Corsual LiveGuide: Age of Wulin 'Forbidden Instance: Twilight Village'

Corsual's EXP writes: "One of the first hurdles a new player faces in Age of Wulin is the Forbidden Instance: Twilight Village. It's both difficult and very simple for a variety of reasons, but with a few tips in your back pocket and some knowledge of the dungeon itself, it can easy be completed.

First up, you need to know about arrays, and more importantly, the array ability 'Sudden Clap of Thunder'. With it, even the weakest members of your group can deal incredible damage to all opponents. Next, you need to know about internal skill levels; chiefly, that you should be level 15 before beginning to attempt this run.

Finally, you're going to want to know the layout of the dungeon, and how to complete it. And for that, we've created a new Corsual LiveGuide to show you the ropes. Check it out below:"

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