Taking the ‘Assassin’ Out of Assassin’s Creed – AC4 Thoughts

The pirate’s life is not for everyone. Pillaging, looting, sailing and swigging rum day in and day out takes a special breed of person – one who is is content with chaos, debauchery, and most importantly not afraid of scurvy. An assassin certainly seems to be the exact opposite of the pirate, stealth, subtlety and tact are the name of their game. How then, will these two seemingly remarkably different walks of life meld together within Asssassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag? From what I have seen so far – it seems that Ubisoft is content with simply not answering this question.

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SanMarco1801d ago

Im really tired of the Assassin image, sneak, sneak, kill.

Can we have a different personality of technique or movement with this character?