Moneysaver Co-Op: The Best Gaming Monitor

Kotaku - Taking 41% of the vote, ASUS Monitors handily commanded the popular opinion in our latest Moneysaver Co-Op, and with good reason. The 24" ASUS VG24HQE we called out was built from the ground up for gaming, not to mention being one of the cheapest monitors in our nominations. With a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, along with HDMI, DisplayPort, Dual-Link DVI, and built-in speakers, it's got all the features that matter, along with bonuses like 3D that you may never even use. If you want a 1080p monitor to game on, this is the one to buy.

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rakentaja1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

and the winner is Eizo FS2333 (not even listed lol)

MooseWI1833d ago

Probably because it's expensive.

AceBlazer131833d ago

This is cheap? Who really needs 3d?I can get a 22 inch samsung tv to pit in my gaming setup for $180

Pandamobile1833d ago

I bought a 3D monitor for $500 a few years ago. I haven't touched the 3D features since the first month I bought it.

120 Hz is awesome, however. TF2 at 120 FPS w/ Vsync is amazing.