How Sonic Lost World Bested Mario 3D World At E3

The Game Inquirer says: "So you can imagine my confusion and slight concern when I say that Sonic’s new adventure actually looks to offer a more interesting experience than the tried and tested, formulaic-looking Super Mario 3D World. That is in no way an insult aimed at either title though. Both games look like exceptionally good platformers and I can’t wait to play both, it’s just that 3D World appears to be taking the safer route which is disappointing especially when you consider the revolutionary changes made with Super Mario 64 and the epic Galaxy series. Sonic Lost World on the other hand looks to be doing exactly that by breaking new ground and offering plenty of new ideas for the series."

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colonel1792008d ago

It really did. While we still don't know how good Sonic Lost Worlds is yet, It was a great surprise. Mario 3D World is just Mario 3D Land for the Wii U, and while it's not bad at all, it was a disappointment since I think everyone was expecting something epic like Mario Galaxy.

It is really good to see good Sonic games making a comeback, even if it's taking time, I believe Sonic will find the right formula for a great game.

Side note; Have you noticed that PS4 right now is the only console without 3rd party exclusive game? Nintendo has Sonic from Sega and Monster Hunter from Capcom. Microsoft has Ryse from Crytek, and Sony nothing. No 3rd party exclusive.

darthv722008d ago

looks to be the spiritual game that never was released for saturn. so much promise of that one but sadly sega killed the idea. now all that is left is YouTube vids of it.

deafdani2007d ago

Nintendo also has Lego City Undercover, Bayonetta 2, Zombi U and Wonderful 101 as notable exclusives. :)

Dj7FairyTail2007d ago

They own The Wonderful 101.

deafdani2007d ago

Nope. They are publishing it, yes, but that's not exactly the same as owning it. It is still Platinum's IP, making it a third party exclusive (for now).

deno2007d ago

I'm getting that nostalgia feeling tickling up my 1990's arm. The Wii U is getting excellent games. Sega and Nintendo for the win.:0)

InfamousHero2007d ago

Looks good but i'm still waiting for Sonic Adventure 3

pain777pas2007d ago

Let's be honest. Smb 2 is the best game with Mario in the title. It is not traditional Mario but a fantastic game full of secret doors and rooms etc... Grabbing and throwing came from that game. The different play styles for characters came from that game. Doors and keys came from that game etc... Smb 2' influence cannot be denied. So I am happy to officially state I will buy a Wii u for this Mario and mk8. That being said I hope sonic is great because I love the series. It does LOOK better however I haven't played it yet.