Interview: inFAMOUS: Second Son’s Nate Fox Talks Powers, Continuity, Sequels, DualShock 4 and PSVita

After a behind closed doors demonstration of inFAMOUS: Second Son, Game Director Nate Fox took some time to respond a few questions asked the PS4 exclusive title. He also seems to slip on something about the PS Vita.

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sherimae24131933d ago

i want an inFamous for PS Vita!!!!(! ^_^

Abriael1933d ago

That's how i kind of interpreted the final slip on the vita, but your guess is as good as mine there.

It'd be nice though.

sherimae24131933d ago

the franchise will find its way to the vita somehow, in a form of a spin off at the least ^_^

same goes for other key franchises of SONY ^_^

ZodTheRipper1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

But wouldn't you rather have a PS4 Infamous that can be played on the Vita? I mean I love the Vita, but I don't think that it could handle an awesome open world superhero game ...that still feels fresh. I'd rather have some new IP's on Vita that fit the system Gravity Rush for example.

Rikuson11932d ago

If they did the story of Kessler on the Vita that would be awesome

bjmartynhak1932d ago

It will come,

They just need people to play I:SS before making a spin-off with Delsin or other character :)

(or before announce... even better if they are already doing it)

GdaTyler1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

He slipped that pretty badly. lol

Of course it can handle open-world. Assassin's Creed Vita's world was pretty big and shows that the Vita can handle open-world. If they fixed up the engine to lessen errors and increase the framerate that would make it perfect.

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-Foxtrot1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I kind of hope they won't do more games with Deslin

I'd rather see each new inFAMOUS game now with a subtitle show us another character in a different city with new powers. Each inFAMOUS game will seem different and more fresh if they do this.

Plus if they ever want to come back to Cole in the far far far future then inFAMOUS 3 is there waiting for them. It would be amazing to have the last scene of Second Son hint upon Coles return, maybe the government took his body from Zeke or maybe he's still alive after that lightning bolt hit his coffin and he's been in hiding with Zeke ever since.

Abriael1933d ago

This is actually pretty much what he says when he says that everyone with superpowers has a different story to tell.

HeavenlySnipes1933d ago

Cole is dead dead

Like really dead

He's not coming back

-Foxtrot1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Just because they said he's dead dosn't mean anything, they are more likely saying that for one or more reasons.

1) Saying Cole is dead for good puts focus on their new game and Deslin

2) It's more of surprise for us if he did come back

It's a comic book like game about people with super powers. In those kinds of worlds no one is dead forever.

Look at Jean Grey, how many times has she come back from the dead or cloned.

kwiksilver991933d ago

two words.

ZBlacktt1932d ago

They are not natural people to begin with. We use electricity to jump start a heart in real life. Which happens to be Coles main power. :D

Sevir1932d ago

They aren't bringing Cole back, he's dead... Let him rest in peace, Delsin Looks cool and I hope they do a trilogy really exploring Delsin since we were the ones who dictated the stories canon.

The_Truth_24_71932d ago

Cole will be the final boss in SS.

-Foxtrot1932d ago


How do you know? They could bring him back if they wanted and I think after some time they will bring him back. The whole inFAMOUS franchise started with him

Why would you want a trilogy on Deslin...hell we didn't even get a trilogy with Cole.

bjmartynhak1932d ago

In other interview he said that in the world of super-heroes, only two characters are dead:

Uncle Ben and Cole

Strong statement!

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1933d ago
Enemy1933d ago

Is L1 for over the shoulder aiming still in place?

THC CELL1923d ago

Do u even own a vita or are u just wanting to troll. Play a ps2 game on vita u can map the touch screen on back four corners top left l1 bottom left l2 bottom right r2 top right r1

snitch_puck1933d ago

Oh-ho-ho-ho! he let that one slip! XD

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