Saint’s Row IV Preview (ITF Gaming)

Bracken Lee-Rudolph from ITF Gaming writes: The Saint’s Row series has amassed a cult following due to its blend of crude humour, iconic parody and sandbox gameplay on the current gen consoles – as well as its fair share of controversy from crude, violent and drug-related themes. However, developer Volition Inc.’s habit of shrugging off criticism and getting on with their jobs has won more than one fan (including myself), as well as resulted in a series of games that was very true to their original vision. However, as we head into the fourth numbered title in the franchise, will Saint’s Row IV remain true to the ridiculous nature of the Saint’s Row brand?

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NexGen1925d ago

Well, the author apparently only played Saints Row the third. That is the first over the top and wtf Saints Row game; the first two were not at all like that and tried to be much more serious.

CataclysmicDawn1925d ago

I played 2 and 3 - the only one I missed was the first, as I didn't have an Xbox at the time.

You are right of course, but Saint's Row 2 was already treading that line with activities like Trailblazing and Fuzz, and a couple of silly things, like throwing hobos into their shacks in the underground area.

It wasn't as off-the-wall as Saint's Row: The Third, but it was moving in that direction.

Fasttrack761925d ago

Looking forward to this,should keep me going until gta