struggling to get to 60 frames per second.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   669d ago
Putting this into preceptive it brings up an interesting point. If Ryse can achieve the count it has on the hardware it needs to run on. Think about what a 'good' pc would be able to handle?(hint: SIGNIFICANTLY more. Now think what it can do on a high-end gamer pc? Pretty crazy stuff.
Wni0  +   669d ago
no its not going to have 80,000 + in game for even the main character sorry. those multiplayer videos looked about half that much.
SITH  +   669d ago
I run star citizen hangar module easily. http://youtu.be/fMtyGsmM9A0

Can't wait for the dogfight module this year. I personally think the higher count of Ryse looks a lot better.
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Hakoom  +   669d ago
since when was crysis AAA? lol
crapiest fps made
iamgoatman  +   669d ago
AAA refers to budget.

And "crapiest" fps ever made? Please.
Hakoom  +   668d ago
worst AI implemented in any fps.. even worst than cod..
i played all 3 and i know what iam talking about

BF+KZ <3 ;)
starchild  +   668d ago
The Crysis games have a higher average metacritic score than the Killzone series, so I guess the Killzone games are even crappier?

Hmm.. I have all four Crysis games on my PC and I enjoyed all of them. But since you are so sure.. I guess I must have hallucinated having fun in those games.
#15.2 (Edited 668d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Hakoom  +   668d ago
u pc fanboys amaze me...
hmmmm metacritic u say?
here u go
crysis 1~3

and gues what? killzone 2 owns the 3 games in the score

i have played crysis and spent alot of time in the SP and MP
the game isnt nice at all and the AI is crap..
KZ ai is the best ai created in any fps game released so far..
disagree more.. i know where its coming from.. pc fanboys
Reem  +   669d ago
LOL Ryse runs a SINGLE character at higher poly count than any other game before, but at what cost? 900p 30fps and all other characters are super low poly count and copy&paste job haha
marcofdeath  +   668d ago
I know that in your head that you cannot understand how this is happening, but down below I posted a new link where it clearly states that all characters on screen are generated using 85 thousand polygons per character. Now the real question here is that you must question every single thing said about PS4, how can the easiest 'system to make games for and just a high-powered PC' (Mark Carey) has not made one attempt in performance to out run Xbox one. I am starting to think that the 50% comment was reversed.
Reem  +   668d ago
Are you kidding me, that's again a statement from an author of the article and not Crytek. Fact is Crytek never said that all characters have 85k polys and truth is the other characters have so low polygon count, that Crytek is scared to say what polygon count the other characters have haha
cunnilumpkin  +   669d ago
I think ryse 100% blows away anything on ps4

btw, I have no console fan-person agenda, I like pc far better and will certainly not be buying either console for years to come

and even though I think ryse looks great for a console title, countless pc games like witcher 2, far cry 3, metro 2033 and metro last light, crysis1, 2 and 3, hard reset, shogun 2 total war, bf3 and so on look WAY better than Ryse
windblowsagain  +   668d ago
That's because you like Cryengine Multiplatform engine 3.

You have no console agenda, which is why all you do is bash PS4.

I doubt you even have a decent pc.

I max out all those games you mention on my rig.

Crysis1,2,3 are good looking games, so is BF3. Farcry 3 is ok, metro last light is overrated.

You have no clue what you are talking about.

Marcofdeath is probably your other account. Because he hasn't a clue either.

If you both had a clue, you would know that a better gpu/cpu/ram/system on PS4 would produce better graphics at higher rez and better framerate, it is also the reason hardly any gameplay has been on xbox ones. It's all PC footage.

Either way, nobody said Ryse was a bad looking game. But the gameplay looked boring.
parentoftheyear  +   668d ago
I love PlayStation because its my console of choice. I love Xbox as well. They are both different, and they both offer different and great things. Its like get over this already. The games for both consoles will be amazing. Its frun to joke every now and them but I'm pretty sure there are people actually screaming at their screen when they read this stuff. It is a big shame. And is embarrassing to act as most do on here. I understand that Microsoft is really trying to sell this game as THE GAME. And everyone is finding reasons to hate it. I won't play it cause it looks boring. Just like I don't play ww2 shooters cuz I don't like the guns. If you don't want to play a video game because it has reduced polygon count I would say you are missing the point of being a true gamer. I'm done, sorry to rant. Back to harry potter.
marcofdeath  +   668d ago
Sorry to keep doing this, but here is more proof that RYSE is in fact comparable to a High-end PC. In this article states 85,000 polygons per character.
XTerminator  +   668d ago
This is not proof, only your delusions ;)
larrysdirtydrawss  +   668d ago
gozer- You really shouldn't bother, because you are wrong. Ryse kicks the dogs*** out of both of those games. If Ryse were on the ps4, we would never hear the end of it from you sony fanatics. Guess what, Ryse is an X1 game that kicks the total s*** out of everything for the alleged 50% more powerful ps4. Do you sony fanatics realize how stupid you look when you say the ps4 is 50% more powerful, when a game with the visuals of Ryse exists on the X1? Pretty stupid to say the least.

deep down/kz campaign/ kz multiplay/infamous all look better than ryse,and that was even before all the huge poly and texture/texture res downgrades for ryse.. its not an eyesore,but it looks its best when theres only a few guys on screen and then the action slows down and zooms in and a good chunk of the control gets taken away from the player., its just not as great looking as the titles mentioned.. and from what the journalist who got to see the order 1866 at gamescon,you can throw that in as better looking also. and sony 3 big guns mm/nd and santa monica havent even showed their cards yet,but we know how thats gonna turn out... just enjoy ryse for what it is.

the man bear pig models from deep down blow away the character models in ryse easily,im not gonna even mention the dragon,cause so far nothing comes anywhere close to the fidelity as on that MOFO
ATi_Elite  +   668d ago
Ryse Son of Rome has Risen!
When the Polygon count was announced you had over 450 post of FANBOYS laughing their butts off at Ryse and the XB1.

Needless to say the Polygon count still smashes anything before it in Gaming TODAY! So whose laughing now?

I still think RsoR will be a great XB1 title.

Side Note: OMG did you see StarCitizen's Polygon count? Friggin Galaxian in terms of Polygon count. December can not come fast enough so my GPU's can burn some calories.
starchild  +   668d ago
I know. I can't freaking wait for Star Citizen!
urwifeminder  +   668d ago
Awesome will be nice to get my hands on Ryse.
Hassassin  +   668d ago
I can already see my character in Star Citizen, and have played the hangar module (@1440p 60+fps).

I can't say the same about Ryse.

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12m ago - Coming in October, the latest installment in the Just Dance series has a Demo for you to try out... | PS4

Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed Review - Gearnuke

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Warhammer: Arcane Magic Comes to iOS

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post

IGN | 'F1 2015' Review

1h ago - IGN Though deeply wounded by a poverty of features and broken multiplayer, F1 2015 puts its be... | PS4

The Swindle sneaks onto multiple platforms this friday

1h ago - Curve Digital and Size Five studios have released new details on their stealth platformer the Swi... | PC

British tanks invade War Thunder on PS4

1h ago - War Thunder gets new tanks from the British army, coming later this year. | PS4