Saints Row IV Devs: "We’ve Treated This as the End of The Saga"

When you’ve already twisted the dial past crazy and up into full-on dribbling lunacy, where do you go from there?

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Lord_Sloth1973d ago

You don't always have to go bigger and better. Sometimes just fine tuning the same thing is good too.

o-Sunny-o1973d ago

What is this Drabon Ball Z? Ending the saga with super powers! *_*

Mr_Nuts1973d ago

You did that with Saints Row 3....oh wait I forgot this is Saints Row 3 but it's glorified DLC that your trying to make us pay retail price for.

One of the few things I was disappointed with in SR3 was the map size....yet this supposed "sequel" uses the same map will hardly no changes to it.