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Why You Should Not Pre-Order New Console So Soon

The Tyuno Project: "At E3 2013, Microsoft and Sony revealed the price of their newest console. The PS4 will cost $399 and the Xbox One will cost $499. Ever since E3 2013 ended, people have either gone to there local retail store or went online to pre-order the new PS4 or Xbox One. The question I have to ask is “Should people pre-order the PS4 and Xbox One so soon?” " (E3, PS4, Xbox One)

aquamala  +   890d ago
actually there's NO reason not to preorder on a place like Amazon, you pay NOTHING down, you only get charged when they are shipped. plenty of time you can change your mind and cancel if you really don't want it.
Starbucks_Fan  +   889d ago
huh? I had to pay $400 for my PS4.
PeaSFor  +   889d ago
i had to pay minimum 50$ toward my PS4 at my local ebgames to preorder it, and it not too soon to preorder, its almost too late.
malokevi  +   889d ago
I put down 50 at EB for my Xbox, they told me both consoles had already sold out multiple times and that they were taking stock from other stores.

That was a week ago. Get em' while they're hot!
allformats  +   889d ago
Why are all these articles trying to convince folks not to preorder? We've seen the competition and there's no reason not to. Mine is PS4.
vikingland1  +   889d ago
I agree, plus too late I already preorderd PS4 & Xbox One. I have been gaming since 1978 and this is the first time I have preorderd systems for launch day. I am actually excited about it.
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Raccoon  +   889d ago
Amazon is the way to go!
Crazyglues  +   889d ago
@ aquamala

Yeah I ordered from Amazon the second the Sony E3 conference was over....

Didn't have to put a thing down... (Now I have a credit card tied to my account) So not sure how it would work if you have not bought from there before..

-But if you have an account it was easy as 123... -And it still is, So I don't know why anyone would wait. -(Don't have an account - Sign Up)

and you don't get charged until it ships in Nov and can cancel at anytime..

So there really is no reason to wait.. Amazon is the Best...

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fermcr  +   889d ago
Normally the first batch of new consoles have some kind of problem... i'll wait till next year to purchase my console, when the manufacturers detect and fix those problems. I'm in no rush.
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Perjoss  +   889d ago
It's a double edged sword, 2nd round of consoles sometimes have features cut also, PS2 BC from the PS3. I still have my launch 60g PS3 with PS2 BC, it works fine :)
Thantalas  +   889d ago
I'm in the UK and have ordered from ShopTo. No deposit needed. The company is reliable and sometimes they deliver the day BEFORE release!

It's been around seven years since the last gen. As a gamer I know I'm going to get each console regardless of minor changes to each. This is going to be a phenomenal year and preordering means I should get my PS4 and XBOne at launch. I can't wait!
DeathofSouls  +   889d ago
Yea I preordered both for $25 each ($50) total at best buy, worst case I lose $25. Plus I know I'm getting the console I like day one, and a lucky customer gets the one I don't. Plus they told me at best buy I can cancel one of the preorders and get my money back if I do it soon enough, so not sure there is a negative.
Raccoon  +   889d ago
No money down at amazon with no risk of money loss, shipped to your house on release day :0)
arkard  +   889d ago
And no sales tax :-)
slampunk  +   889d ago
I'm holding off on pre ordering until after release....I'll eventually get both but am still undecided as to which one i'll get first and when....

Sessler's video below sums it up pretty well...If you haven't watched it take a look...

IcyEyes  +   889d ago
I can't believe there is someone who can REALLY buy an Xbone.
Whare are the reason to buy an X1 ?

Ryse ? Dead Rising ? Halo ?
CerebralAssassin  +   889d ago
Well. Yes. Dead rising will be sweet. Titanfall will be sweet. Halo will be awesome when it comes out. The controller looks great. The look of the system is irrelevant. Even though I dont mind the look. Ill be utilizing the espn apps and looking forward to what they have cooking for the nfl deal. The 100 price difference isnt important to me. If I could spend 400, I can spend 500. Where is the reason to buy ps4 besides trying to go against MS. I dont want to hear those stupid troll answers. Im not trolling either. Just asking icyeyes why ps4 over xbone.
IcyEyes  +   889d ago

My point about "why you want to buy an X1" it's not about the game, but about MS.
I don't like the idea that someone would support MS and their awful policies. Yes, they backpedalled a lot, but now they blame the gamer if we are not able to share games with 10 family members. There is still the mandatory Kinect that bugs me a LOT because it's a scary device (we heard terrible things about Kinect at the E3). Halo is always amazing, but I will never trade my privacy for a game, or I will never accept rules to play games.
Yes, the controller is nice, Titanfall will be released on PC (and yes, on PS4 later), Dead Rising is a bit "meh".
The reasons to buy a PS4?
The same you have to buy a X1, but on PS4 you don't have rules and a spy camera. It's cheaper, more powerful, has awesome indie support, a lot of first party studios and it's a console created for gamers by game creators, not a console created by a corporations for their partners based on marketing research.
Well, we can talk a lot about this subject, I don't want to try to convince someone to prefer a PS4 over an X1, but I think people should try to understand what they are buying. In the meanwhile, I hope everyone are happy :)
ThanatosDMC  +   889d ago
There's just some people who like it hard and spiny. Maybe it's the pain that get's them? Heck, they didnt even use Win 8.
blackbirdi  +   889d ago
go with ps4 you have 2 adventure title at launch unlike x1 which have just forsa 5 and ryse (which doesn't look great in terms of gameplay ) many people say you have killer intstinct but the truth it'S not a full game it just free to play game which you have to buy each fighter for 3 bucks
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CerebralAssassin  +   889d ago
There isnt much word on what will and will not be a launch title. Nothing is set in stone.
ruefrak  +   889d ago
Pre-ordering also helps avoid people standing in the rain for hours on launch day and then violence will break out. Remember the story of the guy who got shot for his ps3? I bet he wishes he had pre-ordered
Drekken  +   889d ago
It is going to rain on release day? I am glad I preordered!
ruefrak  +   889d ago
It always rains on release day... and Halloween. I'm sure it will rain somewhere. It rained on me at the PS3 launch and I wasn't even able to get one. I had to experience "next gen" gaming via the Wii.
Intentions  +   889d ago
I'm not pre-ordering in the first place.
ElementX  +   889d ago
This isn't even an article. All it says is we don't know anything about the consoles yet and they could make changes. Hardly worth writing if you ask me.
sdozzo  +   889d ago
You Lose Nothing But There Are No Games.
-GametimeUK-  +   889d ago
I have full faith in the Playstation brand. They have been my primary system since the PS1, I have only had 1 minor hiccup with them in 06 and Microsoft have shown their true colours even more than usual lately.

Yeah, the PS4 is the only console for me. I'm hardly a Sony fanboy, but I see no competition for them next gen as far as my household is concerned. There is no reason for me not to pre order a PS4.
Baka-akaB  +   889d ago
Or why you should not care about what i do with my money ... even more so when nothing was spent yet
Foxgod  +   889d ago
That just a personal decision, imagine if noone would take the risc of preordering, who would buy all those consoles then?

If noone buys their console they cant earn their development cost back, the console industry would be finished in no time.
azshorty2003  +   889d ago
Those who don't preorder are the ones that pay twice as much on eBay come launch.

There is little to no reason Not to preorder. On Amazon you pay nothing. Even at Gamestop and others, its only a deposit which is refundable. I see Zero downside to ordering early, because you can always change your mind and get your money back.
CerebralAssassin  +   889d ago
The whole point to preorder is for stores know how much product to supply. If no one preorders it will make the systems hard to find because no business is going to buy product not knowing who wants it.

I can speak for gamestop that its $100 to preorder. But if you change you mind you can switch the preorder or cancel it all together. So your not at a risk to preorder early. So why would you wait?
STK026  +   889d ago
I pre ordered both my PS4 and my Xbox One from Futureshop.ca, nothing to pay until they ship, and can cancel at any time until then. At least now, I'm sure I can get both or whichever I wish to have at launch, and not have to wait in line or overpay on eBay. I really don't see why one should not pre-order, it's not like you're forced to buy it afterwards.

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