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SOCOM Confrontation, SOCOM 4 and MAG servers shutting down in January 2014

Original-Gamer.com: "Sony has decided to shutdown the servers for SOCOM Confrontation, SOCOM 4, and MAG in January 2014. SOCOM 4 and MAG were developed by Zipper Interactive while SOCOM Confrontation was developed by Slant Six Games." (MAG, PS3, Socom 4, SOCOM: Confrontation)

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Abash  +   774d ago
Very sad to hear, hopefully Sony continues SOCOM and MAG on PS4
BiggCMan  +   774d ago
MAG is not even too old yet, this doesn't make any sense. It's still fairly populated with the dedicated fans, even one of my friends recently got back into it. Hell even Confrontation has a pretty decent sized dedicated player base, I think only 4 is pretty deserted.

This really makes no sense, the games aren't old. They better be making new games in the future at least.
HammadTheBeast  +   774d ago
Come on now, MAG's pretty old, their new console is coming out, and there's only about 5000 individual players coming on every month, if that.

It's run its course, a fantastic game while it lasted. Hopefully, we can get a few massive battles in before the servers close, knowing the community, I expect it.

Also, a lot of MAG is on Dust 514 now, which isn't amazing, but is still alright.
kwyjibo  +   774d ago
It makes sense.

MAG is no longer selling, so Sony is making no money from it. In fact, it's costing them money to keep it alive.

Maybe with PS4 pay-for-online and microtransactions (read: ongoing support), you'll get a better service.
decrypt  +   774d ago

"Come on now, MAG's pretty old"

No it isnt, you want really old check out:

Warcraft 3, Starcraft 1, Counter strike. Then tell me why those games are still running?

Sony closing servers to older games is just a tactic to force users on board their next console.

Its the nature of console gaming, too controlled with console gamers having little to no rights at all. Hell if Sony closes PS3 online services after PS4 launch there is nothing console gamers can do about it.
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JAMurida  +   774d ago
MAG is barely alive now these days. Domination is only playable early AM hours (CST) when the JP players get on and that only last a few hours. Only thing going on is Sabo or Suppression.

Lucky to get an Interdiction or Acquisition going.
Utalkin2me  +   774d ago
Kind of ironic i recently put mag back in and got all the updates and restored all my skill points. And OMG i could not kill anybody for nothing, it was quite weird. I used to be beast at that game and i went negative for a few games before finally i quit. Felt like i was doing worse for the team then helping.

It wasn't very populated then, but hate to hear that.
BattleAxe  +   774d ago
H-Hour is the new Socom. You can still support the development studio by way of Paypal, and you still get access to all of the Kickstarter rewards, but only until the end of the month.


H-Hour is set to come out on PS4 and PC.
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Corpser  +   774d ago

MAG was released in 2010, just 3 years ago! You're telling me I should expect online servers to be around for just 3 years?
GasTankKiller  +   774d ago
"It's still fairly populated with the dedicated fans."

You only see one side of this. Sony sees the stats of how many players are playing on average. No reason to waste server power for a handle full of people. Yes that handle full could be a few thousand but still.

From what I remember during MAGs development. Zipper was given a blank check and setup a server farm for MAG.

No reason to let all those servers go to waste. They will most likely use them for the PS4.
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GameCents  +   774d ago
Where's the outrage? They effectively saying that you've been renting MAG all this time. Online only games shouldn't have their servers shut so soon.
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HammadTheBeast  +   774d ago
There's about 200 people on at any time now.... and most from the free demo.
Corpser  +   774d ago

So? You're perfectly fine an online-only game that people are still playing will be shut down
JAMurida  +   774d ago

Yes there is a community, but a very small one. It's the same case with White Knight Chronicles 1/2. Both MAG and WKC I've played heavy enough to say they had a very small community that most likely didn't warrant Sony paying the money to keep the servers going for any longer. It sucks, but it happens when it's a case like this.

If anything, I'm more surprised that MAG is being shutdown much later than WKC was. IMO, it should of been the other way around.
Sitdown  +   774d ago
Haha, some have no clue of exactly what you just did there. Or am I reading too much into it?
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No_Limit  +   774d ago
In other news, the 2007 X360 online only game, Shadowrun, is still playable on its online server. This show where the priority is for both companies when it comes to online gaming.
Corpser  +   774d ago
MAG community is far from dead, why?

And no wonder GameStop has been selling the game used for $0.99. It's an online-only game too
fr0sty  +   774d ago
It's a shame, I enjoy playing MAG more than just about any other shooter out there. I know many do not agree, as it does have some very obvious flaws, but it's a gem of a game beneath them.
MidnytRain  +   774d ago
Whoa, a dollar?? Are you serious?
Gridloc  +   774d ago
That's the only problem I have with digital downloads and multiplayer only games. If they shut the servers down your screwed...
Ray186  +   774d ago
If it has a lan option you can always use x-link.
fr0sty  +   774d ago
I would hope such a service would work for a game like MAG, enough of the community (that is already dwindling) would need to know about that capability, and actually be bothered to want to try using it in order for it to work. I think it's just going to kill the community enough to make the game unplayable, as MAG relies on very large matches.
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SIRHC13  +   774d ago
H-Hour. We need you. Deliver the tactical third person shooter goods that we deserve!
Sarobi  +   774d ago
MAG deserves a sequel.
MoonConquistador  +   774d ago
And in a run up to a sequel they should be giving this game away free on PS+ at least, or just make it a free to play game. Its a game I always wanted to platinum but there are never enough people on for domination games etc

Great game though
MidnytRain  +   774d ago
I do think Sony is expecting PlanetSide 2 to fill the massive shooter niche.
Nodoze  +   774d ago
This is the reason I cannot support an online only console game. They are worthless after a certain point. No matter how much fun they may have been. Titanfall will experience the same fate. At some point the servers will be shut off.
fr0sty  +   774d ago
It is kinda annoying, I just upgraded to the full version of MAG for $30 a few months ago. Now, not even a year later, it's going to stop working.
mafiahajeri  +   774d ago
More than enough time to get you money's worth.
GameCents  +   774d ago
And the first defender steps up.
GameCents  +   774d ago
With EA concerned, that could happen even BEFORE it releases.
ALLWRONG  +   774d ago
Even with servers Xbox live is built with a P2P infrastructure. I can keep playing all my games online as long as there are people playing it. PSN isn't built like that. Eventually PS3 gamers will lose support for most games. PS4 games will probably be supported for as long as you keep paying, just like Live.
fr0sty  +   768d ago
Actually, there have been Xbox 360 titles to have their online functionality dropped. PS3 also uses P2P on certain titles, so you're wrong there too. In fact, all of Xbox Live was shut down for the original Xbox not long after Xbox 360's release.
ALLWRONG  +   767d ago
There is only one game on 360 that has been dropped Chromehounds and that is all.

Nice try though
BabyTownFrolics  +   774d ago

MAG I will miss you.
Ray186  +   774d ago
All online only games should by default be LAN compatible. That way when official support ends, gamers will not just be screwed. It's strange that all of the PS2 Socoms are still able to be played this way, while the newer titles aren't.
mauleriscool  +   774d ago
MAG was designed from the ground up with extreme dedicated servers hosting every match. They reserved zero room on the ps3's side for any hosting processing. Lan would have required the console to process hosting a game.
grassyknoll  +   774d ago
This is why I fear for a all digital future. Games basically have a shelf life of a few years now. Very depressing. All online multiplayer games should be able to be played over LAN.
ScubaSteve1  +   774d ago
this is why we don't need multiplayer or trophies/achievements for multiplayer
SoapShoes  +   774d ago
I love MAG but it was getting pretty low in numbers. The 64 player matches were fine to get into but the 128 player matches had you waiting a LONG time and there just weren't enough players to play the 256 player matches. I couldn't get into one after waiting so long the last few times.
MoonConquistador  +   774d ago
Completely agree though think its more to do with the software they use to match players up. They should have removed the minimum player cap, or at least reduced it so that some games could at least get going.
Bluepowerzz  +   774d ago
socom 4 lol i payed full price for that bs
Ray186  +   774d ago
I got the gun bundle.
badz149  +   774d ago
cmon man, SOCOM 4 is not that bad it's just that people were expecting too much from it! the campaign is good with decent story and the main complaint was the respawn enable MP which was totally optional. I played the hell out of the game and now just short of 1 trophy from Platinum. I'd personally give it a solid 8/10

maybe I'm not one of those old timer SOCOM fan to know the difference between 4 and 2 or 3 but it's still a good game.
mauleriscool  +   774d ago
you would of loved classic socom in it's prime
Ray186  +   774d ago
You just don't know what you missed.
King-Prodigy-X  +   774d ago
Man that's unfair for M.A.G
LeoDDestroyer  +   774d ago
MAG got ruin by patch 1.03 but it was rebounding with too me with 1.07. 2.0 killed the game for me and then bf4 came out.

I will say MAG still has the best grouping system in a team base shooter. Also the leadership roles and the communication system has not been matched by any multiplayer I've seen so far this gen.
nigelp520  +   774d ago
MAG should be patched with Bots
ForgottenProphecy  +   769d ago
If only Zipper inplemented that in the first place. I would have loved to play against bots when my Internet wa shitty
nigelp520  +   768d ago
Or make MAG f2p
tiffac008  +   774d ago
Since Sony is bringing some PC online games to the PS4. They could re-release MAG or a sequel to it on the PC and make it cross-play with the PS4 and make it F2P even. Its such a good franchise to waste.
Master-H  +   774d ago
This is my problem with dedicated servers , they are less laggy and more stable than p2p but they gonna close them at some point. i wonder what gamestop going to do with their used copies of MAG now lOl
Martywren  +   774d ago
petition time approaching
extermin8or  +   774d ago
Hmm MAG was good but there weren't enough players people didn't want a tactical game that required large scale teamwork they wanted COD or battlefield to fulfil their shooter needs. Tried franchise names and people complain about lack of new IP...hmm oddly resistance fall of man and resistance 2s dedicated servers are still online I believe :p
No_Limit  +   774d ago
Terrible decision by Sony. That is why PSN + will never see a cent from me. They are way behind the curve and closing online servers for games that are only a few years old is just bad business and for those that had purchase these games, they are just S.O.L. Well done, Sony.
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Bluepowerzz  +   774d ago
uninformed xboxt you do know right that socom 4 is a bad game mag was great though
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Alcohog  +   774d ago
MAG was so good....sooooooo underrated.
younglj01  +   774d ago
Man thats fucked up M.A.G. is an classic shooter in my opinion.Domination is the best MP mode ever created.The massive amount of teamwork it took for you too have success were too much for some gamers.Top 3 FPS this-gen have been M.A.G.,KillZone 2,and Bad Company 2.
slampunk  +   774d ago
After watching and laughing at all the fanboy trolling in anything about MS on N4G over the last few months...... Sony shut down servers on recent games and it's all ok? WTF.....Come on Sony FB's get angry!!!! this is Sh%$ news.....
xREAPERxACTUAL  +   774d ago
This is one of the benefits of paying for Xbox live..your money keeps the servers up and running. That is why a lot of old 360 games still have their servers running, like Call of duty 3 that I recently played, is still running its servers. Now that the ps4 is gonna require ps+ I'm sure some of that money is going to keep servers up and running for all the games.
CaptainYesterday  +   774d ago
That sucks for the people who really enjoy those games :(
Knushwood Butt  +   774d ago
There's a bod on my friend list that ONLY plays MAG.
ALLWRONG  +   774d ago
This is where P2P has the advantage. These games will now end up as drink coasters.
BelieveinGhosts  +   771d ago
Im sick of Sony getting a pass for shafting gamers. socom Confrontation was the only reason i enjoyed the PS3
ricochetmg  +   769d ago
pay for online
I hope you keep the game on and this is why I don't wanna doc.uk+8ì

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