Explained: How Does GTA 5 / Online System Work

Lets just start off by saying, that GTA V is unlike the setup of any other GTA you have previously owned. The disk based version of the game merely contains the Campaign mode (being so large) and having 3 protagonists (Michael, Trever and Franklin). Therefore the 'online' version of the game has become a seperate online entity (persistent online multiplayer) that now becomes the 4th option in the game (after the campaign's 3 protagonists which are 1-3)

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MeatAbstract1684d ago

On 1st October you put the game in your console. Witchcraft happens and you play online.

SmokeyMcBear1684d ago

I still don't understand if its a persistent world with the same people, or it changes depending on when you log on and who you end up playing with. Say I have my crew and we all join a world, is that world only for us, or if I go online one night, it throws me into another world populated with 15 random people I don't know, or if it forces me into a world where my crew member or psn friend is playing, not sure how this all works.

Aces171684d ago

From what I gather it will work the same as any other multiplayer, but your house/apartment, money/bank account and garage will follow you no matter what game you enter.

You choose whether you want to be in the game with friends or random players.

Wagz221684d ago

But what if two people who own the same house join an online game together?

GaminGuys1683d ago

It's had me wondering about the properties you own the lot since this post. I wonder how the hell they figured those clashes out and can't stop. Gonna have to ask.

Freddy_Millz11684d ago

Its very simple really. It all consists of the legendary Cthulhu mating with a fabled unicorn. Once that magical moment happens when the Thulu reaches his peak, (And right b4 the unicorn explodes) is the necessary force and power needed to activate the servers. Thus, the onlne will be born.

...u guys are welcome.

Jaybronee1684d ago

You can't argue with that Freddy.

sevilha821684d ago

My guess is that is going to be like a Second Life,but really, really, really, really, cool...