Microsoft Could Be in Trouble, Still No FCC Approval for Xbox One

While Microsoft tries to rebut supply chain and manufacturing issues as results for a delayed Xbox One release, another possible problem has come to light. Where is the FCC Approval for the Xbox One?

Without FCC approval, a manufacturer is not able to market and sell their products in the United States. If the FCC finds any problems with the Xbox One and requests for Microsoft to change or adjust entities within the console itself, there would be a disastrous impact on supply. Needless to say, that if there is a major issue, components may need to be sourced from different manufactures causing further constraints on the supply for the console.


EDIT: Please be aware that this article is based off of information that has yet to be released by the FCC and/or Microsoft. The sole purpose of this article is to discuss the following issues: (1) If the console has yet to pass through the FCC it may be a sign showing that the console has yet to be finalized. (2) If the console does go through the FCC later than sooner, Microsoft will have less time to react IF there are any problems.

EDIT 2: News has surfaced that Albert Penello, Microsoft Director of Product Planning, seemingly confirmed that the Xbox One received FCC approval early in the summer. However, this was posted on a forum and is not credible regardless of its origin. We will update the story if an official release from Microsoft or the FCC is released.

Thank you for the feedback.

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The_Infected1453d ago

Well they need to let us know what is going on if the Xbox One is delayed I'll cancel my pre order and get a PS4. Yes I hate waiting! Lol

maxkoe1453d ago

Completely agree. If there is a problem with the system I would like to know.

Enough of the marketing mumbo jumbo.

NewMonday1453d ago

don't think the XB1 will have any issue with the FCC, it not like it's the first device MS are ever selling, they would know what they need to do.

XB1_PS41453d ago

The thing I'm wondering about is WHY is it taking so long?

Is there some sort of issue that is making this process harder for the FCC?

If so, will the problem end up at my house?

Hope not.

JokesOnYou1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

"In this case, we are being fully transparent. And FYI – we passed FCC certification back in early summer, before PS4."
-Albert Penello
MS Director of Product Planning

lol @ disagrees please share proof otherwise.

falviousuk1453d ago

@jokes i dont know why you even bothered putting that up, no one on here is going to see it, read it or believe it. They are blind to it. They will just continue to spout the same line that it hasnt passed FCC so its in trouble.

And finally when its glaringly obvious they will move onto something else to complain about when it comes to the xbox one. Thats what they do on here, all day, every day. One would thing they must be share holders in a certain company to try and make it appear that the xbox one is a complete failure before either console has even went on sale.

DragonKnight1453d ago

@Jokes: If this was official, why is it only on NeoGAF?

JokesOnYou1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

lol, Dragonknight So show me news on wii u passing FCC? Maybe I missed it. I'll wait...

At any rate you guys put waaaay too much stock in FCC which is pretty easy to pass, its not a quality check or how ready you are for production measure. They simply make sure it complies with govt protocols so theres no intereference or comm problems and has basic safety standards that a jr high science project could pass. lol, this is classic "sony reported it so OMG micro is hiding something" as if a fcc notice is the be all end of a products quality...if so how could we see RROD problems and on a lesser level the YLOD problems? I dont understand how it makes sense that they are still launching in November but the console cant pass FCC, you'd think in that case they would have announced a worldwide delay instead of just delaying in small markets that account for a few million sales total over the entire last gen. Logic.

trafalger1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

"@Jokes: If this was official, why is it only on NeoGAF?"

let the witch-hunt begin. if there is any conspiracies or rumors floating that could negatively affect the xbone this guy is on it.

albert penello has been certified on neogaf as being an employee for m$. he has been on the site for awhile helping to explain things. then again we have dragonknight who has a masters degree on xbone cloud servers and spends his days here blasting m$ and the xbox consoles.

so of course his main concern is if the xbone passes fcc or if there is problems going on in manufacturing. he obviously doesn't want to wait to get his hands on the system!

Narutone661453d ago

To put this matter to rest, why don't MS or anyone who knows anything regarding the FCC documents, post link to that documents. Regarding the Wii U, no one is inquiring about their FCC documents. But in XB1's case, it is generating a lot of controversy.

DragonKnight1453d ago

@Jokes: So rather than answer the question or touch on the point of NeoGAF's inclusion, you divert the subject towards the Wii U. Let me ask you, why would you do that hmm?

trafalger1453d ago

"Regarding the Wii U, no one is inquiring about their FCC documents. But in XB1's case, it is generating a lot of controversy."

so how many people here care because it could affect there pre-orders of the xbone?

boldstarr1453d ago

yeah its m$, not so surprice... all they want is your money... they will sell a defective product... like the 360 and the buggy window os

JokesOnYou1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

"@Jokes: If this was official, why is it only on NeoGAF?"

huh? smh, because theres no protocol, standard, formality or whatever you want to call it to say in some official press release "Hey look at us we just passed fcc." lol, its expected thing and very easy to do, hardly something you have to announce. I mean have you guys have seen the variety of electronics that pass fcc right?, I'm no business guru but I know a bit from work that I do and its funny watching folks who really don't understand what they are talking about act as if they found a smoking gun.

The wii-u reference is completely revalent as it was the 1st console to start this generation of gaming, yet with no news about it passing FCC its out now for all to other words FCC announcement has never been a big deal, the only reason you guys are trying your hardest to make it a big deal is because you want to spread misinformation about xbox one's production/supply/status/sugge st problems with no evidence to back up such claims. It's transparent and foolish to think micro has to respond to every silly rumor officially or by following everything sony does just to please sonyfanboys. Unless MICROSOFT says there is a delay beyond November and I see nothing to suggest they will, I know that I will be picking up my console sometime in November. I assume they will announce the EXACT date soon in some public event/show= PR. PAX perhaps? Rumors and FUD don't change anything.

DragonKnight1453d ago

@Jokes: "huh? smh, because theres no protocol..."

So? It's frickin' NeoGAF, not anything close to an official source. So let me get this straight, when NeoGAF were reporting all the leaks about the XB1, then "it's just NeoGAF," but when something like this comes up then NeoGAF is a trusted source? GTFO with that hypocrisy.

"I mean have you guys have seen the variety of electronics that pass fcc right?"

Irrelevant. You can't sell consumer electronics in the U.S. without first passing the FCC and that's what the important part is.

"The wii-u reference is completely revalent..."

No it's not. No one is talking about the Wii U. You only brought it up to divert the conversation away from the Xbox One. To make it perfectly clear, the whole discussion is irrelevant. Who gives a damn if the Xbox One hasn't passed through the FCC yet? The frickin' Xbox 360 passed with the RROD so unless the Xbox One has something worse, then we can pretty much guarantee that the the XB1 will pass.

But don't try to pawn off the situation on the Wii U or use a stupid forum site as an official source of confirmation because the Wii U isn't relevant to anything and NeoGAF is not Microsoft.

People are using this FCC situation as a point of discussion as to why Microsoft haven't yet announced a launch date, and how there were rumours about them being months behind on production. But in the end it is completely pointless because the FCC thing is merely a formality right now.

miyamoto1453d ago

yup just make a damn official announcement....
i hope M$ feel the pressure

KazHiraiFTW1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago ) the Xbox One hasn't gotten approval from Farm Credit Canada? Why would MS give a shit about that?

trafalger1452d ago

stay tuned here on n4g as sony fans look to scour the earth for more 'nerve' wracking witch-hunts to try and dampen the launch of the xbone.

PlayStation_41452d ago

that guy on the forum said "There never has been any sort of yield or performance issues with our GPU/ESRAM/KINECT/ETC"

and yet M$ themselves said that there was yield issues with the kinect... something is off here

nukeitall1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

n4g is so biased it isn't funny.

Even the updated text is slanted. Just look at all the people that are mods or have many bubbles. All biased Sony fangirls.


* MS increases specs
* FCC certification passed before Sony by MS


We all know you and your biased views. Nobody announces FCC certification, even Sony doesn't do that.

Do you think MS issues a massive production without making sure their product is legal to sell?

Even idiots don't question that, other than retarded fangirls.

DragonKnight1452d ago

@nukeitall: The irony of your comment is astounding. And the fact that you believe Big Green's hype man even moreso.

As I stated earlier, just because something hasn't yet passed through the FCC, doesn't mean you don't prepare for the possibility that it will. Plus, the console isn't only being released in the U.S. so why halt production for the other territories? Seriously, your Big Green fanboyism is making you incapable of seeing common sense facts in front of your face.

But the stealth troll that you and the other 2 are should make anyone unsurprised by that fact.

trafalger1452d ago

"But the stealth troll that you and the other 2 are should make anyone unsurprised by that fact."

thats hilarious. a well known sony shill in yet another xbone topic calling others stealth trolls.

the mods should make it so haters of m$ not even be allowed in the same room yet alone talk in m$/xbox topics. same goes for nintendo haters who shouldn't be allowed to even look at the comments let alone make one. same with sony/playstation haters shouldn't be able to converse or even read comments in those topics. i'm not talking about having a few negative comments here and there. i'm talking about those who seem to do this for a living, day in and day out with nothing good to say and with the most biased and objective views. either that or tag each member with a symbol next to them that states they are a fanboy of whichever company and/or a hater of another. just like what they are going to do with xbox live gamers who don't seem to get along or want to play nice online. they too will be forced to play with like-minded folks while the general population doesn't have to put up with there antics.

this is why these seasoned critics hate it when you dig deep into there history comments. they don't like things out in the open that makes it easy to see who we are dealing with.

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-Foxtrot1453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

"if the Xbox One is delayed I'll cancel my pre order and get a PS4. Yes I hate waiting! Lol"

That line there makes me think thats what MS is scared of

Probably the reason why they aren't announcing it yet...IF there IS a problem

Tony-A1453d ago

I would say that it probably has something to do with the fact that the XBO is heavy on the TV side of things and so maybe the FCC is double-checking the guidelines that go into it but that can't be it.

Oh well. They should probably get on that.

Cueil1453d ago

approval and denails are released to the public so you'd know if their was a problem... MS may not even have submitted the final package... software is also an important function and they also have to get FCC approval for the Camera and likely a little harder test due to ir blasting ability... don't get worked up is what I say

Funantic11453d ago

@Foxtrot There's no delay. Just rumors.

voodoogts1453d ago

Its like me saying M$ is starting to hog all the damn exclusive and time DLC content. COD, BF4, Watch dogs, Fifa, NFL, and The Division. Where is the love for PS4! I don't want to wait for months for these content. Lol

hqgamez1453d ago

Sony is the one with the exclusive stuff for watch dogs, same goes for AC4.
they can keep that cod crap.

Tctczach1453d ago

Ms also has the division dlc locked up which is one of my most hyped games for next gen

hqgamez1453d ago

The divison dlc. what? some extra weapons, and etc. not much to expect from an online only game.

Brix901453d ago


It's an open world game all there gona give is probably some useful customizations or something along those lines. It's like Watch Dogs getting exclusive content for PS4 just some minor things nothing that would truly give the edge over the other.

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