Dark Souls 2: E3 Gameplay Demo Explores Four Classes

Gameranx: "On the Xbox One stage, Microsoft showed a Dark Souls 2 trailer demoing a first look at the gameplay. While Dark Souls 2 won't launch as an exclusive, the trailer definitely excited every fan watching."

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mediate-this1983d ago

is dark souls two announced for next gen consoles?

Master-H1983d ago

No, current gen only at this point

Master-H1983d ago

God damn it i want to see the demo some Journalists got to play first hand , you know the one they say has a boss at the end of the level called the mirror knight or whatever ,the one they said they got to create their class by choosing which points they add to their class attributes , i already have seen this footage, i wanna see that damn mirror knight !

mediate-this1983d ago

whats the video called? I want to see it

Conquerbeard1983d ago

You can see the Mirror Knight in the E3 trailer itself if you're just looking to get a glimpse of it. As for actual gameplay involving it, I got nothin'.

Master-H1983d ago

yeah i saw him a lil in the trailer , he got a mirror in his shield , buy i want to see the full demo some journalist got to play :(

GrumpyOla1983d ago

It would be great if they release the demo on PSN and give the public a taste of what's coming. March 2014 is a long way away.