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First "Review" of Beyond: Two Souls - Sony Denies Review Code Distributed

OnlySP - "So here’s the thing – there’s a local video rental store up the road. It’s part of a reasonably sized chain in Australia – not a huge thing, but big enough to have their own free magazine to promote their rental stock. Video Vibes, the magazine is called. In it, they write articles and reviews about various forms of entertainment they will be stocking in the coming month. Including games.

I picked up the September issue of the free magazine today on a whim, and over lunch I flicked through the pages looking for an interesting film to ignore until it comes to a streaming service. Naturally, I found my eyes wandering to the games review section of the magazine and what should I see? A review of Beyond: Two Souls!" (Beyond: Two Souls, PS3)

NukaCola  +   615d ago
A little early for a review but I do hope we see lots of 9s and 10s. This game looks awesome.
ShugaCane  +   615d ago
"I did my due diligence and gave Sony’s representatives a call. According to them, no review copies of Beyond: Two Souls have been sent out yet. To anyone."

A bit early indeed. I have no doubt the game will end up being a 9/10 game, but I do think that publishing a review of a game you've never played really doesn't work in your favor when you call yourself a journalist. (Well okay, it's a free magazine so I guess it's not that of a big deal. But still..)

Anyway, super hyped for this game. It does look awesome.
kayoss  +   614d ago
It would be crazy if Sony pulls off another The last of Us this current gen. I cant imagine Sony possibly having two game of the year contender late into the life cycle of the PS3. This is only the tip of the iceberg too. Most anticipated 3rd party games are also on the horizon Finaly fantasy 10, Batman, puppeteer, grand theft auto, Rain, Dragon age, castlevania, and many others. Cant wait for these.
mewhy32  +   614d ago
this game looks as good as anything that i've seen from the bone. PS3 holding it's own against the bone isn't really surprising.
DirtyPimp  +   615d ago
i see good goddamn scores.
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boing1  +   614d ago
Video Vibes??
DigitalAnalog  +   614d ago
LOL! This is the most vague review you'll ever see and you can tell he/she wrote it off based on the trailers released so far. Heck, this is the kind synopsis you usually see at the back of the case.
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slapsta72  +   614d ago
it isn't a review. the blockbuster magazine does the same thing here in australia. they just lump in previews and reviews in one section and title each as a review...

it's annoying, but you only need to read the write-up to figure out they haven't played the game
Dlacy13g  +   614d ago
WOW...now that is a new low in gaming journalism. Bravo to onlysp.com for uncovering this nugget.
badboy776  +   614d ago
Day one
Shane Kim  +   614d ago
I rather buy a second PS3 than xbox one. Just wanted to point it out.
nosferatuzodd  +   614d ago
amen to that brother ps4 allday everday

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