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Submitted by Shok 929d ago | opinion piece

PS4 RAM: Sony Didn't Lie, Let's All Just Hush-Up About It

GaminRealm: "New rumors surrounding the PS4′s RAM have surfaced this past week claiming that 2-3.5 gigs of RAM will be dedicated to the operating system. These reports have thrown gamers and tech-heads alike into a flux, with YouTube, articles, and message boards being lit up by this controversy. But why?" (PS3, PS4, Sony)

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Rearden  +   929d ago
Even if the PS4 uses 2GB of RAM for the OS, that's a lot, lot more than the PS3, which uses under 50 MB.
MariaHelFutura   929d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(52)
CEOSteveBallmer  +   928d ago
This SPOON guy is a joke I'll quote him: "Titanfall look volumes better than Killzone". Im sorry but even an xbox fan would admit Killzone shadow fall is leagues better than titanfall graphically!!. Titanfall is a current gen game but with a next gen counterpart on xbox one. I saw the full trailer on E3 and im dissapointed. it has flat textures and still has jaggies. Even the Last of us is slightly graphically better.
HammadTheBeast  +   928d ago
Agreed, it's running on modified Source engine (2004) so it should tell you, the original CoD devs haven't really left their roots.
IcicleTrepan  +   928d ago
I'm getting both systems, and to me they look about on par with each other.
MRMagoo123  +   928d ago
Looking at all the screen comparisons skips linked above the ps4 games look miles better, look at the shots of ryse vs infamous lol they are shameful to took at because it makes the xbone ryse games look like it is really just a port from the 360 imo, i think anyone saying that ryse looks better should seek an eye doctor.
Thomper  +   928d ago
I think Titanfall looks better than Killzone, and when I say that, I mean it looks like more "fun"

Lets not forget kiddies, Titanfall is nowhere near finished yet, so hold your horses!
Spoons  +   928d ago
Wow... you completely missed the point of my post. In fact many people have. I don't have any convictions regarding who beats who in graphics I was just saying it is obvious that Maria selectively chooses her examples wisely. So much so that she picks the crapiest pictures of titanfall to match the best pictures of Killzone.

But when I do that the reverse way, even a game like killzone looks like crap compared to titanfall.

Have you been following me at all. I'm not even part of this stupid "war" (first world problems). I am not getting a new console because I cannot afford both.

But since I started visiting this site to get information on next gen I have seen Maria spewing completely biased arguments.

And guess what, I major in Law, and a lot of arguing is involved. I can tell when someone is being very biased. I just hate to see her talk all this nonsense that is clearly opinion based when people literally take it as fact.

I'm trying to show people how opinionated she is while cleverly disguising it as facts. A few articles ago I exposed one of her fallacy's in her comment yet she still got over 100 likes? Really?
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TomShoe  +   928d ago
Great article.

I have to agree with you about the fact that the specs and power of a console only matter to a certain degree. A console should really be judged by your experience in using it.

This rumor was probably blown out of proportion that the fact that Sony has been nigh-invincible since E3. People that have had good experiences with Microsoft (not fanboys) have been hearing nothing but bad news about their own machine, and when the competition finally appeared to have a chink in their own armor, they were willing to jump on that flaw immediately, so they could have something tangible, something objective to hang their hat on. This doesn't excuse Sony people either, because they should quit slandering a console that's already been panned nationwide.

All these rumors and crap don't matter. We'll find out who's really superior come launch day.
pacostacos  +   929d ago
good article... no matter what the ram whether 4,5,6 games will look great the same goes for the xbone. People just want a higher number so as to say were better than the competition without understanding how ram actually works and how the other components and software contribute to the overall picture. I have no idea what Sony has done/ given to individuals for them to have (some sort of) passionate loyalty to a piece of unreleased plastic. Such loyalty to the point of downplaying and/or lashing out at every piece of news for the competing platform. Both consoles will be great each will have great exclusives and no matter the Winner will always be Gamers!
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Shok  +   929d ago
Exactly. You seem to have understood and caught every single point I made. Thanks for reading!
iconic56  +   929d ago
Games will be great.

But one of the reasons why we obsess over numbers so much is that we know for a fact, financially speaking, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony want their consoles to stretch as long as possible... spokespersons are saying 10 years.

10 years is a long time, and the better these "numbers" are, the further the industry can evolve with these consoles before games tech starts becoming apparently stagnant. We'd be fools to think PC gaming isn't effected by this.

Even though potentially cloud-computing could really help prolong the life of these consoles, despite the fact that Cerny doesn't think it'll ever be a factor and Microsoft does. Extra ram alone could be a deciding factor of how well these consoles handle all that cloud-processed data coming in.
DARK WITNESS  +   928d ago
you say that as if the MS fans are more reasonable about their loyalty to their bit of plastic.

I have been on xbox live gold for 8 years, last gen I owned both systems but used my ps3 for mostly blurays. This gen the ps4 will be my main console and now look at it more and more as an outsider when I look at xbox fans they are just as bad.

You are right and I do believe it's the whole picture of hardware, software, talented devs etc.. etc.. that will see the long term success of the systems and it's taking all of these factors into account that has lead to me shifting over to the ps4.

both sides have their fanboys who are just as passionate and loyal to their respective bits of plastic.
pacostacos  +   928d ago
theyre not but hardcore sony fans are by far the worst this still stands true today
theWB27  +   929d ago
They didn't lie. But when they announced the ram why didn't they say how much was used for what? Cerny announced there would be 8 gigs of ram in the PS4. Then stressed and stressed and stressed how much of a gaming machine this was. As if they weren't wasting any power on superflous operations like the X1 was.

It was misleading is all. Which is what Sony is good at. Make a broad announcement and not go into details.
KwietStorm  +   929d ago
There was nothing misleading *in the very least.* You, for whatever reason, took it that way just because, they stressed that it is a gaming machine? Oh and because Sony is apparently good at being vague? That's your reasoning? You truthfully are sitting there saying that 8GB of RAM is a broad announcement? The OS obviously has to run on something other than hot air. Realistically, it doesn't matter how the numbers are divided, because we're just the end users of a proprietary gaming system. People just want to hang onto the teraflops and the ramz and the compute units so they can beat their chests about how dominant their console is. These numbers do not mean anything for the gamers in this sense. That stuff is all for the developers, and the PS4 and Xbox are both very capable of running quality games, regardless. If Sony was being broad about the RAM, than what is Microsoft? I cannot stand the gaming community at times. Truly can't deal with the politics introduced, ever since the internet went mainstream.
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theWB27  +   929d ago
The very definition of mislead is- cause(someone) to have a wrong idea or impression about someone or something.

When it was announced the system would have 8 gigs of ram they didn't tell what was used for what. If specs didn't matter, then they wouldn't hold an event as big as E3 in order to announce these machines. If all this mumbo jumbo about specs and ram and herts and whatever wasn't important then we wouldn't be informed of anything now would we?

The reason information is released to the public is because we want to know what we're buying. We want to know why we're spending as much money as we are. We want a reason to upgrade from the systems we have today. Knowing how powerful the systems are is part of that equation. Knowing what the system looks like is another part, knowing the interface is a part, knowing the controllers, knowing everything we can about the systems is a part of gaming. Specs included.

So the numbers DO matter to the gamer just as much as the games matter. We want to know everything about our machine of choice.

If you can't stand the gaming community for wanting to know what they're buying and getting behind then you can Fish it and quit the internet. Believe me, the internet will go on.

I honestly don't think most of the users on here really get offended by what another random person on the internet chooses to game on. It's called a debate, it's fun, we go at one another. At the end of the day, I doubt too many people's days are ruined by someone choosing an X1 or PS4.

Like Microsoft went into detail about the Cloud? We know how the developers are using the cloud. That's the part that matters. The developers are coming and telling us how they're using it and that matters more than what Microsoft can say.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   929d ago
@Storm "Realistically, it doesn't matter how the numbers are divided, because we're just the end users of a proprietary gaming system. People just want to hang onto the teraflops and the ramz and the compute units so they can beat their chests about how dominant their console is."

Well said, Well freakin said.

The same stuff happened when PS360 were introduced and its funny how quickly people have forgotten about specs when they were both finally out.

Only to be reminded by "Lens Of Truth" from time to time. "Console A version looks better than console B version!"

News flash people, you aren't thinking about GDDR4 5 6 7 8 10 RAM when playing badass next gen games.
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drsfinest72  +   929d ago
its definitely misleading. just like when you buy a HDD . it says for example 40GB HDD then in fine print that it would be less than that caues of the OS and stuff. the average joe would think hes getting all 40gb
AznGaara  +   929d ago
Like how MS went into detail with "The Cloud" right? Please, don't single out Sony for doing something that both companies do.

Actually here's how vague Sony has been:

"We would like to clear up a misunderstanding regarding our "direct" and "flexible" memory systems. The article states that "flexible" memory is borrowed from the OS, and must be returned when requested - that's not actually the case.

The actual true distinction is that:

"Direct Memory" is memory allocated under the traditional video game model, so the game controls all aspects of its allocation
"Flexible Memory" is memory managed by the PS4 OS on the game's behalf, and allows games to use some very nice FreeBSD virtual memory functionality. However this memory is 100 per cent the game's memory, and is never used by the OS, and as it is the game's memory it should be easy for every developer to use it.

We have no comment to make on the amount of memory reserved by the system or what it is used for."
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KwietStorm  +   929d ago
Yes, that is the definition of misleading. But we are talking specifically about the supposed misleading RAM situation, which there was none. As I said, the OS quite obvious needs RAM in order to operate. I have no clue where the 7 gigs for games even started from, but it's completely ridiculous to think that some of it would not be reserved for OS operations. And when I said the number don't matter, I'm talking to the degree that this whole lunacy has turned into.
theWB27  +   929d ago
It is lunacy, but I use it for a good chuckle cause I know at the end of the day I'm hoping my lucky stars I can own both consoles again next gen like I did this gen.

We've known about how the developers were using the cloud since the system was introduced.

We found out about the ram a day or two ago.
The PS4 was announced in February. 5 months ago.

Microsoft announced the cloud and developers are letting us know how they're using it.

Sony announced the ram, the devs didn't come out and say how much they were granted to use. Neither did Sony.
There is a fundamental difference there. We know what the cloud is being used for. We didn't know, until a day or two ago, anything about the ram other than there being 8 gigs worth.
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AznGaara  +   929d ago
Wait wait so when a Dev says "the Xbone's cloud is used like this" you go "Yeah MS doesn't have to say anything"

But when another Dev says "you don't have to worry about the Ps4's RAM" you go "well Sony hasn't specified" Please...
Ezz2013  +   928d ago
and the fact that Most dev did deny that 4.5GB Rumor
all of them are using from 5GB to 6GB out of 8GB

it's really more like

Dev says "the Xbone's cloud is used like this" he go "Yeah MS doesn't have to say anything"

But when another Devs says "we are using 6GB of Ram on our games"
he go "well, Sony hasn't specified and lie"
AznGaara  +   929d ago
Yeah there IS a difference, if this were a bigger deal you'd think it'd be a problem earlier. But guess what... its not a big deal. If it were then Devs would have been complaining about it a lot earlier. We'd hear more stories about Devs complaining about it. Thats another point I'd like to make... NO DEVELOPER IS COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS. The only reason why Devs had to clarify how they used the cloud because people were so confused by the whole idea in the first place.
MasterCornholio  +   928d ago

No developer is complaining about the PS4s hardware which is why we shouldn't worry too much about it. If they were complaining about the RAM amount, CPU or GPU like some Wii U developers then we would have a reason to worry about the system.

Motorola RAZR i
joefrost00  +   928d ago
I would agree with you about sony making broad general statements and then let there fanboys and the internet try to interpret them
But they didn't lie to be honest I dont think anybody with common sense about computers would have even believed sony if they did say 15 min of video recording, streaming, OS, ect would all be done with 1gb of ram if it did it was going to be slow as s**t
MS was upfront about there's but they are the one with the secrets LOL
Megaton  +   929d ago
It's reserved for potential OS additions. The current footprint is reportedly pretty low. They couldn't add cross-game chat to the PS3 because they didn't plan ahead with RAM. They don't wanna get caught with their pants down again, so they're being very liberal with reserved space. Simple as that. Besides, 4.5gb of GDDR5 is overkill for games right now. Even 4.5gb of DDR3 is overkill. I think a lot of people don't quite understand what RAM does.
kaozgamer  +   929d ago
Agreed. That and over time they will reduce the ps4's os memory footprint just as they did with the ps3(I believe at launch it was 120mb and now it sits at just over 50mb).
sAVAge_bEaST  +   929d ago
Exactly, Ram is what you are using to do real time data access, from graphics to physics, to sound and lighting.
OS side, it starts big and gets small,, (window's vita_exception.) - The Main Fact is that the Ps4 has room to grow,.. it was built that way.

Don't forgot that Ps4 has a custom Audio card to compress and decompress audio data, taking away from ram weight.
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SpideySpeakz  +   928d ago
I said something similar to this. People need to chill out. Sony is future proofing their system, and I would do the same.
ANIALATOR136  +   928d ago
actually they didnt add Cross game chat because microsoft patented the easiest way to have it. Vita has it but its different to how microsoft uses it and probably the same to how ps4 will use it
hyperfire21  +   929d ago
Wait a second... Did anyone read this guy's article??

"Multiplats will still look and run better on the PS4 as opposed to the Xbox One regardless."

How does he know this? Is he a developer or is he a fanboy himself?
Shok  +   929d ago
Denser, faster GDDDR5 RAM vs. DDR3
2 of the 8 Xbox Once CPU cores are reserved to the OS.
The PS4 has a stronger GPU.
Ubisoft has already confirmed AC4 will be the best console version on the PS4.

Why wouldn't the multiplats look better?
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PFFT  +   929d ago
We will see once the game releases if this still hold true or not. Ive heard that before and once the game released the outcome was a totally different story.
hyperfire21  +   929d ago
Hmm.. By the way Ubisoft mentioned ps4 will have superior immersive graphics and wind simulation. They did not mention whether compared to current gen or xbox one specifically.

Are you a dev? Why do u care how many cpu cores are reserved for the OS? You should be arguing these points after the game launches if by that time you even care anymore of these spec wars.
Benchm4rk  +   929d ago
Did you have a link where they confirmed that. I remember reading something similar but I interpreted what they said differently. Don't remember them mentioning the Xbox one. From what they said I thought they were comparing the ps3 version to the ps4
gamertk421  +   929d ago
All we know for sure is Halo 5 will look better on XBox One and Uncharted 4 will look better on PS4.
joefrost00  +   928d ago
yeah like they confirmed watch dogs would be better on the xbox one I read both them statments and I still think they were in both cases comparing them to current gen
Thunderhawkxbox  +   928d ago
Lol of course they gonna say it they got Sony money in their pocket and he was comparing ps4 with this generation console not Xbox one read first
BG11579  +   928d ago
You should add that the PS4 even has dedicated processors for the OS and the sound treatment...
It may not look much, but it's two things that the main processor won't have to deal with.
It's the small things that make the difference...
Bigger/better processor.
Better/Faster memory.
Little helpers for the mundane tasks.
More memory for gaming, 6Gb comfirmed, and the OS may still shrink, like in the PS3.
The PS4 seems to have all the advantages for gaming.

And don't talk about the laggy cloud, ok, it laggs!!!
Hicken  +   929d ago
People can't hush up. Xbox fans finally thought they'd found a chink in the PS4's armor. You bet your ass they're gonna exploit it for all it's worth.
theWB27  +   929d ago
Found a chink in the PS4's armor? Wow...most Xbox fans know the PS4 is a little more powerful, Most Xbox fans know it isn't as powerful as Sony and their loyalists like to boast.

Cause it sure isn't showing in the games. Even with the X1 having such a big focus on "other" features that aren't important but will suddenly be important when Sony announces their non-game related features.
Hicken  +   928d ago
First, it's funny that you say "most" Xbox fans, since it seems around here that MOST fans don't think the PS4 is more powerful at all. So naturally they "know" it's not as powerful as people on the Sony side "boast."

When an MS fan looks at XB1 specs, they'll say there's only a slight difference, or the XB1 has an advantage due to the unproven cloud(unproven for what MS says it will do, anyway). To them, the in-depth explanations Cerny has been providing regularly mean nothing: GDDR5 has higher latency, and that's the end of that. Ironically, they're quick to make sure no one forgets about the ESRAM when comparing specs... and yet they also claim "MS hasn't announced the specs, so how can anyone compare?"

The games people keep bringing up for the XB1 are Ryse, Forza, and Dead Rising 3. Somehow, Ryse was the most impressive game at E3, beating out Killzone, Watch_Dogs, The Division, and others. That's crazy talk, and we both know it... well, I do. You might, but since it's an Xbox exclusive, there's no way you'd admit that. At the same time, they downplay all the details that go into games like Drive Club and Killzone- the dynamic lighting and particle effects- and harp on 60fps for Forza as if that automatically makes it look better... forgetting that Killzone was among the best looking games of this current gen even while it ran at half the frames of titles it beat out. (There's also calling the gameplay generic and whatnot, but that's another story.)

Sorry, but if the PS4 isn't showing it in the games, neither is the XB1.

And it's funny you reference non-gaming features, since the PS3 was lambasted for them; now, though, they're the "in" thing for Xbox fans.

@maniac: What full retraction? What 180? Not one Sony fan has changed their stance: the PS4 still has more better RAM. The only way that changes is if you believe the rumor that's pretty much been debunked since before it appeared.

Nice try.
maniacmayhem  +   929d ago
Just like Sony fans couldn't hush up about all the supposed RAM they thought they had. You bet they were out in force waving it in everyone's face.

Now it's full retraction and an interesting 180 (HA!) from a lot of sony fans on this site.

But of course this little tid bit eluded you.
Xsilvermist  +   928d ago
Calm ur tits Sony boasted because xbox fans wanted to know why Ps4 was more powerful so we told them smh we all know the xbox fans were running around screaming cloud its the cloud whoopiiiiiiii its kinda sad really.
XboxFun  +   928d ago

Sony never boasted, in fact Sony never even clarified.

I love the illusion a lot of Sony fans are under and the excuses no matter how silly you all are making up.

Now the story according to you is the Xbox fans where asking the wrong info from you right? I bet you even had a hard time writing that nonsense.
theWB27  +   928d ago
I thought Ryse looked good visually, but no I don't put it atop The Division which looked downright phenomenal. I'm looking forward to that more than Watchdogs now. But other people have different preferences. I absolutely love open world games and they grab my attention more so than the linear type.

Speaking of most fans not thinking the pS4 is more powerful at all. I guess I don't as many comments as you. Cause I see differently...but we can't go back and forth on what each other notices here.

I don't get into the intricacies of spec talk because I don't know what everything means. I usually comment on the end product. So when someone tells me how much more powerful the PS4 is, I only ask why we aren't seeing this difference and why devs aren't treating the power difference as a problem. I don't think the gap will even be as big as it was this gen.

Non gaming features? I'm sorry but the 360 and X1 were blasted regularly for focusing on these rather than being about the hardcore. That's another reason why the Kinect is talked about the way it is because it doesn't focus on the hardcore that they pretend Sony only focuses on. But now they find out some of that ram is used for non-gaming purposes and it's a good thing again.

I'll say again, visually Ryse looked really good but I don't put it above the Division. Killzone looked good but it wouldn't make me get a PS4 cause I like Halo more. What I'm looking forward to seeing is what Naughty Dog and Santa Monica do. Forza 5 deserves to be brought up because visually because I haven't seen another driver that looks better. We'll see what Driveclub brings at the next event.
kwiksilver99  +   929d ago
i love my ps3 and my vita and have played some great games over the years i've had them.i have had the opportunity to play some xbox 360 over at my friend's place and it was awesome.
i'm sure people who purchase any next gen console will have reasons galore to enjoy their purchase without having to put down anyone else's choice of console.
competition is great for the industry but there is no need to get so emotionally attached to a console that people behave in the most immature fashion under a pseudo veil that the internet seems to provide.i wonder how many of us would really act in person ,the way we type over in the comments section.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   929d ago
How can Sony "lie" about something they never announced?

Back when the 7 gigs of GDDR5 memory was being used for games and 1 gig for OS rumor came about that started out as a rumor, A rumor that Sony didn't bother tackling.


Because Sony's not obligated to talk about how its utilizing its memory or go into further details regarding its specs in the first place, and rightfully so, Sony just announced the console 2 months after the rumor came about it was wayy to early for Sony to talk about that.

When that rumor came about in April and Sony declined to comment, the rumor literally took a mind of its own and everyone including me thought Sony will use 7gigs for games and the rest for the OS. I'll say most gamers took it and ran with it.

IMO Sony needs to talk more about its specs and how its memory will be used here soon, since they weren't obligated to say otherwise.

At best this is possibly "Leading" people on (would be better if they spoke a little sooner about it). Not to get confused with "misleading."

Obviously those are two different scenarios.
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jairusmonillas  +   929d ago
PS4's GDDR5 is twice faster than Xbox One's DDR3.

Oh and GTX Titan is using GDDR5. same with PS4, while low end GPU are still using the old washed out DDR3 just like xbox one.
XtraTrstrL  +   929d ago
To be technical, Xbone's DDR3 clocks in at 2100MHZ, and PS4's GDDR5 clocks in at 5500MHZ.

So, PS4's ram is actually more than 2.5x faster.
SpideySpeakz  +   928d ago
Wow, downvoted for stating FACTS. N4G is really turning into a mess. Time to clean the trolls out.
annus  +   928d ago
Gotta love N4G and their mind that works based on numbers. DDR5 is faster, however it only has a 32 bit channel, where as DDR3 has a 64 bit channel, meaning it can transfer more data in a single hit.

Both have their pros and cons and can outperform each other depending on what is needed. Hardware is never about just numbers.
Xsilvermist  +   928d ago
@masseffect dont worry its just xbox fans downvoted because they cant handle the truth
lexince  +   928d ago
This is infuriating to watch for much longer. People on this website need to start learning facts before spouting random crap. Most graphics cards, from rather low end, to high end are using GDDR5 currently. There is no DDR3 in Graphics cards. There's GDDR3. The DDR3 in the xbox is clocked quite high, and computer wise, is quite good RAM. not GDDR. DDR. All said and done the PS4 is obviously superior hardware wise, but please people learn distinctions before spouting fanboy soundbites.
XtraTrstrL  +   929d ago
I agree with many devs not optimizing properly if they had 7GB to play with from the get-go. It's one thing I've been talking about on the PSU forums. Kind of like Jonathan Blow is already not optimizing The Witness, with him mentioning months ago that the game already uses 5GB ram. It's because he doesn't want to waste time optimizing since there's so much ram that he doesn't have to, and he can use all his time adding to the game.
christrules0041  +   929d ago
Don't forget The Sorcerer demo was running on 4GB of RAM unoptimized realtime on the PS4.
#10.1 (Edited 929d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
XtraTrstrL  +   929d ago
Yeah, those Quantic Dreams bastards are crazy demonic wizards, using black magic in their coding. I mean, even with it being a closed area with no AI and other background operations going on like in a real-time playable game, it is still insane that it was even able to run in any form of real-time on a PS4, and at 4GB ram on the early dev kits is insane.
kingPoS  +   929d ago
Moral of the story - Beware the sensation of thy journalist.

Ah!... Rumors - Such a harsh tool you are.
#11 (Edited 929d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Monkeysmarts  +   929d ago
I'm just laughing at all the people making a big deal about this.

PC video cards alone with more than 4 GB cost more than a PS4. Just for the card.

Besides, the reputable insiders are saying the rumor is complete trash and that Sony is reserving 2 GB for the OS. 2 GB is huge overhead for this OS and 6 GB for games is crazy. Nothing to see here folks.
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popup  +   929d ago
The same company that designed the console have RESERVED an amount of RAM to allow their operating system (which is in development also) to reach it's potential while still giving initial games developers a decent amount of RAM to play with on launch titles. Simple and sensible.

When you see the crazy general public react in this way, you know that:-

A:- We are no better than our 'Burn the Witch' Ancestors

B:- There is good reason for companies like Sony to keep things like this a secret.

Bloody hell.
Salooh  +   928d ago
This reminds me of two political sides fighting each other but with talk. Fanboys =Crazy people that locked their minds to the truth for both sides. X1 have it's own good points but there are reasons i personally don't like but doesn't mean i'm wrong or right because that's just my opinion .

People need to stop fighting over specs because we don't even know the specs. So why fight ?. If people want to see which one is more powerful just wait for the second or third year to know by looking at the multiplayforms . However , I for one never cared about which one is better , i bought both , i bought multiplatforms depending on my friends not which one is more powerful . For example : GTAV will look better in ps3 because it's the lead platform but doesn't mean i will take it because of that , the differences are not noticeable .

In a short way , just buy what you like and stop fighting .. -.-
ginsunuva  +   929d ago
even though the ps4 is more powerful, it doesn't really matter too much this gen because their difference is almost nothing compared to the difference between next-gen consoles and pc gpu's.
gamertk421  +   929d ago
Isn't an article with a comment section , telling you to stop talking about the subject of the article, a ridiculous proposal? It's like saying, "here is what you shouldn't talk about. Now, discuss."
ALLWRONG  +   929d ago
Yes they did get over it
Kydawg  +   929d ago
Blah blah blah...ps4 has better graphics...xbone can read your mind...come on people! 15 weeks from now we can let the dung fly.
#20 (Edited 929d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
AznGaara  +   929d ago
Looks at The Last of Us, Ni no Kuni, Tomb Raider & Halo 4 and think to myself... "Man these were working off 512mb RAM.... I'm good."

People forget that the amount of RAM used by an OS can always decrease as code becomes more optimized. It happened with the Ps3 when an update freed up 70mb of RAM to game devs. Its not a big deal.

Geez there's all this "OMGZ better graphics", "1.6 teraflops", "8 core CPU", "8gbs RAM" talk. If you're so concerned about tech specs get a PC. They can support up to 64gbs of RAM lol. Mines has 16gbs in it right now. Buy consoles for games. Honestly... lets be real here... when you pop in GTAV, Watch_Dogs, Forza 5 or Killzone are you REALLY going to say to yourself... "Wow I can't believe the amount of RAM this game was able to use." NO. You're going to be thinking "OMG this game is GREAT!"
#21 (Edited 929d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ANIALATOR136  +   928d ago
imagine if TLOU2 or whatever ND is working on next with their engine looks similar to the cutscenes in TLOU in real time. I believe the cutscenes were running on 3 PS3s and if they were targeting 10 times the power of PS3 with PS4. We may very well see those graphics in game
#21.1 (Edited 928d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
mw2ftw   928d ago | Spam
Flames76  +   929d ago
Another sony fanboy trying to defend the PS4.Bottom line is all the bad details for the console are coming out now.Sony let microsoft take the heat first now they are releasing all the BS that comes along with the PS4.Looks like the PS4 is a $400 10 pound paper weight with no games.yea glad i pre ordered the Xbxo One.Just a better system all the way around
The EDGE  +   929d ago
Right.....ends sarcasm
arkard  +   928d ago
Please... Just humor me, what are all these bad details you speak of?
quenomamen  +   929d ago

" Also, I find it funny how MS didn't release confirmed GPU specs yet fanboys are running around in their fantasy land saying PS4 is more powerful now in GPU."

I ALSO FIND IT FUNNY HOW MS HAS NOT AND WILL PROBABLY NEVER RELEASE FINAL PRODUCTION GPU OR CPU SPECS ..... Hmmmmmmmmm could it possible be cuz their shit is underpowered ???????? what you think a day before the X1 ships they're gonna come out and say the X1 is actually alot more powerful than the PS4 ?

You think they're keeping it a secret cuz they dont wanna hurt Sony's feelings ? Or could it be cuz they know they system is underpowered ? Gee they have no problem yapping about The Cloud making their console 3x more powerful, The Cloud is something nobody has ever done before, it's a game changer !

Yet they have not released Full Actual Production Specs, no bro they're keeping them as a surprise for you fanboys.
#23 (Edited 929d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
NextGenGamer85   929d ago | Spam
hollabox  +   928d ago
A bubble vote for you quenomamen! MS is doing the same crap Nintendo is doing. But I guess Sony did the same thing with the PS3 GPU. Rumored the PS3 GPU was down graded but Sony never confirmed or denied just focused on the power of Cell. Anywho game on gamers!
DiRtY  +   929d ago
damn, for you guys the specs are more of a prestige than anything else.

The Xbox 360 and the PS3 gave us soooo many good looking games I still enjoy today. Now you are arguing about if the developer has 11 times or 12 times the amount of RAM to work with and you guys actually act like this would matter.

You are so focused on these little details that you guys forget that 5GB, 6GB or 4.5GB are more than enough to run very good looking games. Metal Gear Solid 5, Ryse, The Division and Forza 5 already showed that and those are just the very first games for a whole new generation.

Heck The Wii U has 1 GB for games and "Xenoblade 2" looks great as well.

And the end of the day, it is all about the games. It has always been this way.
ANIALATOR136  +   928d ago
Kojima said MGSV was running on current gen specs and it could look better on next gen. Such as he could add tesselation to smooth out edges like we seen in the first trailer where we see the mirror and it isnt perfectly round
quenomamen  +   929d ago

The fact is, PS4 does have an advantage, but it is so subtle that it won't even be seen until atleast 6 years from now if you're lucky, yet this Maria troll is going around boasting it all over N4G like he's a dev at Naughty Dog.

You're right to a certain extent but:

1. the power difference is not that subtle, this is not 360 VS PS3 difference. This is like 2 gaming PCs but one has a 30 - 40% power advantage.

but it will not take 6 years for the power advantage to be used by DEVS, Why ? again these are for the most part custom X86 based gaming PCs so it will probably take at least 2-3 years for us to see the difference in games.

3. Why ? simple, Let's say a Dev is making a game from scratch fully optimized for your average high end gaming PC,
then they modify the engine and stuff like textures, models, Ai, Polygon counts, etc down for PS4, then they do it again for the X1.
MRMagoo123  +   928d ago
exactly, i dont know why ppl aka xbone fans try to pretend its some teeny tiny difference in power, the difference is massive its the diff between 60 fps and 40 fps, its the diff between very long draw distance and long draw distance, there are so many ways the ps4 will be noticeably better in multiplats thats its not even debatable its a big fat FACT.
SylviaHouston07   928d ago | Spam
Agent_hitman  +   928d ago
I'm pretty sure developers will do their best to optimize multiplat games for PS4 since GDDR5 is a lot more faster than DDr3. Ideal for better Graphics.
IcicleTrepan  +   928d ago
You are being silly.
MRMagoo123  +   928d ago
PS4 could have 4 gigs for games and still perform better than the 8 the xbone has, I dont know why the xbone fans are even bothering arguing about it its a fact, just get over yourselves and either get a ps4 or be happy with the inferior product.
aa_net66  +   928d ago
Wow, sony fanboys never cease to amaze me, now the 7gb was started by a 'supposed' developer...I thought sony devs were the most reliable devs worldwide, and I could be wrong but I recall that clown cerny runnin' his mouth all over the place about the 'supposed' 7gb ram

Now this clown still insists sony hardware is still superior regardless, without any technical details to back up his claim, still talkin about theoretical teraflop calculations

Again, this clown now wants saner reason to prevail with the premise that its about the games not tech details...

What a bunch of hypocrites and fanatical followers...
Azurite  +   928d ago
Erroneous and inflammatory assumptions are bad.
This article isn't free from it either.
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